Unfortunately I had no time to participate in the last Weekend Herb Blogging events. This week WHB is hosted by Glenna of A Fridge Full of Food and this week I’m in with chicken legs à la Pimentón with vegetables all cooked in Römertopf.

The advantages of cooking in a Römertopf are:

WHB #80: Chicken legs à la Pimentón with vegetables

Juicy and aromatic result, all vitamins and minerals are preserved. Nothing of the stock will be drained off, and you do not need any additional fat.

Pimentón is a smoked chile powder. 2 types are available: hot (picante) and sweet (dulce). I used Pimentón picante.

Chicken legs à la Pimentón with vegetables
makes 2

WHB #80: Chicken legs à la Pimentón with vegetables

2 chicken legs
salt, pepper, pimentón picante
0,25 dl chicken broth or white wine
vegetables of your choice, I used:

1 celery stalk
1 carrot
1 tomatoe
1 leek
1 big onion
2 cloves of garlic
fresh herbs like: rosmarin, marjoram, tyhme, sage

Soak Römertopf in water 10 minutes before use.

Season chicken legs. prepare all the vegetables and herbs, chop them and place in the moistened römertopf. pour in chicken broth and arrange chicken legs on top. close the lid.
put römertopf in the cold oven. switch on oven, 200 C. cooking time 75 minutes, remove lid the last 15 minutes, in oder to get crispy chicken legs.

Avoid temperature shocks!
When taking the hot römertopf out of the oven, always reset it on a place mat jor a folded towel; the sudden contact with al cold surface could cause the römertopf to cool down too rapidly and burst.

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