Daring Bakers – Chocolate Éclairs

Meeta and Tony – the hosts of this month Daring Baker Challenge – have chosen a recipe from famous Pierre Hermé – Chocolate Éclairs.

Unfortunately I can’t stand éclairs nor any other pastries made with cream puff dough. The last time I tasted éclairs is about 20 years ago. Hence I decided to make a small batch, could be I changed my taste in the meantime.

I prepared only 1/4 of the cream puff dough recipe without any problem.

Daring Bakers - The making of éclair

Once in the oven the eclairs rise fantastic. As I made them mini I thought 15 minutes baking time should be ok. After 15 minutes they were still pale, so I baked them another 5 minutes. They were still quite pale, but I thought if the big ones need 20 minutes they are okay now. Big mistake they weren’t! When I opened the oven door they just sunk down. Underbaked and flat éclairs was the result. Two of them were okay, so I used them to fill, the other ones ended on the compost. :-(

It’s still quite hot here in Andalusia, so the chocolate filling wasn’t the right thing. I filled the eclair with vanilla ice cream topped it with the chocolate sauce and served it on a fruit salad.

Daring Baker - Eclair

The chocolate sauce is heavenly good with ice cream, so I have always a little stock of it in the fridge. ;-) I’m sure the chocolate pastry cream tastes great, too. I will make it when the weather turns a bit cooler. Eclairs however I will never make again. ;-)

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25 Gedanken zu „Daring Bakers – Chocolate Éclairs

  1. Your eclair picture looks heavenly.:)
    I don’t like very sweet or creamy fillings or food, but icecream as a filling is brilliant. Really great idea for a summer day.

  2. But in true daring baker spirit, even though you knew you hated cream puff dough you did it anyways! The chocolate filling was the best part of this recipe anyways. Well done!

  3. Wonderful!! To not like choux and to go for it regardless, to have failure and save what you could….to take a bit of flour, some water and butter and turn it into That spectacular…Now that’s a daring Baker!!!!!!! Kudos!!!!
    P.S. What’s for dessert tonight, as I am on my way!!!!

  4. the fruit salad on the bottom looks so refreshing :) I bet the vanilla ice cream must have been delicious sandwiched between the choux dough!
    Thanks for baking with us!

  5. Eclairs may not be to your taste, but you managed to create a very cute and pretty one! Hopefully the next challenge will be more to your tastes :)

  6. Wonderful looking eclairs Zorra – icecream and chocolate sauce sounds delightful for summer. Do try the chocolate pastry cream when it is cooler – it is devine!!

  7. What a great idea for adding vanilla ice cream as a filling, especially when you have such hot weather. Your eclair looks yummy and the pictures are beautiful =D

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