Here you find all World Bread Day 2013 entries from Poland (64), Portugal (45)


artisan bread in five minutes a day
Lillia Jankowska from a lemon tree cafe

no kneading revolutionary bread that takes no more than 5 minutes a day

Bagietki z dodatkami
karto_flana from Z kartoflanego pola

baguetts with nuts or onion

Tarzynka from Tarzynkowo

Russian dark rye bread with coriander

Bread mixed with apple
Izabella – Pyza from Smaczna Pyza

Bread flour mixed with sour rye flour, with the addition of apples and honey

Bread with grains
Kasia from Plate of Joy

Super easy bread with pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Bread with sun-dried tomatoes
Jolanta Rusak from Alchemia codzienności

Sourdough bread with sun-dried tomatoes and herbs.

Buccellato di Lucca
Majana from Majanowe Pieczenie

Delicious Italian bread with raisins and anise baked in polish kitchen.:)

Bułka paryska z płatkami owsianymi
edyta_rosner from Przy kuchennym stole

Wheat loaves of oatmeal

Chleb orzechowy (Nut Bread)
Joanna from Domowe Wypieki

These nut bread is hearty and healthy and delicious.

Chleb owsiany pieczony w naczyniu żaroodpornym
monika from Niezapominajka

Rustic loaf made rich soaked porridge oats, grains of flax and characteristic in the aftertaste with wheat bran.

Chleb polski
Bryk Bożena from Smakowe Kubki

traditional Polish bread sourdough rye-

Chleb południowy
Jolanta Szyndlarewicz from Nasze życie od kuchni

Chleb pszenno-żytni
Martyna from Apetyczny Aromatyczny Kulinarny- BLOG!

For the first time in my life I baked bread.World Bread Day is a good opportunity. The bread is simple and tasty. Ideal for those who have never done breads.

Chleb pszenno-żytni na zakwasie
Agnieszka Huelle from

Sourdough bread – classic and easy to bake. Made only of basic ingredients – strong white bread flour, salt, water and sourdough starter. Lovely crust and delicious flavour guaranteed.

Chleb pszenno-żytni z ziarnami słonecznika (Wheat-rye bread with sunflower seeds)
Aciri from Bajkorada

Mój chleb powszedni. Chleb pszenno-żytni z ziarnami słonecznika.

Chleb pszenny z ziarnami from

Chleb razowy
kamila.pychaciasta from Coś słodkiego, poproszę

Wholemeal bread, easy.

Chleb rosyjski z ziemniakami
Sara Mazurkiewicz from pieczarka mySia

bread with potatoes on sourdough rye

Chleb sztokholmski
Fabryka Kulinarnych Inspiracji from Fabryka Kulinarnych Inspiracji

tasty bread

Chleb tostowy/Toasted bread
Anita from Tak sobie pichce …

Bright, white toasted bread. It’s easy to do it, pie is growing rapidly, and the formation of a loaf has never been easier difficulties.

Chleb z gruszkami i musli na zakwasie żytnim
Sliwka from Smakowity Chleb

Sourdough rye bread with pears and musli

Chleb z orzechami i słonecznikiem
Iwona from StrefaUlubiona

Easy to prepare for yeast bread with nuts and sunflower seeds.

Chleb z prażonymi płatkami owsianymi – na zakwasie
Haim (Joanna) from Moja Domowa Świątynia-Kuchnia Haim

Bread has a thin crispy crust and incredibly nutty flavor that owes toasted oat flakes. It fits perfectly with cheese, ham and jam or honey.

Chleb żytni
Bożena from Moje domowe kucharzenie

Tasty bread on rye sourdough.

Ciabatta with olives
Adriana from Pora coś zjeść

Ciabatta is traditional Italian bread. This kind of bread is one of my favourites. My version contains olives.

czekoladowy chleb na zakwasie
kasandraa6 from magia w kuchni

Crupiący chocolate and at the same time soft pitta bread on zakwasie

Mleczny chleb z makiem
abbra from moje kucharzenie

It’s tasty bread with the poppy. Delicious with fresh butter.

Mleczny chleb ze szpinakiem, sezamem i orzeszkami pistacjowymi
dana from Leśny Zakątek

Milk bread with spinach, sesame and pistachio

Orange and Mint Bread
Marysia from Pieczywo na zakwasie (Sourdough Bread)

Sweet bread with mint, orange zest and Cointreau

Orkiszowy chlebek odrywany z domowym pesto
Laura Chołodecka from Cafe Babilon

This delicious pesto pull-apart bread

poppy flower
Ania from krzywa kromeczka

Yeast roll with poppy seeds, aromatic and very tasty

prosty pszenny chleb / plain wheat bread
Janiolka from Eksperyment sobotni

This bread is without leavening. Mainly thanks to that he has a neutral taste and grows, like crazy.

Pumpkin bread with nutella
Bernika from Bernika – moj kulinarny pamietnik

Sweet pull-apart pumpkin bread with nutella filling

Pumpkin bread with sourdought
Amber from Kuchennymi drzwiami

Autumn bread with pumpkin and pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Rye Sourdough Bread
wisla from Zapach chleba

Sourdough rye bread with pumpkin puree. Easy to make. Raises very well. Remains fresh.

Quinoa bread
Gosia from codojedzenia

Quinoa bread baked on an Italian sourdough called biga stuffed with candied petals of wild rose and roasted hazelnut nuts

Simple sourdough bread
Domi from Domi w kuchni

Delicious sourdough bread without kneading.

Sourdough bread
Marzena from Zacisz kuchenne

they are delicious

Sourdough bread
skoraq from skoraq cooks

Simple, wheat sourdough bread. (recipe in English and Polish)

Sourdough bread with mascarpone
Kaś from Bake&Taste

Sourdough loaf with mascarpone cheese

Sunflower Bread
Kasia Marciniewicz from

Sunflower bread is for special occasions. Amazingly soft and delicate. Can be sweet or sour. Perfect for Sunday breakfast with the family.

Tarzynkowy bread
Patyska from Smakołyki Alergika

Triple leavened, spelt&rye bread. Perfect taste, smell and consistency. Ideal one…

Vermont Sourdough
ptasia from Coś niecoś

Wheaten levain-based sourdough, according to Jeffrey Hamelman’s recipe (with some minor changes)

White leaven bread with buttermilk
Gallica Anonimica from Zakalce Mego Zycia

White leaven and buttermilk.

Whole – Wheat Multigrain
kabamaiga from Sto kolorow kuchni

Jeffrey Hamelman’s bread for his book “Bread”. It is soft and moist.

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Breat
Judyta Deker from Sweet Escape Into Kitchen

Easy-to-make whole wheat bread with wonderful honey flavour. Fluffy, soft and also very healthy. There is nothing more delightful than a homemade, freshly baked loaf.

wytrawny chlebek z chilli
kasandraa6 from magia w kuchni

Dry bread with chili and Nisko as early as slightly fragile

Orkiszowe bułeczki z żurawiną
Joanna from Notatki Kulinarne

Sweet buns for small Allergy – with spelled flour, sweetened with agave syrup, oat milk with dodatkim and cranberries.

World Bread Day 2013: Sun Dried Tomato Fougasse
Krecia from By Było przyjemniej

Provence flat bread in a leaf shape, simple and dellicious


Arrufadas de Coimbra
Manuela Cruz from Tertúlia de Sabores

This is a traditional sweet bread of Coimbra, Portugal

bread with oats and cumin
maria isabel pereira salvador from Receitas da Belinha Gulosa

Brioche com nozes, passas e chocolate
Helena Pereira from Cooking

Um brioche leve, com um delicioso recheio de nozes, passas e chocolate

Brioche de laranja e canela
Liliana Ferreira from Cook Addiction

Sweet bread with orange and cinnamon

Chocolate Soda Bread
Inês Ginja from Ananás e Hortelã

Chocolate Soda Bread. Made with rye, spelt, oats and cocoa. Shared with an almond and honey butter.

Fine Herbs Bread
Marta from Intrusa na Cozinha

Fine Herbs Bread

Maria Teixeira from Limited Edition

Mafalda Vale from Masterchef de Algibeira

delicious focaccia with black olives and thyme

Focaccia with rosmary and cherry tomatoes
Sílvia Martins from Bocadinhos de Açúcar

Flat Italian bread topped with rosmary and cherry-tomatoes. Used as a side to meals or as a snack.

Gluten free popiseed bread/P
Ameixinha from Canela Moída

Poppy seeds gluten free bread

Honey and cinnamon whole wheat bread
Sofia Arcangelo from As Coisas da Mãe Sofia

A delicious, fluffy and light bread with the aroma and taste of cinnamon and honey.

no-knead bread
Ana Teles | Telita from Telita na Cozinha

it’s the simplest of breads, no knead needed

Olive and Parmesan Bread
Isabel Patrício from Emoção às Colheradas

This bread is made of olives and parmesan. The quality of the ingredients makes the bread so delicious and irresistible. It is a great complement to a more nutritious meal.

Pão Brioche recheado
Maria João Leal from Ponto de Rebuçado – Receitas

A brioche bread filled with pesto, cheese and ham

pão com camembert
São Ribeiro from RAPA TACHOS


Pão com Marmelada – Dia Mundial do Pão (Bread with Marmalade – Word Bread Day 2013)
Ana Gouveia from Panela ao Lume

As we are in the autumn, the quinces invade homes. Nothing better than making a bread with marmalade, to warm the days start getting colder.

Pão de Aveia / Oat Bread
Carina Freitas from A mousse é caseira?

Oat bread made with a lot of love

Pão de banana e manteiga de amendoim
Sónia Miranda from Cantinho da Somi

Food of the gods

Pão de banana muito aromático
Filipa Dourado Ribeiro from Delícias da Pipas

Is a banana bread with some delicious spices. It’s a very aromatic bread!

Pão de Cerveja – Beer Bread
Célio Cruz from Swett Gula

A diferent bread! A delicious Beer Bread. ;)

PAULA VIEIRA from docemaisoumenos

loaf of bread with seeds and nuts

Pão de Leite com Sésamo e Chia
Ricardo Tiago from Pratos Que Falam

It’s a sweet milk bread with sesame and chia seeds

Pão de Milho de S, Martinho
Luisa Machado from Delilicias

On the day we celebrate the World Bread Day, the Corn Bread S. Martin is a tribute to the traditional bread of northern Portugal. Inspired by Corn Bread, this bread is a version where they mix the flavors of sausage with olives and aromatic herbs, based on the sweet taste of traditional Corn Bread.

Pão de mistura com queijo e tomilho-limão
Susana Coelho from Tertúlia da Susy

A bread very moist and very aromatic, invades your home with scent!

Pão de mistura com sementes de papoila – loaf of bread with poppy seeds
Cozinhar Sem Lactose from Cozinhar Sem Lactose

Spelt, corn and wheat flour combined with poppy seeds, bread made with sourdough starter

Pão de salame picante com cereais
Ana Pinheiro from Receitas fáceis rápidas e saborosas

It is a bread made with wheat flour cereals and spiced salame, has a very crocante côdea and a soft marrow

Pao de trigo escuro com sementes
Margarida Abreu from TvsP

A simply delicious bread to serve at lunch with a sweet or butter to melt him warm.

Pão integral de abóbora
Helena Santos from Sabores leves

An healthy recepie of pumpkin bread with several kinds of seeds

Pão Saloio
Ivone Rodrigues from Galeria Voni

Pull Apart Bread of Chocolate and Chilli
Isabel from Blog do Chocolate

A delicious bread with chocolate, chilli and pistcahios, with a strong flavour and full of personality !

Pumpkin Bread with Anchovies and Dried Tomato
Mariana Teixeira from Receitas para a Felicidade!

Delicious bread, fluffy and autumnal

Rosemary Sandwich Bread
Cacahuete Grizeu from Peas and Peanuts

Amazing sandwich bread made on a bread machine

Scones de Iogurte
Aurea Sá from Receitas de Sedução

The scone is a quick bread (quick bread – expression used to differentiate the breads that do not use yeast) of Scottish origin. He is very popular in the UK and also in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. What does scone be different from a simple bread is the butter that is added should be in small pieces, giving a very special texture. In the United States, in addition to scones found a bread much like the biscuit, (but beware, in British English biscuit is sweet cookie, that cookie is in the United States. Yoghurt is a good alternative to whole milk. Their degree of acidity is needed to make a perfect scones.

Spelt Bread with mustard and fennel seeds
Ana Ferreira from I Like to Cook My Food

A simple but tasty bread with spelt flour, flavored with mustard and fennel seeds

thyme, ginger and lemon bread
Raquelita from delicias cá de casa

an amazing perfumed bread

Trança de Brioche com Nozes
Dora Costa from Ideia Genial

Braid brioche with Nuts

Twisted Bread with Zaatar
Um Toque de Canela from Um Toque De Canela

A bread with flavours from the Orient

World Bread Day: Pudim de verão
Sónia from As Receitas da Patanisca

Delicious chocolate and plum bread with moist filling