Bread with Beer for the 5th anniversary of BBD – Roundup

A small and fine group of enthusiastic bread bakers from France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, USA and even Thailand followed my invitation and baked bread with beer for the 5th anniversary of Bread Baking Day.

I know, beer is not everyone’s taste but I strongly recommend to give it a try. Tested recipes you’ll find below. ;-)

Thank you all for the participation and congratulations for BBD’s anniversary.

Next BBD will be hosted by my dear friend Cinzia from Cindystar. She will reveal the theme on August 6 on her blog. You can also find the current theme and host here on the Bread Baking Day announcement post or on the Bread Baking Day Facebook-Page.

Bread Baking Day - Roundup 5th anniversary

And now have a look at the gorgeous creations – I’m sure there is something for everyone.

Apple Cheddar Beer Bread, on the grill
von Jenni, The Gingered Whisk
Jenni is a beer snob means picky. A good thing, she uses Coors Light Beer (one she never would drink) for this awesome bread baked on the grill.

Beer and mustard rye bread
von Lien, Notitie van Lien
The only bottle of beer left in Lien’s house was a dark brown sweet beer. She flavours her dough with that and with mustard and thyme and gets a perfect loaf. sandwich that goes well with cheese or me

Beer Bread
von Connie, my discovery of bread
Singha is a mystical lion and the symbol of the Thai beer Connie uses for her celebration bread. And she has some good thoughts about what is mine and what is yours.

von Bella Kirschfrau, Kirschfrau … Liebe, die man schmeckt
This bread is a classic in Bella’s kitchen. For a mild taste she uses Warsteiner for a more „beery“ taste Köstritzer Schwarzbier.

von Sandra, from-snuggs-kitchen
Sandra uses beer and freshly ground flour for her delicious loaf.

von Barbara, Barbaras Spielwiese
Barbara lives in the region with the highest density of breweries in the world! So she had to join our party and bakes buns with Huppendorfer Bier.

Dunkles Weissbierbrot
von clair, Lieblingsrezepte aus dem Landhaus Alpensee
Clair has a guest who loves dark wheat beer that’s how this bread creation developed.

Golden Burger Buns with Beer
von zorra, 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf
For my golden burger buns I use San Miguel, a Spanish beer, that has its roots in the Philippines.

Kinderbier-Brötchen mit Kartoffeln
von Micha, grain de sel – salzkorn
Micha takes us a walk down memory road. She uses for her gorgeous buns „children beer“ means a non-alcoholic malted beverage.

Malt beer knots
von Stefanie, Hefe und mehr
Stefanie uses for her knots Golden Malz, not really a beer but it comes from a local brewery around the corner. The „beer“ gives the buns a deep malty taste so they go well with honey, jam or cheese, too.

Pan de cerveza negra y avena
von Palmira, Come Conmigo El Blog de Palmira
The recipe for this bread was two years on Palmira’s baking list, for BBD she finally bakes it using a dark beer.

Pane alla birra
von Luca, Panenostro
Luca uses for his loaf the first certified organic Italian beer Baladin Nora.

Panini alla birra / Beer buns
von Cinzia, Cindystar
My dear friend Cinzia uses a light beer and whole barley flour for these rustic and healthy buns.

Pão de milho com cerveja e farinheira / Corn bread with beer and sausage
von Ana Cristina, Panela ao Lume
Ana Cristina uses a special Portuguese beer for her dough and fills it with a sausage. Great combo!

Party-Brotkranz mit Bier-Rosmarin Brötchen
von Katha, katha-kocht
Katha’s party bread made with Carlsberg suits the theme perfect.

Rye Bread
von Judy, Judy’s Gross Eats
Judy baked bread with beer recently, for this party she makes a loaf with rye and regular beer. The end result is a delicious bread, good toasted or made into sandwiches.

Scottish Stout-Rye-Fennel Bread
von Chaosqueen, Chaosqueen’s Kitchen
Belhaven Scottish Stout is the favorite beer of Chaosqueen and her husband. Her rustic loaf of course contains that beer in the sponge and final dough.

Sourdough Beer Bread
von Shelley, C Mom Cook
Shelley doesn’t like to drink beer, but she loves beer in bread and makes a loaf with a great crust, a delicious, airy crumb, and a really nice flavor.

10 Gedanken zu „Bread with Beer for the 5th anniversary of BBD – Roundup

  1. Hey all,
    I never thought that this will be such a great mix of different bread. Especially the Singha beer put a smile on my face… I miss thailand that much!

    Kind regards,

  2. Als du uns vor Kurzem in den Schürzenkleid :) den großen Brotlaib gezeigt hast, da hast du mehrere Arme hinter dem Rücken versteckt, stimmts ;O)?

    Oder wie sonst machst du all das scheinbar nebenher?

    Eine sschöne Zusammenfassung, Merci, liebe Zorra!

  3. My baking list has just increased !!! So many great new ideas to try :O)
    Congrats for the 5th birthday and waiting for the 10th!!!

  4. REPLY:
    Wenn man erst mal den Brotbackvirus eingefangen hat, wird man ihn nicht mehr los. ;-) Und bei mir ist es auch so, dass mir das andalusische Weissbrot nach ein paar Monaten aus dem Hals raushing. Eine grosse Brotvielfalt gibt es hier nicht unbedingt.

  5. Ich bin immer ganz erstaunt wie unglaublich viele Leutchen ihr eigenes Brot backen und auch noch so gekonnt!
    Selbst bin ich da ein bissl faul, schuld ist eine wunderbare Bäckerei in meiner Nähe. LG

  6. Zorra,
    I regret having missed the deadline to participate in Bread Baking Day I baked today brot bier and intend to publish July 06, when I thought that was the deadline for submitting the recipe. What a pity! Next time, I’ll be closer to the deadline. Kisses.

  7. Hi Zorra, what a great event it is. I’m happy to be a part of this group. Thanks for inventing, hosting and organizing Bread Baking Day. I can’t wait to see Cinzia’s theme.

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