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Kids and adults, may we have your attention, please? From today on we will cook and be a part of 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf as well.


We, the cookids, are 3 sibling and big fans of this blog. A few weeks ago aunt zorra asked us if we would like to test the new launched product-line Kinderkitchen of Kuhn Rikon and write about our experiences with these kitchen gadgets. Obviously we agreed! Mama and Papa will assist in cooking and taking pictures. Aunt zorra helps us with blogging.

You would like to know who is behind cookids? Let’s introduce ourselves:

cookids - Choco
My name is Choco, I am 9 years old. My hobbies are singing, dancing and cooking and I like to invent new dishes.

Favorite dishes: Sushi and Indian cuisine

They call me Moto, I’m 5 years old and love to go treasure hunting with my big pirate ship. I’m an enthusiastic „Mamma mia“ fan and also a petit gourmet.

Favorite food: Lebanese cuisine and Mama’s Pasta cookids - Moto

cookids - Coco
My name is Coco. With 3 years I am the youngest of the family. I like to organize garden parties for fairies and princesses. I never leave the house without my camera (like aunt zorra).

Favorite dishes: Fajitas and Crepes

As you can see, we love cooking. So you can imagine how excited we were when the eagerly awaited Kinderkitchen Set arrived!

cookids - Kinderkitchen

Of course we had to check out all the kitchen gadgets. We didn’t want to go to school, we would have preferred to test immediately the Crocodile Jaws, Bird Whisk, Bird Scoop, Bird Spatula, Mouse Measuring Cups, Goldfish Measuring Spoons, Duck Scissors and the Dog Knives.

Kinderkitchen Set

Mama was strict, arranged all the kitchen gadgets in the Junior Chef’s Bag and sent us to school with the promise that we will soon cook our favorite recipe using Kinderkitchen and blog about it. So, we’ll be back soon!



Ein Gedanke zu „cookids & Kinderkitchen – Who we are!

  1. Zorra, you always surprise me!
    This is a fantastic initiative!
    I sometimes helped Gianfranco of Le Tamerici in children cooking sessions and I know how fun it is. Still my youngest boys do appreciate when I let them free to cook for themselves … I have a video of Tito (11) preparing fish he fished on his own … I should put it on my blog, and he explains loud as well every little step of the recipe … as all big chefs do in TV!!!

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