bbd #01 – Potato Focaccia with Sage

breadbakingday #01 - bread with herbs
For me summer, fresh herbs and focaccia belong together.

So I baked a delicious Potato Focaccia for breadbakingday #01 – themed bread with herbs.

This dough, made with mashed potatoes creates a thick focaccia with big holes, as I love it. I did foccacia before (here and here), they were delicious, too (at least one ;-)).

As you can see on the pictures, I kept the dough quite sticky, so it was hard to poke the holes in the dough. If you want to have a drier dough, just use less water or make 1 or 2 stretch and folds more, but be aware that it could be you end up with a less airy focaccia.

Potato Focaccia with Sage

bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage

100 g white flour
50 g lukewarm water
5 g fresh yeast
1 ts sugar

Final dough
400 g white flour
100 g cooked and mashed potatoes
200 g lukewarm water
30 g olive oil
15 g salt
15 g fresh sage chopped

1 tb olive oil
1 tb water
coarse sea salt

Pre-ferment: Mix well all ingredients. Cover and let rest up to 15 hours at room temperature.

bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage
Pre-ferment after 15 hours.
bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage
Fresh sage from my garden, chopped.

Final dough: Put flour, water, mashed potatoes, olive oil and sage in the mixer bowl. Mix on low speed 1 (Bosch MUM 8) until the ingredients form a ball. Add pre-ferment and salt and mix 6 minutes on a higher speed 2 (Bosch MUM 8). Dough should be smooth, elastic and a little bit sticky. Put the dough in an bowl, cover with plastic wrap and leave it to rise for 1 hour.

bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage
My new Bosch MUM 8 in action!
bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage
Final dough after kneading.

Flour lightly your surface, flatten the dough slightly and fold 2 sides of the dough. Repeat it with the opposite sides and but the dough back. Cover loosely, for 3 hours.

Stretch & Fold step-by-step

bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage
bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage

bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage
bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage

bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage
bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage

Oil a baking sheet. Take the risen dough, flatten it out, and spread it on the baking sheet. Cover and let rise another hour.

Preheat oven to 230 C.

Use your fingers to poke holes in the dough. Brush the foccacia with an water/oil emulsion. Sprinkle it with coarse sea salt, and bake it until golden about 20 minutes.

bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage
Focaccia before baking.
bbd #01 - Potato Focaccia with Sage
Focaccia after baking.

Remove it from the oven, cut it into squares before serving.

10 Gedanken zu „bbd #01 – Potato Focaccia with Sage

  1. That focaccia looks awesome! Very appetizing…

    Unfortunately, I was not able to participate to this month’s event, sorry! I had too much to do…



  2. There’s no problem dimpling sticky dough if you make sure that your fingers are wet, Zorra. (I use cold water but I bet dipping in white wine would work nicely too)

    Good idea to put the sage right into the dough. I bet the flavour is retained better than if it’s put on top the way I did.


  3. Hello!
    I would like to ask you for some help.
    I bought a Bosch MUM 8, and I do not know if it is working properly. I know nobody who owns one, but it seems to me that maybe it’s not normal.
    Could you give me hand on this, please?
    Does the arm of the machine, moves a little, up and down, when it’s working with bread dough? And the bowl, does it dances a bit too?
    I would apreciate it greatly if you could tell me something
    PS By the way, your bread looks great!

  4. REPLY:
    Yes, the arm is moving a little bit. But my bowl does not move at all. It is important to rotate the bowl as far as possible until it clicks.
    Hope this helps you. I’m very happy with my Bosch.

    edit: On which setting you knead your dough? The highest I use for bread dough is 2,5.

  5. REPLY:
    Thank you very much for answering!
    I was using speed 2.
    The bowl I am sure it was correctly rotated and clicked too.
    Could I send you a small movie of it working?
    The base, the metal stand where the bowl is fixed, has 3 little compartiments. One has a locking plastic sistem and the others are empty. Is your the same?
    My bowl dances a little as it kneds.
    Thanks again for answering.
    Your fingers with nails are awsome!!! Should we celebrate halloween here in Portugal too, I think I would copy them!

  6. REPLY:
    How much dough you are kneading? Perhaps it’s the quantity which makes the bowl dancing?

    And yes, my metal stand is exactly as yours, with one plastic sistem, the others empty.

    You can send me the movie to kochtopf (at)gmail(dot)com.

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