foodies riddle #2 – Solution: Bitter Orange Marmalade with „Schuss“

foodie riddle #2
Alexandra from Addicted sweet tooth was the first with the right answer. With these 4 ingredients I made Orange Marmalade with „Schuss“, how we say in German when some alcohol is added, in this case Cointreau. In fact it’s a Bitter Orange Marmalade.

Foodies riddle #3 will be online in 2 weeks on Monday, May 26. Stay tuned! If you have any suggestion for a future riddle just drop me a line: kochtopf(at)gmail(dot)com.

We have lemon and orange trees in our garden. The orange trees supposed to be blood oranges, but it turned out that at least one tree yields bitter oranges also called Seville oranges. What a surprise! So I was looking for recipes. Mercotte, I met her in London, recommended me a an orange marmalade recipe of Pascale from C’est moi qui l’a fait. A wonderful recipe but too time-consuming and complicated for me, so I did my own quick and dirty creation.

foodies riddle #2 - bitter orange marmalade 3

The result looks and tastes great.

Off-the-record: Normally I don’t like bitter orange marmalade. ;-)

Bitter Orange Marmalade with „Schuss“
makes 2 jars

4 bitter oranges
1 lemon
about 450 g sugar
2 tb Cointreau

Put the whole oranges and lemon in a large pan and cover water.

Bring to a boil cover and simmer very gently for around 45 minutes, or until the citrus have become very soft.

foodies riddle #2 - bitter orange marmalade
foodies riddle #2 - bitter orange marmalade 1

Pour off the cooking water from the oranges into a jug and tip the oranges and lemon into a sieve. Return cooking liquid to the pan. Allow fruits to cool until they are easy to handle, squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Discard the pulp but keep the peel of oranges. Cut the peel, with a sharp knife, into fine shreds.

Weigh the extracted juice (should be about 450 g, if less just add some of the cooking liquid), add juice and same amount of sugar to a pan and bring to the boil and bubble rapidly for about 6 minutes until setting point* is reached. Stirring constantly all the time. Add peel shreds and Cointreau and pour marmalade into hot sterilized jars.

*Test the setting point: take the pan off the heat and allow the bubbles to subside. Take a plate from the freezer and spoon a little liquid onto the plate, then return to the freezer for 1 min. Push the marmalade along the plate with your finger. If setting point has been reached then the marmalade surface will wrinkle slightly and the marmalade won’t run back straight away. If it’s not at setting point, return to the heat and boil again for 2 mins before re-testing. Repeat until setting point is reached.

Instead of Cointreau you can also use Whiskey.

foodies riddle #2 - bitter orange marmalade 4

Divine on toasted homemade bread!

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3 Gedanken zu „foodies riddle #2 – Solution: Bitter Orange Marmalade with „Schuss“

  1. I love bitter orange marmelade. A good idea to add cointreau! I often add liqueur or something like that, when I cook marmelade…

  2. Hmm … das sieht so lecker aus. Ich liebe Marmelade und jede
    Art von Zitrusfrucht. Wünschte wir hätten auch Orangenbäume im Garten.

    Ob man hier irgendwo wohl auch so schön ungespritzte Orangen bekommt!?
    Würde die Marmelade ja zu gerne nachmachen. Mal schaun, ob ich irgendwo
    welche herbekomme.

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