Colomba morta (dead dove)

When Cinzia ask me if I would like to join her, Elra, Lien, Natalia and Rosa to bake a real colomba (easter dove) I said immediately yes. A real colomba because the original is made only with sourdough and no yeast. I was a bit scared because until today all my attempts with sweet sourdough ended as a disaster: Pandoro, Panettone and Brioche. And unfortunately it was the same with the colomba. It didn’t rise at all even the sourdough was quite active. I don’t know why I’m not able to bake this kind of bread. So it comes today – on our colomba revealing day I have nothing to reveal. My colomba landed on the compost. R.I.P. my little colomba.

But wait, Cinzia announced the Happy Baking Easter event.

Happy Baking Easter

Everybody is invited to bake a colomba, and the best, you can follow the recipe you like. So I will try it again!

Last but not least check out the blogs of Cinzia, Elra, Lien, Natalia and Rosa to see their colomba beauties.

10 Gedanken zu „Colomba morta (dead dove)

  1. I am glad you are not giving up. Mine didn’t really turn out as it suppose to. The one with sourdough didn’t rise as high, and the texture was completely wrong. It was not shreddy at all. So yes, I’ll be practicing a lot until I get it right. Good luck with yours. I know Rosa had successfully made hers, including the shreddy texture.
    Good luck dear,

  2. oh, Zo, I am so sorry about that!
    and more because I insisted to make you follow us…I know it is so sad because I hate to throw away food as well…we will organize better next year…with skype on, web cam on, doing really things together and on line in the same time!!!…see and vitually touch each other doughs!
    bacio grandeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. Oh no !!! Maybe you didn’t wait long enough !!! My colomba took a bit of time to raise ! Well I hope you try again , it would be nice to do it really together !!

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