Who can resist the smell of a fresh baked bread?

Since thousands of years we are eating bread. Bread is one of our staple food. It’s fascinating, only with flour, water and salt you can do such a big varieties of bread!

The International Union of Bakers and Bakers-Confectioners (UIB) declared 16th of October as World Bread Day.

Bread means so much to the most of us, it deserves a World Day in its honour! Even it deserves a special food-blog-event, no?

world bread day '06

So I would like to take this opportunity and invite all food- and other bloggers to bake a bread and blog about it.

Bake a bread with or without yeast, use sourdough, experiment with different flours, add some seeds… It’s up to you!
Let us also know which is your favorite bread, your “bread habits” and how much bread you consume.

You never have baked a bread before? Well, give it try! It’s easy and once you have this smell of your own fresh bread in your kitchen, there is no way back.

If you have no time to bake a bread, you can buy one at your favorite bakery and write about the bread and also the bakery.

I hope at the round-up (which I try to set up on 17th of October) we will see a huge basket filled with bread from all over the world!

How to participate:

  • Bake or buy a bread, take pictures (if possible) and blog about it on Monday, 16h October 2006
    (feel free to write your post in your mother tongue)
  • Send an email to kochtopf(at)gmail(dot)com including
    – your name
    – your blog’s name and your blog’s URL
    – the recipe name and the post’s URL
    – your hometown/region and country

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World Bread Day '06

If you have any suggestions or questions let me know.

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