World Bread Day ’06 – roundup – part 1 (A-J)

Here you find all entries from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Italy and Japan.

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Pan rústico con poolish
Marcela from La Majuluta and Robbie (from Germany) bake together a real international Pan rústico con poolish.

City/Region: Córdoba
Language: Spanish

Pan de viena
Mar from todo caserito 2 bakes a Pan de viena also known as Pebete in Argentina. Mar even provides a step-by-step instruction.

City/Region: Buenos Aires
Language: Spanish


Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once went baking mad in last few weeks to get into the swing of things. She produced the following breads Burghal Bread, Seeded Orange Soda Bread, Piadina. For the the event she bakes the oldes type of bread a Farinata – a traditional recipe from Liguria.

City/Region: Melbourne
Language: English

Pizza with anchovies
Reb from CucinaRebecca takes the Ferrari out of the kitchen cabinet and makes a Pizza with anchovies.

City/Region: Sydney
Language: English

Irish Wheaten Bread
Y. from Lemonpi makes an Irish Wheaten Bread. Wheaten bread, or brown bread as it’s simply known in some parts of Ireland.

City/Region: Sydney
Language: English

A tale of bread and disasters
Kathryn from Limes & Lycopene tries to bake a gluten-free bread. Unfortunatly it ended as a disaster, so she calls the result A tale of bread and disasters. But don’t worry her World Bread Day consists. She eats a slice from a shop-bought loaf.

City/Region: Sydney
Language: English

aniseed schiacciata
Anna from Morsels & Musings bakes an aniseed schiacciata. Schiacciare means “to flatten or crush” in Italian and describes the foccacia-like shape of the bread.

City/Region: Sydney
Language: English


gerda from dinner for one uses a brown bread mix for her Sunday morning adventure – Kornspitz-Gebäck – translation and more about Austrian Gebäck you find on her blog.

City/Region: Linz
Language: English

Spelt-Buttermilk-Bread / Dinkelbuttermilchbrot
eria from Gib dem Irrsinn keine Chance is a freestyle baker, for the event she creates a Spelt-Buttermilk-Bread / Dinkelbuttermilchbrot.

City/Region: Vienna
Language: German


The Brazilian
Karen from Kafka na Praia blogged about all breads she has baked up to now. So she buys small „pão francês“ or The Brazilian „French“ Baguette, a very popular short Baguette in Brazil, which is similar to the French one.

City/Region: São Paulo State
Language: English


Trio of White Bread
Jasmine from Confessions of a Cardamom Addict uses Neil’s Harbour White Bread recipe. Since the recipe makes three loaves, she decided to make one as the basic recipe, one as raisin bread and one as cheese bread.

City/Region: Canada
Language: English

molasses fennel rye bread and yeasted corn bread
Elizabeth from from OUR kitchen bakes a lot of bread, so she had some difficulty choosing what bread to make. Finally she bakes 2: molasses fennel rye bread and yeasted corn bread

City/Region: Toronto, Ontario
Language: English

Buttermilk Honey Wheat Bread
Brilynn from Jumbo Empanadas makes a Buttermilk Honey Wheat Bread. Her bread was pretty excited that he was going to be participating in World Bread Day, as it appears as though his top exploded.

City/Region: Canada
Language: English

Sam from sweet pleasure : plaisir sucré buys a Challah. A bread that she has been enjoying almost every Friday since she moved to Toronto.

City/Region: Toronto
Language: English


Karine's Weizen-Mais-Hefebrot
Karine from Karine’s Kitchen normally bakes bread with sourdough. If it needs to go quick she bakes a Wheat-Corn-Yeast-Bread / Weizen-Mais-Hefebrot.

City/Region: Dali, Yunnan
Language: German


Pain aux châtaignes et aux pignons / Chestnut & Pignolia Bread
Laurence from Abracadabra, vous êtes un chef! makes 4 loaves of Pain aux châtaignes et aux pignons / Chestnut & Pignolia Bread. The breads are made with chestnut flour, a flour which can’t be bought everywhere, unfortunately.

City/Region: Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon
Language: French

Soda Bread, stuffed with Seaweed Tartare
Virginie from Absolutely Green makes a three-storeyed Soda Bread, stuffed with Seaweed Tartare, the perfect party-bread.

City/Region: Nantes
Language: French & English

Pain triplement châtaigné &  Tartine poire gorgonzola
Loukoum from beau à la louche makes a Pain triplement châtaigné & Tartine poire gorgonzola. Later she eats a slice of this bread with pears and Gorgonzola.

City/Region: Strasbourg
Language: French

Pain au lait aux raisins et abricots secs / Milk loaf with sultanas and dried apricots
Julie from cookbook addict bakes a Pain au lait aux raisins et abricots secs / Milk loaf with sultanas and dried apricots from Dan Lepard’s beautiful book.

City/Region: Metz
Language: French, English & German

Samania from couverts & découvertes was asking the teacher of the Kindergarten, to bake for this special occasion some bread with the children. The result – The kids had a lot of fun.

City/Region: France
Language: French

Pain au levain
guylaine from cuisine guylaine explains how to do a Pain au levain.

City/Region: France
Language: French

Pain tatin au chanvre, graines de chanvre et de courge
Valérie from cuisinetvoyage bakes a Pain tatin au chanvre, graines de chanvre et de courge, which is also gluten-free.

City/Region: Lyon
Language: French

Pain Suédois à la Bière / Swedish Beer Bread
Chinthoi publishes in the forum called J’aime cuisiner ert partager mesrecettes . She loves to bake, today she makes a Pain Suédois à la Bière / Swedish Beer Bread.

City/Region: Massy, dans l’Ile de France
Language: French

Bürli from Bâle
Sandra aka Avital from Le Petrin bakes one of my favorite Swiss rolls: Bürli from Bâle.

City/Region: Paris
Language: French

Pain à la courge musquée / butternut bread
Beah from L’échappée bakes a Pain à la courge musquée / butternut bread.

City/Region: Daubeuf, Normandy
Language: French

atelier boulangerie / a bakery
Marie from Les carnets de sbmarie was this weekend in a atelier boulangerie / bakery and now she can show us how professional bakers work.

City/Region: Paris
Language: French

Pain de Maïs portuguais
Mayacook from Les Nectars de Maya has some corn flour left so she bakes a Pain de Maïs portuguais

City/Region: Brest – Bretagne
Language: French

Notre Pain Quotidien / Our daily Bread
Luna Pat from Luna Pat shows us Notre Pain Quotidien / Our daily Bread, which she is baking in a bread machine.

City/Region: Lille, Nord
Language: French

Pain au tournesol / Sunflower Bread
Anne Miralabé from Mon weblogue makes (the name says it all) a Pain au tournesol / Sunflower Bread.

City/Region: Lannion, Bretagne
Language: French

Petits pains au lait facile / Simple Milk Buns
Marie-Laure from Ô Délices likes very much these Petits pains au lait facile / Simple Milk Buns.

City/Region: Antony
Language: French

Pain de l'écureuil aux noisettes et 4 épices / Squirrel bread - hazelnuts & 4 spices
Also Anne from Papilles et Pupilles loves to bake bread. She makes a Pain de l’écureuil aux noisettes et 4 épices / Squirrel bread – hazelnuts & 4 spices.

City/Region: Bordeaux
Language: French & English

pain au curry, miel et amandes / Curry Bread with honey and almonds
véro from Popote de vero bakes a special pain au curry, miel et amandes / Curry Bread with honey and almonds .

City/Region: Lyon
Language: French

Pain aux noix, Pide Turc and Hamburger Buns
Gracianne from Un dimanche a la campagne shows us her favorite breads: Pain aux noix, Pide Turc and Hamburger Buns.

City/Region: Vexin
Language: French

Isis from Yambalaya likes all kind of bread but her favorite one is 9 cereal bread, which she bakes with special flour only (?) available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

City/Region: France
Language: English


Pure Rye Bread / Reines Roggenbrot
Petra from Brot & Rosen did not bake for a long time. For the event she bakes a Pure Rye Bread / Reines Roggenbrot.

City/Region: Germany
Language: German

Barley Bread Ring
Petra aka Cascabel from Chili & Ciabatta is a passionate baker she baked over 200 breads over the last years. For the event she bakes a very attractive Barley Bread Ring.

City/Region: Geiersthal, Bayern
Language: English

Gabi from Crocky-Blog makes Rosinenstuten / a sort of Raisin Bread, a specialty of Westfalia Germany. Unfortuntately her digicam is broken, no photos.

City/Region: Rhede
Language: German

Wiener Kaisersemmeln / Vienna buns
Claudia from Dolce also bakes for the very first time. She started with a simple recipe (good girl! ;-)) and makes Wiener Kaisersemmeln / Vienna buns.

City/Region: Munich
Language: German

Sesambrote nach Cooking Light / Sesambread from Cooking Light
Petra from Foodfreak tested 3 recipes until she found „the“ Sesambrote nach Cooking Light / Sesambread from Cooking Light.

City/Region: Hamburg
Language: German

Brötchen /Buns
Claudia from fool for food bakes her favorite Brötchen /Buns in her new oven.

City/Region: Germany
Language: German

Mehrkornbrot USA / Multi grain bread
Katja’s aka Kaffeebohne favorite bread is a Mehrkornbrot USA / Multi Grain Bread. It’s easy to make and Katja likes the different seeds in the dough.

City/Region: Nauheim/Hessen
Language: German

Mallorcan breakfast rolls / Mallorquinische Frühstücksbrötchen
Ulrike from Küchenlatein is baking a lot, so she presents 4 recipes: Sourdough Seed Bread, Mallorcan breakfast rolls / Mallorquinische Frühstücksbrötchen, Foccacia mit Steinsalz & Rosmarin and Die langsamsten Brötchen der Welt.

City/Region: Kronshagen, Schleswig-Holstein
Language: English & German

3 Brote/ 3 Breads
Carola from Rad der Zeit bakes 3 Brote / 3 Breads. One or two she puts in the freezer. You can freeze bread without any problems.

City/Region: Bad Wildungen
Language: German

Weissbrot / White Bread
Ellen from seelenruhig shares with us her toughs about bread, and present an easy Weissbrot / White Bread, which can be tuned up for example with olives.

City/Region: Lindau / Bavaria
Language: German

Spelt-Wholemeal-Bread / Dinkel-Vollkornbrot
Karla from Willkommen in meiner Chaosküche bakes a own created Spelt-Wholemeal-Bread / Dinkel-Vollkornbrot.

City/Region: Mannheim
Language: German


Irish Soda Bread
PennyLane from For the Love of Baking loves yeast bread, but she forgot to buy some yeast. After a quick look for another alternative she makes an Irish Soda Bread.

City/Region: Indonesia
Language: English


Pita bread
Chanit from My mom’s recipes and more bakes a lot. For the event she makes Pita bread. Also she presents two other breads from a Israel Food Forum: Yaffa’s Bread and Sush Medina’s Breads unfortunately in Hebrew.

City/Region: Israel
Language: English


Pane di grano duro tipo Altamura
Tulip from 2Conservare in frigo likes bread. For the event she makes a Pane di grano duro tipo Altamura.

City/Region: Rome
Language: Italian

Pane ai 5 cereali
Consy from Di tutto di più bakes bread to chill. For the event she makes Pane ai 5 cereali.

City/Region: Anguillara Sabazia (Roma)
Language: Italian

pane di Marinella
Florianopolis from Epicuracanto shares with us the recipe of pane di Marinella, which comes from the South of Italy.

City/Region: Roma – Lazio
Language: Italian

Pane della salute / Health bread
mattop from Essenza alimentare benefits from the know-how of his mother and another Italian blogger. With this support he bakes Pane della salute / Health bread.

City/Region: Milan
Language: Italian

Pane al farro
Francesca francescacav makes a Pane al farro with a bread machine. She also reminds a special initiative against poverty.

City/Region: Rome
Language: English

Musical bred
Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si Sergio Griglia & pestello makes a Musical bred.

City/Region: Como Lombardia
Language: Italian

Tuscan rosemary and raisin bread
Sigrid from Il cavoletto di Bruxelles bakes a Tuscan rosemary and raisin bread. Tuscan bread is mostly made without salt, so she recommend to eat this kind of bread with some thinly sliced lardo di Arnad or a good tuscan pecorino cheese.

City/Region: Rome
Language: English

Pasta madre / Sourdough
Petula from La cuoca petulante explains us how to start with a Pasta madre / Sourdough,so on Friday we can bake some buns.

City/Region: Milan
Language: Italian

Pagnotta di farro integrale con semi di girasole e di lino / Wholemeal farro bread with sunflower and flax seeds
Ilva from Lucullian Delights just felt the smell of bread while she was writing her post about her Pagnotta di farro integrale con semi di girasole e di lino / Wholemeal farro bread with sunflower and flax seeds.

City/Region: Tuscany
Language: English

Pane Semintegrale
Maria Giovanna from Passione&Cucina likes to bake special breads but always with „simple“ ingredients. For the event she makes Pane Semintegrale.

City/Region: Napoli, Campania
Language: Italian

Banana Bread with Chocolate & Walnuts
Piperita from The Kitchen Pantry makes a Banana Bread with Chocolate & Walnuts which is not strictly bread. But as it has bread in the name, it’s a kind of bread.

City/Region: Milan
Language: English

Kakat Israeliani
Gourmet from Un tocco di Zenzero makes Kakat Israeliani a recipe from a cookbook called „Cucina Ebraica“.

City/Region: Torino
Language: Torino

Panini dolci
Orchidea from Viaggi e sapori is baking for the first time. Very successfully if you look at her Panini dolci.

City/Region: Novara, Piemonte
Language: English


Sweet Potato Bread & Chocolate Bread
Kat from Our Adventures In Japan makes from one dough two different breads Sweet Potato Bread & Chocolate Bread.

City/Region: Minoo
Language: English

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  1. Vielen Dank für die Zusammenstellung der Posts aus aller Welt, damit warst Du sicherlich ganz schön beschäftigt. Das Ergebnis ist toll und sehr interessant, da werde ich noch lange stöbern und staunen!

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  3. great work zorra!!!

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  5. For your great and wonderful work ,
    It was a special day for me, I’m very glad to find new Blogs to read and many new Breads to bake . Thanks you ! :-)

  6. What an incredible round-up Zorra! Fascinating to read for those of us who don’t (yet) make their own bread. What a lot of work you’ve put in. It’s great to see little thumbnails of the breads in the overview. Well done!

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