SHF #38 – The proof is in the Pudding!

An old proverb says

„The proof of the Pudding is in the eating“

meaning that the true value or quality of something can only be judged when it’s put to use or tried and tested.

So let’s make, test and eat Pudding for Sugar High Friday. I’m thrilled to be the host of one of the oldest and most revered food blogging event, created by Jennifer, the Domestic Goddess.

SHF #38 - The proof is in the Pudding!

After 37 events it was not easy to pick a theme. With Chrismas approaching I finally picked Pudding. Of course for this event just the dessert and not the savory dish. But still there is a wide choice. You can prepare baked, steamed and boiled Puddings or the creamy ones. Not allowed are instant Pudding powders or mixes.

I’m looking forward to see a a lot of Puddings, hopefully from all over the world!

How to participate:
Please read and follow the instructions below.

  • Make Pudding, take pictures (if possible) and blog about between now and Monday, December 24, 2007
    (for non-English blogs please add an English translation of your entry)
  • Please link back to this announcement in your post, and eventually to the roundup.
    • Send an email to shfpudding(at) including

– your name
– your blog’s name and your blog’s URL
– the recipe name and the post’s URL
– your hometown/region and country

  • Last day of submission is Monday, 24 December.

I will post the roundup on Sugar High Friday, 28 December.

If you have any question or suggestion don’t hesitate to contact me.


Please feel free to promote the event by sticking the logo on your blog.

SHF #38 - The proof is in the Pudding!
Include the following code in your blog:

Leslie from definitely not martha posted last month’s Sugar High Friday roundup here and here.

15 Gedanken zu „SHF #38 – The proof is in the Pudding!

  1. Sag mal Zora, wie kommst Du neben backen, Garten, Plätzchen backen eigentlich noch dazu, einen neuen Event zu organisieren. Wow, da wird’s mir ja ganz schwindelig und ich krieg ein schlechtes Gewissen, weil ich faul auf dem Sofa liege…
    Mit Pudding meinst Du den englischen, gelle? Also petits fours?

  2. Also ich kann mich Bolli nur anschliessen, wie Du das alles so schaffst ist wirklich unglaublich! (A propos, wann fangen wir denn mit dem Bewerten fuer DMBLGIT an?)
    Auf das SHF Thema freu ich mich schon sehr – bisher hab ich noch nie „richtigen“ Pudding gemacht, immer nur Flammeri!

  3. Mir geht es ähnlich wie Bolli – obwohl ich nicht auf der Couch liege, ganz im Gegenteil – schaffe ich es kaum die Blogs zu lesen, geschweige denn einen Event zu organisieren, hast du die Heinzelmännchen aus Köln als Dauergäste? ;-)

  4. REPLY:
    Mit Pudding sind „gewöhnliche“ Puddings (Vanille, Schocki, Griess etc.) aber auch diese englischen gebackenen Puddings gemeint. Jedoch keine Petits Fours. Beim Logo handelt es sich um das offizielle Logo von Sugar High Friday und ist deshalb nicht auf mein Thema bezogen.

  5. To make it more clear the following are considered as Puddings:

    Bread pudding
    Bread and butter pudding
    Cabinet pudding
    Carrot pudding
    Cheshire pudding
    Chocolate pudding (British Isles and Australasian version)
    Christmas pudding („plum pudding“)
    Clootie dumpling
    Cottage pudding
    Grape-Nuts pudding
    Indian pudding
    Figgy duff
    Figgy pudding
    Fruit pudding
    Hasty pudding
    Jam Roly-Poly
    Rice pudding
    Spotted dick
    Sticky date pudding
    Sticky toffee pudding
    Summer pudding
    Bavarian cream
    Crema catalana
    Creme anglaise
    Crème brûlée (burnt cream)
    Creme caramel
    Cornstarch puddings, including banana, butterscotch, lemon, pistachio, vanilla and chocolate (North American and Asian version)
    Mango pudding
    Panna cotta
    Pot de creme
    Pudding Pops
    Rice pudding, including kheer
    Tapioca pudding
    Zabaglione (sabayon)

    source: Wiki

  6. I’m so glad I saw this post!! I definitely want to participate!! This will be my second SHF event (I participated in the SHF event with the fig theme, a few months ago). How exciting!! :0)

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