Apple Day – The roundup

Apple Day - The roundup
A week ago I invited you to participate in Apple Day. It was a short term invitation. Never ever I expected so many participants.

Apple is a popular fruit in the following countries: Argentina (1), Australia (4), Belgium (1), Canada (3), France (7), Germany (17), Israel (1), Italy (1), Netherlands (2), Poland (1), Saudia Arabia (1), Singapore (2), Spain (5 6), Sweden (1), Switzerland (1), UK (2), USA (8). Number of participants in brackets.

Most of the 58 59 participants have a sweet tooth like me. There are only a few savory apple dishes. Just have a look at all the recipes by yourself.

If you don’t find your entry on the list (possibly you did not send me the requested information by email or I overlooked your entry), please send me an email at kochtopf(at)gmail(dot)com mentioning your name, blog name, blog URL, name of the recipe and entry URL, hometown/region and country, and I will add it to the list.


The entries are sorted alphabetically by blog name.

Apple pancakes
from zainab, Arabic Bites
In Switzerland we would call them Apfel-Rösti. Delicious!

Apple-carrot cake
from Karen, Bake my Day
Why not combine apples and carrots for a cake?

A Nice Apple Cake
from Manuela, Bakinghistory
Not just a nice, but really wonderful tart.

from Barbara, Barbara’s Spielwiese
Muffins made with apples from the own tree.

Apfelpfannküchle – Pancakes aux pommes
from Bolli, Bolli’s Kitchen
A recipe of her great-grandmother.

from Petra, Brot und Rosen
A classic delicious recipe.

Triangles croustillants aux pommes aux coinges
from Ingrid, Chez Inoule
Enjoy this crispy pastry still tepid.

Compote de pommes au caramel
from Requia, Chez Requia
A simple but stunning recipe.

Brotpudding mit Aepfeln
from Cascabel aka Petra, Chili und Ciabatta
Have any stale bread left, just make this delicious pudding.

Apple Cake
from Christa, Christa’s Blog
An easy and delicious recipe from down under.

Pork Chop with Apple, Sage and Pancetta
from Kevin, Closet Cooking
Easy to make and pretty tasty.

Mini Apple & Cinnamon Pies
from Margot, Coffee & Vanilla
Apple and cinnamon an unbeatable pair.

Pork Tenderloin Medaillons with Creamy Apple Cider Sauce
from Becke, Columbus Foodie
Something savory? This is the one for you.

Kleine Apfel-Quitten-Schnecken
Tiny Apple Quince Swirls
from Sus, CorumBlog
A big apple from uncle Alfred’s garden and a quince felt in love…

Apple and Mead Cupcakes
from Minko, Couture Cupcakes
Sometimes the delicious things are right in front of you.

Apfelkonfitüre mit Ahornsirup
from Gabi, Crockyblog
A mixture of different apple varieties and maple syrup is the key.

Dulce de manzana y chocolate
from Rosa Isabel, Delicias de Rosa Isabel
Apple and chocolate, it’s just yummie.

Cinnamon Crumb Surprise
from Elena, Experiments
This muffin is a winner for sure.

from Rike, Genial lecker
A jam session, and that’s the delicious outcome.

from luisal, Hüttenhilfe
Step-by-step instruction included.

from Jan, Jans Küchenleben
A fancy name for a delicious dish.

Pommes Meringuées
from jjoa, Journale des Demoiselles
An easy but delicious recipe.

Power Food Broccoli Salad with Apple
from Alanna, Kitchen Parade
This is real power food, not only for kids.

from Evi, Kochen375
This salad is so delicious, you will not have time to take pictures.

Apfelkuchen mit Zimt-Nuss-Streuseln
from Sivie. Küchengeister
Unfortunately the tree which delivered the apples for this delicious cake, had to be felled.

Apfelkuchen mit Pudding
from Ulrike, Küchenlatein
If you like Pudding don’t miss this one.

Szarlotka spod samiuskich Tater (by Szellka)
from Mysza, Kulinarne wyzwania myszy
It looks delicious, unfortunately I can’t understand Polish.

Chutney de manzana – chutney de otoño
from Ana, Las Recetas de Mamá
This chutney brings a touch of autumn to every dish.

Apple Custard Tea Cakes
from Cakelaw, Laws of the Kitchen
A layer of custard between two layers of batter and apples. Sound delicious!

Apple, Pecan and Cinnamon Muffins
from Y., Lemonpi
A bang straight from the oven, into your mouth.

Apple Muffins
from Marta, Los fogones de mi casa
Apple-tuned Magdalenas look delicious.

Bratäpfel mit Garnelen
from Hedonistin, Low Budget Cooking
Apples with a savory filling.

Gâteaux brut de pommes
from Edith, Mes tables de Fêtes
Juicy, that’s the right word.

Tarta de manzana de „Candelas“
from Salvia, Mi mundo, mi cocina
A family recipe that reminds „sabores de casa“.

Apple Pie with Walnut Streusel
from Michael, Mike’s Table
A light and flaky crust, a sweet and spiced filling and nutty and crunchy top.

Jablka pieczone & Moj ulubiony strudel
from Ela, My best food
Translation: Baked apples and my best strudel. I took a crash course in Polish. ;-)

Chunky Apple Spice Cake with Vanilla Butter Sauce
from Chanit, My mom’s recipes and more
Enjoy this cake warm or cold, with plenty butter sauce around .

Potatoe apple pie
from Lien, Notitie van Lien
Apples and potatoes, a great combination.

from Joanna, nylon dinner
That Swiss classic must not miss on this roundup.

Cornmeal Apple Cake
from Ruth, Once Upon a Feast
You are looking for a new favorite? Just found it!

from Illka, RezkonvSuite
A cake with a delicious filling.

Urgrossmutters Apfelspeise
from Sammelhamster
Grannies have the best recipes.

The Big Apple
from Sam, Sam’s Bake Journal
Look at this awesome muffin!

Tarte Tatin
from Ellen, seelenruhig
Awesome tart and fantastic photos of apples.

Moelleux aux pommes
from Chiara, That’s Amore
Small juicy cakes, yummie.

Tuscan Apple Cake
from Pam, The Blackyard Pizzeria
This rich sweet cake tests our willpower! Who can resist?

Harvest Apple Bread
from Breadchick, The sour dough
A bread the whole family loves.

Apples à la Katie
from Katie, Thyme for Cooking, the Blog
In a hurry? This decadent apple dessert is ready in 5 minutes.

Torta de manzanas acarameladas
from Mar, Todo casertio
Don’t burn your fingers!

Tarte tatin
from Vinciane, Tout un régal!
No sticking to the baking pan, just perfect.

Maple Apple Cranberry Oatmeal Crisp
from Julie, Urban Drivel
Nobody can resist to this crisp.

from Orchidea, Viaggi & Sapori
Childhood memory comes up.

Bran-Apple Carrot Muffins
from Sarah, What smells so good?
These low fat muffins are a great and easy way to kick-start the fall season.

Frozen apple desert
from epsilon, Zucker & Salz
Apple and spaghetti-squash? An unusual but great combination.

Last but not least my contribution:

Thank you all for participating and promoting the event!
Hope to see you all at World Bread Day on October 16.

13 Gedanken zu „Apple Day – The roundup

  1. Zorra, thanks for hosting this fabulously fun apple event. It allowed me to make the family favourite bread a few weeks earlier than normal and they were happy. See you at World Bread Day!

  2. Thanks for the invitation! It was nice to participate and now I have got so many ideas of recipes with apples that try…

  3. All these recipes really do look very tasty! I have to try some of them!!!
    Thanks for all you efforts Zorra, it’s a great round up result!

  4. Hello I share the blog whit my mom. Even more, the tilte says: mom’s recipes. We are from Spain, so we cook in a mediterranean style wiht olive oil, cured ham… The recipe that we have send to the Apple Day is called „Autumm Chutney“ and is a spicy bittersweet apple marmalade

    What I wantted to say is that if you find something interesting in my blog or in any other spanish writing blog, I can translate it to you, addapting the ingredient list to your country so you can find everything you need. I know that my english is not perfect, but probably will be better than automatic translators…

    Last but not least I want to thank you for this job, it’s not easy to recopilate international posts.

    Great job! Keep doing it

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