Chris from mele cotte is hosting her first event: Cooking to combat cancer.

I decided to prepare a healthy chick peas salad with orange and parsley.

Garbanzos are one of the main ingredient of Arabic cuisine, so this salad is my contribution to Meeta’s Monthly Mingle Arabian Nights, too.

Chick peas are low in fat, and are a significant source of calcium. It is often used as an alternative protein product with vegetarians and vegans and is one of the plants with the highest amount of protein. Oranges are a good source of vitamin C as well as parsley.

Of course I did use dried chickpeas and not canned ones.

Chick peas salad with Orange and Parsley

Chick peas salad with Orange and Parsley

300 g dried chick peas
1 ts salt
1 onion
1 bay leaf

Soak in cold water for 12 hours and then pressure-cook (with fresh water, salt, onion and bay leaf) for 20-25 minutes, drain. Remove onion and bay leaf. Mash 1/3 of chick peas

1 tb mustard
5 tb white balsamico vinegar
4 tb olive oil
1-2 cloves of garlic, mashed
salt, pepper

2 oranges, peeled quartered and sliced
4 tb parsley, chopped

Mix dressing with lukewarm chick peas. Chill at least 1 hour at room temperature. Before serving add oranges and parsley.

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