Recently I wanted to make Salsa Andaluza. Unfortunately the bell peppers in my garden weren’t mature. So I did a variation without bell peppers. But for this week Weekend Herb Blogging hosted by Ulrike, I made the real Salsa Andaluza. Don’t be shocked it contains a lot of mayonnaise, of course homemade, but also bell pepper, tomato and parsley. ;-)

I used a fresh tomato from my garden instead of tomato sauce. I didn’t remove the seeds well, so it’s consistency was a bit liquid. If you use fresh tomato too, don’t forget to remove the seeds.

I love bell peppers, particulary the red ones. Everytime we grill I roast one or two until black, put them in a plastic container for 5 minutes, remove the skin and seeds, keep them in the fridge, where they can be stored up to a week.

Salsa Andaluza

WHB 148 - Salsa Andaluza

1 roasted red bell pepper, skinned and seeded
1 big tomato, seeded (or 100 g tomato sauce)
200 g homemade mayonnaise
1 egg yolk, cooked
salt and pepper

Mix all ingredients until smooth. Put the salsa the fridge for 30 minutes. The salsa can be stored 2-3 days in the fridge, when it’s made with homemade mayonnaise. If you use bought mayonnaise you can store it longer.

WHB 148 - Salsa Andaluza

The salsa goes well with meat, fish, salad, eggs and a lot more.

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