BBD #21 – Pizza Party Roundup

Yeah it’s party time! 55 bloggers accepted my invitation and baked a Pizza for the 2 years anniversary of BreadBakingDay! Thank you all, I hope you had as much fun as I had!

The winners of the 3 Zyliss Pizza wheels will be announced on July 6th. In the meantime check out all the fantastic pizzas!

Pizzateig mit Poolish
Stefanie of Hefe und mehr
Alfredo the small oven bakes this pizza just perfect!

IDania of El aroma de IDania
A pan pizza, soft in the inside with a crunchy crust.

Katia of Bolli’s Kitchen
All what’s in the fridge pizza.

Emeril’s Pizza Dough
Verena of Mangia che te fa bene
Very good, tasty and crunchier than a „normal“ basic Pizza dough!

Focaccia con il formaggio
Robert of lamiacucina
Cheese between 2 layers thin pizza dough, a speciality of Recco.

Focaccia de Albahaca y orégano
Tartasacher of Mil Postres
Easy to make and exquisite in taste.

sourdough pizza
natalia of Gatti Fili e Farina
Not only kids like this pizza.

Anchovy, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar and tabasco pizza
La Belle Aurore of La Belle Aurore
The addition of balsamic vinegar and Tabasco add an extra flavor to this marvelous pizza.

Grilled Pizza Margherita
Susan of Wild Yeast
Pizza on the grill, don’t wait for an oven disaster to test it.

Pizza Dolce
Jamie of Life’s a Feast
Jamie makes a sweet pizza for dessert.

Neapolitan Style Pizza
Foolish Poolish of Foolish Poolish Bakes
The perfect pizza napoletana made in a domestic electrical oven.

Millet Pizza
Ivayla of Scribbles from the kitchen
The millets gives this pizza a delicate flavor.

4-in-1 Pizza
Simran of Bombay Foodie
A hearty weekend dinner, and enough dough in the freezer for a rainy day.

Thai Chicken Pizza on Multi-Grain Thin Crust
Natashya of Living in the Kitchen with Puppies
Brown rice flour and chickpea flour in the crust and a Thai topping makes this pizza very special.

Pizza de Frigideira
Nana of Manga com Pimenta
For this Pizza you don’t need a oven. You can make it in a pan.

Lahmacun de Turquia
Zaira of La Cocina de Zaira
A Turkish pizza made by a Spanish – that’s international!

Pizza Party
Claudia of Magia na Cozinha
Claudia and her family prefer pizza with a thin crust.

Pizzadough with cornmeal and fresh herbs
Lien of Notitie van Lien
Lien puts herbs in the pizza dough and has some other great tips.

Flammeküche with no borders
jeremy of stir the pots
A pizza with no borders!

Anniversary Pizzas
Judy of Judy’s Gross Eats
One dough, 2 Pizze.

Ricottapizza mit Orangen und Speck
lavaterra of lavaterra
The dough comes without yeast and a topping without cheese and tomatoes. Can this be pizza? I would say yes.

Pizza Dough and Sauce
Glenda of Domesticated Engineer
Everybody will love this pizza!

Fresh Herb Pizza
Mihl of seitan is my motor
Yummy pizza without cheese, yes you can!

deep dish sour dough pizza with veggies and pepperoni
alisa of jane of many trades
Are you sure you ate the best pizza in NY? This one looks fantastic.

Gabi of Crockyblog
Pizza doesn’t have to be flat.

Astrid of Paulchen’s Foodblog?!
Astrid has a new cookbook, so it was clear for BBD it has to be a Foccacia from the book.

Mushroom, asparagous and goat cheese pizza
akane of Albahaca y Canela
Also akane made a Pizza from Peter Reinhard’s book.

Kleines Pizza-Duo
Ellja of 2stepsawayfromparadise
Why not baking small pizze, so there is one for everyone’s taste.

Potato Focaccia Pugliese
Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen
This rosemary flavoured potato focaccia is very soft with a nice crust.

Pizza ‚Dump Goat‘
Chaosqueen of Chaosqueen’s Kitchen
Again Alfredo, this time he bakes a dumb goat.

Gefüllte Brottaschen
Stefan of Der Suppenkasper
Pizza a bit different.

Pizza mit karamellisierten Zwiebeln, Brie und Zucchini
Ulrike of Küchenlatein
It doesn’t have to be Mozzarella all the time.

Pizza with tomatoes and feta
Katja of Kaffeebohne
Pizza with a Greek touch.

Uma Pizza
Moira of Tertúlia de Sabores
Pizza and a glass of Portuguese wine.

Pizza with a sourdough crust
Jacqueline of Toxo Bread
Warm welcome to the new Pizzamanic member! ;-)

Bread dough machine pizzza.
Margaret of Tea and Scones
First pizza ever made and such a success! Congrats.

Pizza Pepperoni e Pomodori Secchi
Ameixinha of Canela Moída
Last minute entry from Portugal.

pizza au melon et à l’anis vert
Tiuscha of Saveur passion
Melon and Anise with Mozzarella it’s not an common topping.

Pizza Margherita
Andreas of Delta Kitchen
Also Andreas is a Pizza newbie.

Vera Pizza Napoletana
Nick of
Nick has found the The Holy Grail of Pizza.

Homemade Veggie Pizza from Scratch
Name of Parita’s World
A pizza with a lot of veggies and spices.

Whole Grain Garden Veggie Pizza
yasmeen of Health Nut
A healthy pizza with garden fresh vegetables.

Veggie Pizza – Totally Home Made
Sowmya of Visit My Kitchen
Homemade is always best!

Veggie Pizza
KavyaNaimish of Kavya’s Kitchen
A heart-shaped Pizza for your dearest.

Mushroom N Cheese Focaccia
Priyasuresh of Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes
A real cheeeessssy focaccia.

Pizza with grilled vegetable topping
zorra of 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf
Some grilled vegetables leftover, use it for a pizza topping.

Foccacia mit Kirschtomaten
Eva of Deichrunner’s Küche
Foccacia with cherry tomatoes, that’s summer!

Cherry Tomato Olive and Greek White Pizzas
Andrea of Nummy Kitchen
Check out this Pizza and the baking „system“.

Bell Pepper & Chorizo Pizza
Sus of CorumBlog
Pizza with a Spanish touch.

Pizza from a Greek Island
Soma of eCurry
A cheeseless Greek Pizza.

lahm bi ajin
zainab of Arabic Bites
Delicious pizza from the Middle East.

Genzano Potato Pizza
Natalie of Bao/Bread
An incredibly thin and crispy pizza with no tomato sauce.

cinzia of cindystar
Pizzette on the beach!

Tomato-Mascarpone-Pizzette with Goat Cheese-Parsley-Pesto
Petra aka Cascabel of Chili und Ciabatta
Pizzette with confit tomatoes and a special pesto.

21 Gedanken zu „BBD #21 – Pizza Party Roundup

  1. Ich glaube, die nächsten zwei Monate gibt es bei uns Pizza :-D Das ist wirklich eine tolle Pizza-Party!
    Alles gute zum 2.Jahrestag!

  2. REPLY:
    Vielen Dank für das schöne Round-Up! Viele ganz tolle Bilder und Rezeptideen und viele tolle neue Blogs zu entdecken. Ich konnte sowohl mit Firefox als auch mit Explorer alle Fotos sehen.

  3. they all look so delicious, a great round-up Zorra! Thanks for hosting and starting this event in the first place! Cheers to many more!

  4. This is quite a pizza party. A „pizzathon“ maybe? :)
    Thanks for a great theme and round-up. Many pictures aren’t showing up on my screen as well, though my entry is visible.

  5. Thank you for this superb topic and fantastic roundup! I think I’ll never run out of great recipes to try :)
    I really enjoy participating each month.

  6. Hola Zorra: Me ha hecho mucha ilusión ganar el precioso premio, tal como te digo en el correo. Siento no haber podido escribir antes. Algunas fotos no se ven como la mía del Lahmacun o la de la Focaccia de Tatasacher, la de la receta de Akane del blog Albahaca y canela y algunas otras. Te lo comento porque lo mencionas en el email. Un beso y espero con ganas el premio.

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