World Bread Day ’06 – After Hours Party


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I think we should make active use of all these fantastic bread recipes. I know from experience that if 10 people bake the same bread it will come out 10 different loaves of bread. Interesting, isn’t?

Therefore I would like to invite you – also those who did not participate in World Bread Day ’06 – to an open-end World Bread Day ’06 After Hours Party.

World Bread Day '06 - After Hours Party

How to party?
Just pick a bread from the World Bread Day‘ 06 – roundup (of course not your own), bake it and blog about the result. Please include in your entry a link back to this post and specify that this is your contribution to the World Bread After Hours Party. Feel free to write in your language.

In order that everybody knows about your entry – and I do not need to write another roundup ;-) – please leave a comment here and at the blog from where you have taken the recipe mentioning the link to your post. That’s it. And the very best, after this party you don’t‘ have a hangover.

Let’s party!

If you have any suggestions or questions let me know.

20 Gedanken zu „World Bread Day ’06 – After Hours Party

  1. Zorra, your enthusiasm is endless! This is such a great idea. I’m writing to a private „friends and family“ list about recipes as I do every week and came here to get the link for your terrific round-up. And now, there’s a party! The Veggie Evangelist hereby dubs you the food blogging Bread Queen!

  2. Couldn’t wait to have a go at this. I picked, almost at random, Helene of tartlette’s „Portuguese Sweet Bread“ (a href=“, to bake today, and loved the result, which can be seen at

  3. Hola, Zorra –
    Thanks for providing a forum to see what we’ve all done with each other’s recipes. It’s such a great idea! The first I have tried was Hannah’s (from Bittersweet) vegetarian butterscotch bread recipe. It is my first time to try vegetarian baking, and I hope the changes I had to make still make this bread „vegetarian.“
    Here is my bread:

    Here is Hannah’s original:

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