Since I live in Spain I bake every year Christmas cookies. I like the traditional ones. In Switzerland these are:


Mailänderli / Zimtsterne / Brunsli / Makrönli

Normally I start backing only mid of December. For the Cookie-Swap a joint-event of Jennifer (SHF) and Alberto (IMBB) I did an exception and tried for the first time another classic Swiss Christmas cookie:

Chräbeli (how to pronunce it ;-) )

Cookie-Swap: Chräbeli
For these cookies you need good teeth.
If you are more dedicated you can form them nicer.

4-5 eggs
500 g icing sugar
1 pn salt
1 tb Kirsch
1 1/2 tb aniseeds
500 g flour

Cookie-Swap: ChräbeliCookie-Swap: Chräbeli

Cookie-Swap: ChräbeliCookie-Swap: Chräbeli

Mix well eggs and icingsugar. Add salt, Kirsch and aniseeds. Mix again a little bit. Add flour, mix and knead slightly.

Form rolls of 1 1/2 cm diameter, 5cm long. Grave 2-3 times. Put on a greased backing tray (do not use baking paper) Let dry during one night. Next day bake 20-25 Minutes (140° C). Leave the door of the oven slightly open .

Please note, I did prepare only a part of the dough.

Cookie-Swap: Chräbeli

I wish you all a “cookieful” and happy festive season.

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