Here you find all World Bread Day 2013 entries from Hong-Kong (1), Hungary (2), India (4), Indonesia (1) Israel (3), Italy (48), Japan (1), Malaysia (1)

Hong Kong

Quick Garlic Tomato Focaccia
Quick Garlic Tomato Focaccia from Bao/Bread

Focaccia made from overnight dough. Quick, easy but tasty.


No kneading bread
Aubergine from Auergine

Easy, no kneading bread overnight

Tavern Bread
Imrei Bakery from Imrei Blog

This is a simple longish bread with 30-hour sourdough and without any additives. The bread got its name from the Hungarian word „kocsmakenyér” (tavern or pub + bread), because due to its shape the bread easy to slice and equally sized slices can be cut. Thus preventing a bar fight for bigger or unequally slices. Seriously!


Herb and Cheese Pinwheel Bread
Sunita Rohira from myfoodlab

This is a bread made using whole wheat and all-purpose flour. It is very simple to make and its pinwheel shape makes it look irrestistible.

Savoury Sour Cream Loaf with cream cheese
Nandini from Foodiliciousnan

A braided yeasted bread with sour cream, cream cheese, some whole wheat and Italian seasoning

Sunflower Bread
Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen

A mildly sweet, soft and flaky cardamom flavoured bread shaped like a sunflower.

Whole wheat multiseed bread
Veena Krishnakumar from veg nation

health bread with the crunch of the seeds!


Garlic and Sesame Seed Naan Bread with Egg Salad Dip
Stephanny L from snowsparklegems

A naan bread with sliced garlic and sesame toppings and egg salad dipping


My First Challah
Roza from Сurious Pinocchio

Jewish Bread for Shabbath , Holidays and Rituals

pebbles breads
Idit Gershoni Tyroler from the arctic circle

simple breads baked in an ancient way

Soft Pretzel Rolls
Chanita Harel from My mom’s recipes and more

Soft Pretzel Rolls- easy rolls for every day, everyone, Best eaten warm with Sea salt and Hot Mustard


Baguette con lievito madre
Aurelia from Profumi in Cucina

A simple bread and crisp …

Cottage bread
Martina from Trattoria da Martina

An English bread with a crispy crust and a soft crumb and a particular shape

Filoncino di semola
Valentina from Nondisolopane

Durum wheat semolina baguette

French boule bread
Lucia from Tortadirose

French Boule with long rising, the resting time of dough is 15 hours.

Guinness soda bread
Elena Bruno from Il giardino dei ciliegi

Soda bred with Guinness beer

Luciana D’Ettore from Testarda

My durum wheat sourdough bread comes from one of the most famous and ancient cities in Italy ,Matera ,province in the region of Basilicata, in southern Italy.

Irish Brown Soda Bread
Irma from Il blog di Irma

Classic brown soda bread

Enza from da grande

little bite of sweet-savory bread aromatized with anise seeds. an old bread from sicily

Normandy Apple Bread
Marla Gulley from Bella Baita View

Dried apples and a hint of rye make this old world bread just the right blend for this time of the season. This loaf is flavorful alone and delicious with both sweet and savory fillings.

Pan brioche con lievito madre, gorgonzola e noci
Chiara from Luna Tenera

The brioche bread with sourdough stuffed with gorgonzola and walnut, is a delicate, delicious and tasty bread

Pancarrè agli aromi mediterranei
AngelaS from Storie da mordere

Sliced bread with mediterranean aromatic herbs and parmesan

Pane “sciocco” toscano
Gourmandia from Gourmandia Personal Chef

Tipical tuscan bread called “sciocco” which in English means “without salt”, For centuries on the tables of country people

Pane al cioccolato
Anna Laura from DULCIS IN FABULA

Chocolate swirl bread

Pane al germe di grano
Donatella Bartolomei from ingrediente perduto

Bread wheat germ

Pane al latte farcito con olive, pomodori secchi e peperoncino
Anna Maria Cantarella from Ginger and Tomato

Bread made whit milk and filled with olive, dried tomatoes and chili pepper

pane al miele e pecorino
sandra merizzi from le padelle fan fracasso

soft bread with honey and pecorino

Pane al Pomodoro – Tomato Bread
Staximo from Lo Spazio di Staximo

Tomato Paste is the secret of the wonderful color of this bread

pane al sesamo
dauly from cucchiaio e pentolone

pane di semola di grano duro con semi di sesamo

Pane alle erbe aromatiche
Spery from babà che bontà

bread with mother yeast and aromatic grass

Pane Bianco con Lievito Madre
Michela Festa from Le Torte di Michy

white Bread with natural yeast

Pane cafone
Anisja from La cucina di Anisja

a traditional sourdough bread

Pane Casereccio Integrale
Elisa from Il fior di cappero

Homemade bread with wholemeal flour

Pane con briciole di cioccolato, cacao e uvetta a lievitazione naturale
MilenaSt from Una finestra di fronte

This bread, though devoid of any grain of sugar is sweet with raisins, cocoa and aromatic thanks to the amazing when the palate meets the pieces of chocolate: in other words it is not pleasant for a bread that has nothing to envy to a cake, but it is delicious in “natural way” and I certainly do not mind even to adults who can enjoy it with a glass of sweet wine.

Pane con Enkir, pan di sempre e farina di Quinoa
Sandra from Un tocco di zenzero

Pane con lievito madre, prodotto con farina Enkir, Pan di sempre e farina di quinoa

Pane con Farina di Granoturco Formenton 8 file Rosso
Carla Marzani from Le Delizie della Mia Cucina

Pane rustico con farina per polenta

Alessandra Barbone from I sognatori di cucina e nuvole

A savory bread, but with chocolate chips and brown sugar on the surface to form a caramelized crust.

Pane di segale con cumino- Caraway rye bread
Anna from cibo vino e parole

This bread goes great with winter soup.

Pane di semola a forma di treccia russa
ornella mirelli from ammodomio

It gives a description Luigi Sada in his “The Apulian Cooking” Frangolle (a): bread of about 2 Kg, has the form of a crown. The surface containing some almonds (peeled after being boiled), is made ​​shiny after a first firing, with wet cloth. Wont be packed at Christmas and at Easter. Before being divided among the guests, who, consuming it, recite a Pater noster, is blessed by the head of the family or by the oldest, with holy water taken from the source of the church, by means of a stick. olive.

Pane di zucca
Elena Broglia from Zibaldone culinario

Pumpkin sweet rolls

Pane d’orzo e farro
Patrizia from la Melagranata

This bread is a very soft, very fragrant and delicate flavor. Suitable for breakfast

Panini per Hamburger
Pappaecicci from Pappaecicci

perfect receipt for burger buns

Panini yogurt e noci
Lidia from The Spicy Note

Sandwiches with yogurt and nuts

Rosemary Sourdough Bread
Dajana Dzijan from Baker’s Corner

Delicious and hearty sourdough bread lightly scented with rosemary

Schiacciata con l’uva – Grape Focaccia
Cinzia from Cindystar

A seasonal traditional Tuscan focaccia

elena from

thin leaves of pistacchio bread

Sourdough Rye Bread With Olives
Ago from Pane, burro e marmellata

A delicious sourdough bread with rye and olives

Sweet bread of rye, hazelnuts and salted chocolate of Modica
Manuela from Con le mani in pasta

The bread for my #WBD is a breakfast bread, Because breakfast today, but also once a time, was the most important meal of the day. Is a country bread, but rich. It could be a brioche, but it chose to be more concrete. It brings with it the aroma of all the flowers of spring, as a hope.

Sweet bread with pears, nuts and ginger
Patapata from Pasticci Patapata

Natural sweet bread with no sugar and no animal ingredients!

Tiger Bread
Chiara Bettaglio from Food&Crafts

This bread is typically found in UK supermarkets, soft inner with crunchy texture outside.

Tortillas Messicane
Maria Elena Ghelardi from Zonzolando…

Mexican tortillas

Walnut and Date Sourdough Bread
Natalia from Gatti fili e Farina

A sourdough bread enriched with dates and toasted walnuts


Eggless Pesto Pull Apart Rolls
kristy from My Little Space

A delicious eggless bread with such irresistible pesto fillings.