I missed the last two months of Mellow Bakers and this month I’m late. The September loaves are already announced. Nevertheless here is my contribution for August – 40 % Rye with Caraway.

40 % Rye with Caraway for Mellow Bakers

Each month there are 3 recipes to bake, the other two for this month on the Mellow Bakers list were Baguettes with Poolish or Pâte fermentée and Five Grain Bread. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to bake these too.

Below you find my adoption of the recipe, I reduce the caraway significantly. Not because we doesn’t like caraway but it doesn’t go well with marmalade for breakfast. ;-)

40 % Rye with Caraway
makes 1 loaf

40 % Rye with Caraway for Mellow Bakers

300 g whole rye flour
260 g water
15 g active sourdough

final dough
450 g flour
200 g water
15 g salt
10 g fresh yeast
2 g Caraway seeds
sourdough from above

Sourdough: Mix all ingredients together and Let it rise for 12-15 hours at room temperature.

Final dough: Dissolve yeast in 60 g of the water, with rest of the water dissolve sourdough. Add all ingredients except of the salt in the bowl of your food processor and knead on low speed for 4 minutes, add salt and for another 4 minutes on medium speed until you have a smooth dough. Cover and let rise for about 1 hour, if necessary make after 30 minutes one stretch and fold.

Shape dough into a round loaf and place with seam side down in a banneton. Cover and let rise for about 60 minutes or until doubled in size.

Preheat oven to 240 C.

Remove loaf carefully from banneton. Bake for 15 minutes, open oven door to release steam, reduce heat to 220 C and bake another 15 minutes, reduce heat to 190 C and bake a final 15 minutes. Remove loaf from oven and let cool on a wire rack.


This is only my third bread for the Mellow Bakers, till now I made the Rustic Bread and the Light Rye Bread. Can’t say which one I liked most, perhaps the Rustic Bread?


In addition this is my submission to Susan’s YeastSpotting, the weekly showcase of yeasted baked goods and dishes.

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