SHF #13 – Poire Belle Hélène

As chocoholic it’s a must to participate in SHF #13 . Kelli, the event hoster, ask us not to prepare our „everday“ chocolate cake, brownies etc.. As I like to prepare quick and easy recipes, I decided to present a simple but delicious dessert:

Poire Belle Hélène
Ingredients for 2

SHF # 13: Poire Belle Hélène

2dl water
1 pear
2 tb sugar
1 ts lemon juice

Cut pears in half and take the core away. Combine water, lemon juice, sugar in large sauce pan and bring to boil. Add pear halves, reduce heat and cook gently until tender (15-30 minutes). Cool pear in fridge.

Chocolate Crème

SHF # 13: Poire Belle Hélène - Ingredients

2,5 dl milk
50 g dark Swiss chocolate
1/2 tb Maizena
1 egg
1 tb sugar
1/2 tb cocoa powder

Combine milk, vanilla, chocolate, Maizena, egg and sugar in a pan stirring constantly with a whisk, heat until small bubbles begin to form, but not boiling, . Remove from heat, whisk for another 2 minutes.

SHF # 13: Poire Belle Hélène - Chocolate Crème

Strain mixture through a fine mesh sieve. Drizzle the tepid chocolate crème over top of the pear, and top it with whipped cream.

Conscience-stricken I prepared another more sophisticated cake:

Corazón de Corazón de „Truffes“ (recipe only in German, English translation on request)

It was the first time I did some decoration, as you can see. ;-) The cake is delicious too but I prefere the „Poire Belle Hélène“.

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  1. REPLY:
    Boah, ich tät ja gern mal mit dem Finger in die Schokosoße tauchen…

    Samma, übernächste Woche bin ich in der Nähe von Málaga, wo bist Du denn so ungefähr?

  2. REPLY:
    Weiter im OT:
    Hm, ja, das hab ich mir schon so ungefähr vorgestellt, aufgrund der Felsen, die Du hier mal gezeigt hast. Ich weiß nicht, ob ich in die Richtung komme, aber wenn Du willst, schick mal Deine Telefonnummer (derwein ät, dann tät ich bei Bedarf mal auf einen Kaffee mit frisch solargeschäumter Milch anklingeln.

  3. Dear Zorra,

    Could you kindly send me the recipe in ENGLISH ? – The Truffles look really delicious and my boys are salivating over it . I would like to bake this.
    Thank you for sharing.
    My email address is :

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