Announcing Bread Baking Day #21 – Pizza Party and giveaways for BBD’s 2 years anniversary!

Amazing, this month we can already celebrate the second anniversary of Bread Baking Day. Since two years every month enthusiastic bread baker from all over the world bake bread following a specific theme. Thanks to the wonderful hosts and participants Bread Baking Day has become a well-established event. Thank you folks!

Last month 40 dedicated bakers from around the world baked Multigrain Breads and Rachel from Tangerine’s Kitchen did a wonderful job hosting that. Don’t forget to check out the BBD #20 roundup she made. Thank you Rachel!

Are you ready to fire up the oven for a Pizza Party?

BBD #21 is all about Pizza! Pizza provides the perfect palate for creativity. With minor modifications to crust, sauce or toppings, the pie takes on new personalities. Anything is possible! As BBD is a bread baking event I ask you to pay special attention to the crust. Be creative, make a special dough with spelt, rye or whatever grain you like. Prepare your dough with a sourdough starter, biga or poolish or just use yeast! For the toppings – anything is fair game, sweet or savory, it’s up to you! Thick or thin Pizza, Foccaccia, Lahmacun and other flat breads are allowed as long they come with a topping.

How to participate in BDD #21:

  • Bake a Pizza, take pictures (if possible) and blog about it.
  • Please link back to this announcement in your post, and eventually to the roundup.
  • Fill in the submission form below and your post will be listed in the roundup and enter automatically the drawing.
  • Your recipe can be written in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese. All other languages please translate to one of these languages.
  • Last day of submission is July 1st, 2009.

And what’s about the giveaways, you ask?

Once your pizza is made you need to cut it into slices, right? A pizza wheel is good tool that avoids the dislodging of loose toppings through the back-and-forth motion of the blade typical of a knife. And here the giveaways come into the play. Zyliss has generously offered to give away 3 Zyliss pizza wheels to 3 lucky BBD #21 participants or blog readers!

BBD #21 giveaway - Zyliss pizza wheel

This comfortable Pizza wheel cuts through crusts thick and thin. The ergonomically designed handle keeps the wheel right in your palm so you can apply direct pressure to the blade and exercise more control over its direction. For safety, the handle is made of non-slip plastic for a secure grip. The blade and handle separate for more thorough cleaning. This product is comfortable for either righties or lefties to use.

How to win a Zyliss pizza wheel:

  • If you participate in BBD #21 you enter automatically. For an extra entry just leave a comment on this blog post with „Pizza wheel“ in the title line and saying why you want to win a Zyliss pizza wheel. Only one extra entry allowed per person.
  • If you don’t participate in BBD #21 but would like to win the Zyliss pizza wheel just leave a comment on this blog post with „Pizza wheel“ in the title line and saying which is your favorite Pizza and why you want to win a Zyliss pizza wheel. Only one entry allowed per person.
  • International entries welcome!

The roundup should be up on July 4th. The 3 winners will be chosen random on July 6th, 2009. I will email the winners (if provided) and post their names on the blog.


Please feel free to promote the event by sticking the logo on your blog.

BreadBakingDay #21 - Pizza Party and giveaways for 2 years anniversary - last day of sumbission July 1st
Include the following code in your blog:


18 Gedanken zu „Announcing Bread Baking Day #21 – Pizza Party and giveaways for BBD’s 2 years anniversary!

  1. I have pizza dough rising as I type this, Zorra! As I was kneading, I thought to myself I really should get more creative with my pizzas…well, I think next weekend’s pizzas will be a wee bit more exciting thanks to this BBD push! And what a great giveaway! I would love a pizza cutter – my husand always scolds me because I use the kitchen shears to cut our pizzas!

  2. I do make pizzas at home and try not miss out on BBD so you can be sure I’ll be making pizza or most definitely a flat bread witha a topping!
    And what better way to cut it, huh? :)
    Congratualtions Zoor on 2 years of BBD. It ’s been fun to participate and be a guest host too. Thanks.

  3. Zorra, what a nice theme …we had pizza last night (maybe under your magical web influences!) and came out so soft like ever!
    Well, why winning a pizza wheel? because when tou need one…you hardly find it in the mess of the utensil drawer!…
    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. Während der Pizzateig geht, wollte ich schnell sehen, was das nächste Thema für BBD ist. Perfekt :-D Das muss Gedankenübertragung gewesen sein! Da muß ich gleich nur an die Fotos denken!
    So ein schönes Pizzarad würde sich bei uns bestimmt nicht langweilen, und es könnte sich auch mit unserem Pizzaofen Alfredo anfreunden.

  5. I will definitely participate…
    I need a pizza wheel… and who doesn’t?
    Can´t wait for BBD-21 round-up. I intent to print out all entries. It will be my great „pizza book“. We have pizza at home once a week. Some times is saturday some other time is sundays. It all depends on football night…

  6. that is one slick cutter. My favorite general pizza is pepperoni with mushrooms and pineaple. Followed by BREADEAUX taco pizza (its a midwestern thing) and thier dessert pizzas. but i will admit I would give them all up for a steady supply of the smoked mushroom pizza I had at Abacus the other day (created by chef Kieth Rathburn in front of me)

  7. I do pizza often at home, wish really to win this pizza wheel since i never ever bought pizza wheel yet, Happy 2nd anniversary to BBD…I just love cheesy pizza with tomatoes and bellpeppers..Will send my entry soon to ur place..

  8. Zorra, is it okay if I send you a previously posted blog post if I link to this event? Do let me know – thanks. Would love to take part in the 2nd anniversary of BBD – one of my most favorite events on the blogosphere!

  9. Thank you for this awesome event and the great theme. I decided to take part. Btw, you have a great blog, I really enjoy reading it, especially the bread posts.

  10. I am so glad I decided to make pizza earlier this month. It was timely for my first BBD submission.

    This was fun.

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