World Bread Day 2013 – Roundup – Part 1 (A-G)

Here you find all World Bread Day 2013 entries from Andorra (1), Austria (5), Belgium (1), Brazil (16), Canada (4), Chile (1), China (1) France (8), Germany (59), Greece (2)


Partybrot com Nutella
Mena Lopes from As Aventuras de uma Mamã

A german partybrot bread, with a Nutella filling.


Coconut Rolls
Anna Purna from Himmlische Süßigkeiten

Sweet milk bread with a juicy, delicious coconut filling

Helles Jourgebäck mit Kümmel glutenfrei & histaminarm
Sandra Nolf from Pures Geniessen – trotz Intoleranzen & Allergien!

On my personal blog, there are many sugar free (low-fructose), gluten-free and dairy-free recipes that are simple, healthy and delicious! Also ideal for multiple intolerances and allergies!

patricia from cook’n’roll

tasty pumpkin bread

treber brot
sassi from zwergenprinzessin kocht!

a fluffy bread from beer grains.


Bread With Thahini and Seasame
Finla from My Kitchen Treasures

These are filled with thahini paste and honey.


cinnamon caramel rolls
angela oliveira from ora, pitangas!!!

great bread for tea or breakfast!

Cinnamon Rolls
Renata Lago from Strawberry Crumble

These delicious sweet rolls are soft, light and delicious! An ultimate breakfast treat!

Danish Almond Tea Ring
Helena from Sabores de Canela

Danish tea ring is filled with almond paste, a combination of ground almond and sugar.

Focaccia de Massa de Batatas com Pimentões
Fabiola Passeto Sousa from Brie com Goiabada

Focaccia with Potato Dough

Onion and pork meat crackling rolls
Verena Buschinelli from Mangia che te fa bene

A very aromatic and tasty piece of heaven!

Pão com mortadela e Azeitonas
Marly Oliveira from Saboreando a Vida

White bread with mortadella and olives

Pão com vinagrete de queijos.
Sadhia Hage from Artes da sadhia na cozinha

Milk bread dough very light and tasty can do it in the bread machine as I did the same or even the same order of ingredients to make it on the bench mesmo.Recheio cheese salad

Pão de Ameixa com Nozes
Marisa Vlasic from Sabores da Vida

Spicy and delicious plum bread with walnuts

Pão de Aveia, Mel e Coco
Cintya Maria from Cozinhar é Preciso

Oat Honey and Coconut Bread

Pão de chocolate / Chocolate bread
Adri from Casa, Coisas e Sabores

A soft, simple and delicious bread. It´s not a very sweet bread, the chocolate flavour is the star of this recipe.

Vanderleia from Receitas Culinarias

This recipe is ideal for school lunch to serve to your guests or afternoon snack to eat on the day.

Pão de Torresmo
Suely Peres from Sabor e Cor

Pão de Torresmo
Lylia from Simples Assim

a bread with bacon and cheese

Pão húngaro de frutas
Gina from Naco Zinha Brasil

Bread balls with dried fruit


Everyday Sandwich Bread
Elizabeth from blog from OUR kitchen

This freeform sandwich bread is made with milk, yeast, unbleached all-purpose and whole wheat flours, ground flax seeds, rolled oats, olive oil and salt. The loaves were sprinkled with sesame seeds just after shaping.

Gluten Free Maple Pecan Bread
Sarah from What Smells So Good?

This gluten free, vegan loaf is moist and dense but not as heavy as many storebought breads. With tons of flavour from ground and chopped pecans, craisins, maple syrup and coconut milk, it’s a hit at holiday (and anyday) tables.

Sesame Semolina Rolls
breadsong from breadsong’s blog

Sesame semolina sourdough rolls, braided and topped with sesame.

Sourdough in a pot
Sue Morrison from Sue Morrison Baking Arts

Sourdough in a pot


Pan de Campo
Mishca from Dos Marmotas y Filipo

A nice, tasty country bread, easy to bake. easy to enjoy.


World bread day sourdough bread with herbs and yogurt
Che Foodzeit from Foodzeit

sourdough bread with herbs and yogurt


Cranberry almond bread
Anne Lataillade from Papilles et Pupilles

This slightly sweet bread is delicious for breakfast or tea time.

Federweisser-Brot mit Walnüssen
Sabine from Bonjour Alsace

the perfect bread for automn with walnuts

Fit for Live-Bread: Vitalis x 2
Micha from grain de sel – Salzkorn

Two breads with malt beer for childs, carots and a good dose of wholemeal

Pain au beurre de cacahuètes
La cocinera loca from La cocinera loca

Peanut butter bread baked in a tin

Pain au fromage blanc
Babeth De Lille from Babeth’s cuisine

a bread made with creamy white cheese

Pain de campagne
Solange from Sol Pâtisserie

Rustic French Bread

Petits pains au jambon de Parme
Murielle from La Table Monde

Petits pains au jambon de Parme à transporter facilement comme des sandwichs

Sourdough brioche with butter and vanilla
Flo from Un „Flo“ de bonnes choses …

sweet and chewy brioche made with sourdough, buttter and vanilla !


apfelbrot / applebread
nike from nikesherztant

soft & juicy apple bread

Apfel-Vollkorn Igelbrötchen mit Walnüssen
Simone from LeckerBox

A yummy and tasty hedgehog shaped little bread. Great to surprise the little or not so little loved ones!

Barbara from Barbaras Spielwiese

Home-made Italian-style Ciabatta bread, baked on a pizza stone. White bread made from wheat flour and yeast, following a recipe of an Italian chef.

Dinkelbaguettes / Spelt Baguettes
Lutz Geißler from Plötzblog

100% spelt baguettes with thin crust, open crumb and great flavor (3-4 days cold proofing).

Ingrid from auchwas


Dinkelvollkornbrot mit Sonnenblumenkernen
Lena from Prumstängel

Just an easy spelt bread.

Everyday Bread
Eva Henningsen from Kochpoetin

A simple Rye-Sour-Dough based blended bread

Susanne from magentratzerl

A lovely mild bread with a hearty crust – without any sourdough or baking yeast

Melli from Tomateninsel

Pita is a kind of bread that exists all over the world.

Fresh Rosemary-Bread
Katha from katha-kocht!

A fluffy white bread with fresh rosemary.

Bella Kirschfrau from Kirschfrau … Liebe, die man schmeckt

breakfast flower rolls

Fugassa with grapes and fennel seeds
Yushka Brand from SUGARPRINCESS

Sweet focaccia with grapes and fennel seeds – with an Italian cheese like taleggio or parmesan one hell of a party…

Gemischter Brotkorb
Marlene Lang from der-Sauerteig

Various types of bread

Joanna from Backen-Mit-Spass

Weiches, schmackhaftes Brot mit Dinkelmehl und Sauerteig.

iheartemmis Körnerbrot
Carrie-Ann from iheartemmi

A tasty bread with pumpkin- and sunflower seeds and hazelnuts.

Iwie´s Bread
Henne from keineAhnung

my first own recipe for a chocolate fan

Werner Danz from Cucinaepiu

Bread for the birthday of my father.

Karottenbrot mit Karottensaft
Sandra Gu from from-snuggs-kitchen

carrot bread with carrot juice, grated carrots and chia seeds

Kartoffelbrot mit Milch
Franz from

Easy, nice, heavenly tender and so delicious

Ilka from Die Welt der kleinen Dinge

Delicious pumkin bread, perfect to eat as soon as out of the oven. Does not take too much time to prepare (same day bread).

chuckscinnamon from Chucks & Cinnamon

easy bread with hokaido pumkin and pumpkin oil

Herzensköchin from Herzensköchin

My bread is made ​​of 3 in reliance grain milled with a grain mill and contains a lot of pumpkin seeds

Maria from In Rios Küche

Sweet pumpkin bread

Anikó from Paprika meets Kardamom

A very easy country bread, perfect for beginners.

Landbrot aus dem Topf
Jutta from Schnuppschnuess ihr Manzfred

Dutch Oven Country Bread

Ylva Brinker-Schulz from Der Klang von Zuckerwatte

A dark, aromatic sour dough bread, baked only with beer instead of water.

Bettina Gladisch from cookzilla + friends

A toastlike mini bread with coriander and cream cheese.

Annett und Micha from Annetts kulinarisches Tagebuch

This bread contains wheat flour as well as wheat wholemealflour and rye flour. Its leaven is sourdough only. It is very fluffy, with a thin and crispy crust.

Pane Tipo Altamura by Barbara Elisi
Bjoern Hollensteiner from der brotdoc

A really nice and tasty white-bread full of aroma – Italian style – 80 % durum-flour!

Pane Valle Maggia
Ninive from Ninivepisces – music, dreams & more

traditional rustic bread from Switzerland

clubzimmer from clubzimmer

A simple bread in a pot

Pumpkin Potaoto Bread
Stefanie from Hefe und mehr

A Bread with the rich flavour of baked butternut pumkin, baked in a wooden baking frame

Simone from S-Küche


missboulette from missboulette

Frl.Moonstruck from Frl. Moonstruck kocht!

A simple but delicious rye bread made with buttermilk and sourdough.

Roggenmischbrot 70/30
Sabine from siktwinfood

rustic rye mixed bread with sourdough

Rosemary Baguette
Sibylle from Funkytime

Easy and yummy rosemary baguette

Rosette soffiate
Petra aka Cascabel from Chili und Ciabatta

rosetta bread rolls, in Italian “rosette soffiate” (“puffed roses”)

Rye Bread
Emma from Nachgekocht

Whole rye bread made with sourdough (levain) from an unexperianced and lazy bread-baker ;)

Saatenbrot mit Sauerteig
Bettina Kreuzpointner from homemade and baked

A tasty bread with sunflower seeds and sesame seeds

Schoggi-Walnuss Brot
Karin from Food for Angels and Devils

a yummy bread for breakfast with chocolate and walnuts

Simple Sourdough Bread „Step by step“
Jessica Szturmann from foodnotes

easy step-by-step sourdough bread – no yeast

Simple Sourdough Bread „Step by step“
Nina from Bread around the World

Typical eastern swiss rolls. Only come in pairs.

Vollkornbrot fast and yummy
Sascha from Lecker muss es sein!

Whole wheat bread fast and yummy

Julia von KAMAU from KAMAU

A bread with lots of seeds and walnuts based on a rye sourdough

Weißbrot mit Buttermilch
Sus from CorumBlog

White bread with buttermilk and oat flakes – very tasty!

Wheat bread
Nika from Gotuj zdrowo!Guten Appetit!

Wheat breat on leavening whit driedtomatoes

Zucchini walnut carrot bread with saffron
Eva Melina from ingloriousplastics

A sweet fluffly veggie bread with a cake-like texture


Bread with pumkin and sunflower seeds
Tatiana Arvaniti from The pleasure of eating

This bread is made very easily but we have to wait about 2 hours total for it to rise and be ready to be baked! It’s delicius and makes great toasts after the first day! It does’t take much time to bake and for its porportions (600gr. flour) is making lots of bread!

Whole-wheat sourdough raising bread
Angeliki Xanthaki from mikri kouzina

Black and golden raisins whole wheat sourdough bread.

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