BBD #20 – Pane di tre sorelle

When Rachel from Tangerine’s Kitchen announced Multigrain Breads as theme for Bread Baking Day #20 I immediately knew what bread I will gone make: Giorgio Locatelli’s Pane di tre sorelle.

Giorgio Locatelli is an innovative Italian chef and star of his own TV series, and cookbook writer. The recipe of the bread I found on BBC Good Food website. There is a comment of a reader that says the instructions way is to complicated and the quantities are inaccurate. After studying the recipe I saw that Locatelli follows the kneading technique of Dan Lepard. I tested the technique once and the result – the The Mill Loaf – was good, but not so good that I switched the kneading method. That’s why I didn’t follow the instructions. At the same time I made some changes to the recipe, too. I didn’t like his sponge. I decided to go with a Poolish instead and finally I reduced the amount of grains. But there are still three grains, so the name stays: Pane di tre Sorelle – but my way! ;-)

Pane di tre sorelle
makes 1 big loaf

BBD #20 - Pane di tre sorelle

I think you can see, that this bread is fantastic! Crispy crust and soft rich inside!

100 g apple juice
100 g water
1 tsp clear honey
1 g fresh yeast
200 g flour

300 g water
60 g Ebly
60 g brown lentils (not green Puy lentils)
60 g risotto rice

Final dough
10 g fresh yeast
80 g apple juice
100 g wholemeal wheat flour
300 g flour
1 tsp gluten (optional)
15 g salt
1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

Poolish: Mix well all ingredients. Cover and let rest for 1-2 hour at room temperature then transfer to the fridge and let rest overnight.

Grains: I prepared the grains in a Hotpan. Add water and grains in Hotpan.

BBD #20 - Pane di tre sorelle

Cover and cook at 3/4 of the full temperature until steam is released. Reduce the heat to the second lowest temperature and allow it to cook for 5 minutes more. Remove the Hotpan from heat and place in its insulating bowl for 2 hours. If necessary drain the grains briefly in a sieve to remove any water that hasn’t absorbed. If you don’t have a Hotpan follow Locatelli’s instructions.

Final dough: Dissolve yeast in apple juice. Once it’s dissolved add it to the poolish and dissolve too. Add all ingredients expect salt in the mixer bowl. Mix on low speed 1.5 (Bosch MUM 8) for 4 minutes, add salt mix 6 minutes on speed 2 (Bosch MUM 8). Cover and let rise for 30 minutes. Fold the dough, cover and let the dough rise again for 30 minutes.

Shape the dough into a long loaf, cover and let rise about 60 minutes.

Preheat oven to 220 C.

Before baking make 3-4 evenly spaced slashes with a very sharp knife. Bake for 45 minutes after 20 minutes reduce heat to 200 C and again after 15 minutes to 180 C. Cool on a wire rack.


BreadBakingDay #20 - last day of submission June 1st

More recipes and entries in English.

11 Gedanken zu „BBD #20 – Pane di tre sorelle

  1. Zorra,
    I was getting ready to say: translate recipe in English… I see you have it…
    Lord, I love that bread….

  2. Das Poolish steht im Kühlschrank. Ich habe extra für dieses Brot meinen Entsafter mal herausgeholt und den Apfelsaft frisch gepresst ;-) Als Linsen habe ich nur Berglinsen gefunden, die braun sind. Sollten hoffentlich auch gehen.

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