I’m quite proud I made it this month! At least one of the three breads for Mellow Bakers: The Roasted Potato Bread.

Char-Roasted Potato Bread for Mellow Bakers

I baked it before World Bread Day, and that was good. Because now I’m quite busy to check all the entries. It seems there are about 300 posts! Crazy!

I made just half of the recipe and instead of roasting the potato in the oven I made it on our char-BBQ. I think this gave a special smack to it!

Char-Roasted Potato Bread for Mellow Bakers


This is only my fourth bread for the Mellow Bakers, till now I made the Rustic Bread, the Light Rye Bread and the 40 % Rye with Caraway.


In addition this is my submission to Susan’s YeastSpotting, the weekly showcase of yeasted baked goods and dishes.

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