SHF#27 – Dammi tanti Baci!*

David Lebovitz is hosting Sugar High Friday #27. The theme he has chosen is:

Chocolate, more precise, chocolate by brand!

Chocolat au lait

I confess: I buy mostly „no name“ chocolate. As Swiss of course I like Lindt, Cailler, Camille Bloch, Maestrani, but normally I bought Chocolate Frey at Migros (a Swiss supermarket). I prefer chocolate with hazelnuts, almonds or another crispy filling, i.e. Ragusa, Minor.

When I moved to Spain first I missed Chocolate Frey. Of course you find Lindt, Toblerone and during a short time Migros even exported chocolate to Spain, but unfortunately they stopped it. :-(

I tried Spanish chocolate too, but I don’t like it so much. So I was very lucky when I found Swiss chocolate called Xocriolata.


This chocolate tastes quite good and I even suspect it’s produced by a known Swiss brand. For SHF#27 I used this Swiss chocolate, bought in Spain, I made an Italian specialty: Baci (kisses). Really international, isn’t it? ;-)

makes about 20 small baci

SHF#27 - Dammi tanti Baci!*

50 g milk chocolate (31%)
10 g butter
50 g roasted hazelnuts, chopped
40 g Nutella
20 g roasted hazelnuts

100 g dark chocolate (72%)

Place milk chocolate and butter in a small sized stainless steel bowl. Melt over bain marie. Add chopped hazelnuts and Nutella. Form small balls and add a hazelnut on top of each ball.

SHF#27 - Dammi tanti Baci!*

Let cool for 1 hour in the fridge.

Place dark chocolate in a small sized stainless steel bowl. Melt over bain marie. Take the Baci out of the fridge, coat with dark chocolate.

SHF#27 - Dammi tanti Baci!*

Let cool in the fridge.

More entries and recipes in English.

*dammi tanti baci = give me many kisses

10 Gedanken zu „SHF#27 – Dammi tanti Baci!*

  1. I will definitely have to try making these! One of my best friends loves them, particularly the little fortunes that come inside. I bought her a box of them one day and she gave me one and it didn’t have a fortune inside, so she gave me another one and it didn’t have a fortune inside either! All of the ones she had eaten had fortunes in them. She insisted on giving me a third one and finally a fourth before I got a fortune!

  2. Die Schokolade ist von Plus, genau die selbe gibt es in Deutschland auch. :-) Mir schmeckt sie leider gar nicht, ich finde, sie hat einen seltsamen Nachgeschmack im Abgang.

  3. REPLY:
    Hast du den Nachgeschmack bei beiden Sorten? Ich muss gestehen, die schwarze Schokolade habe ich bis jetzt noch nie pur gegessen. Und die Milchschokolade, ist gut aber kommt natürlich nicht an die Frey ran. ;-)

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