Becks & Posh changed this month’s Sugar High Friday to Sugar Low Friday. Quite a difficult task to prepare something sweet without sugar.

The Semolina Pudding I already tested for the Blog-Event VIII: Zitrusfrüchte (citrus fruits) . For SHF #15 I prepared the same pudding, but I substituted sugar by honey. The result is the same: Yummy!

Semolina Pudding with Mandarin Orange Sauce
Serves 4 Fiorini

SHF #15: Semolina Pudding with Mandarin Orange Sauce

2,5 dl Milk
1 pn Salt
50 g Semolina

3 tb Juice of mandarin orange
1 tb Honey
2 tb Raisins
85 g Quark

Mandarin Orange Sauce
1/2 ts Butter
1 tb Honey
1 Mandarin Orange, drained

Soak the rasins in rum the night before you bake.
Boil up milk and salt. Add semolina, reduce heat to minimum, stir constantly during 3 minutes.
Remove from heat, add honey, raisins, quark and mix well. Put the pudding in 4 small silicon-cups that are rinsed with cold water.
Refrigerate pudding cold, about 2 hours.

Mandarin Orange Sauce:
Filet mandarin orange. Keep the juice. Melt butter in a saucepan, add honey let caramalize a litte add ron and juice of mandarine orange. Simmer during some minutes add filleted mandarin oranges.

Unmold the pudding onto dessert plates and dress with sauce.

Variation without sauce:

SHF #15: Semolina Pudding
SHF #15: Semolina Pudding

Prepare pudding as mentioned above. Use nice cups and do not unmold the pudding, decorate with whipped cream and chocolate powder.

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