Here you find all entries from Argentina (4), Australia (4), Austria (1), Brazil (2), Canada (8), China (1), Czech Republic (1 with 21 recipes) and France (23)

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Pan 5 granos
Marcela from La Majuluta
First try with sourdough, and look at the stunning result.

City/Region: Córdoba

Pan de molde con parmesano
Carlos from Laboratorio de cocina
If you don’t speak Spanish, don’t worry. A step-by-step instruction is included.

City/Region: Buenos Aires

Pan de manteca y sésamo
Carmen from Mi cocina
There’s nothing better then a slice of bread with butter and marmalade.

City/Region: Posadas – Misiones

Focaccia saborizada
Mar from Todo caserito
A focaccia with a lot of herbs, cheese and olive oil. Yummie.

City/Region: Buenos Aires


Chelsea buns
Cakelaw from Laws of the Kitchen
These buns will disappear with high speed.

City/Region: Melbourne

Pumpernickel and Polenta Soda Bread (or my favourite version of Irish wheaten bread)
Y. from Lemonpi
This bread is easy to make: wake up in the morning, put the dough together and pop it into the oven, run back to bed until the timer goes off, then have freshly baked bread for breakfast.

City/Region: Sydney

Light wheat bread
Eva from Sweet sins
Finger-cross that Eva will regain the goodwill of bread-god soon. ;-)

City/Region: Sydney

Scottish bap bread
Pam from
Bread rolls dusted with flour, so beware of flour on your lips and nose!

City/Region: Victoria


Pan de muesli
Marona from El tiempo de la marmota
This bread contains extra fibre and fruit and I think the best way to enjoy it is toasted for breakfast.

City/Region: Salzburg


pain 100% semoule
Moony from Le fruit de ma passion
An Moroccan specialty goes well with a tajine.

City/Region: Brussels


No-Knead Bread
Cris from From Our Home to Yours
This magic recipe must be on your baking list.

City/Region: Sao Paulo state

Pão de Batata Baroa / Parsnip Bread
Verena from Mangia che te fa bene
A great bread, tasty, great smell and a recipe to do over and over again!

City/Region: São Paulo


CarolynCarolyn Smith-Kizer from 18th C Cuisine
A little bit of history.

City/Region: On the Shores of Lake Huron, Nouvelle France

Maggie Glezer’s Sourdough Challah
Karen from bread/pain
Just perfect, have a look at it.

City/Region: Ontario

Walnut Bread
Ivonne from Cream Puffs in Venice
The beauty of this bread is that it could be enoyed as a savoury or as a sweet bread.

City/Region: Toronto, Ontario

Wild Bread with Walnuts and Raisins
Elizabeth from from OUR kitchen
This Walnut raisin bread is wonderful with a grilled chop and mushroom cream sauce or wonderful for dessert with cheese, too.

City/Region: Toronto

Cranberry Cornmeal Quick Bread and Brioche
Brilynn from Jumbo Empanadas
Bad experiences with yeast? Don’t give up! Just retry and get the rewards for your efforts.


A great bakery – Julian’s right around the corner
Ruth from Once Upon a Feast
If you have the best bakery just around the corner you don’t need to bake bread.

City/Region: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Maple Pumpkin Quick Bread
Dayna from Vegan Visitor
A bread with_the_ Canadian ingredient.

City/Region: Toronto

Cranberry-Wheat Bread
Sarah from What Smells So Good?
Any leftovers? Just bake a bread and make a Sandwich.

City/Region: Oshwa, Ontario


Panda Bread
Florence from Do what I like
A lovely loaf from Hongkong representing the endangered Pandas.

City/Region: Hongkong

Czech Republic

21 Breads
from Domaci pekarny
21 delicious bread recipes from different home bakers.



pain aux graines de sésame & lin
auntie jo from auntie jo funny little kitchen
Bread making can be very magic.

City/Region: Bordeaux

Petits pains au tofu fumé et au parmesan
Inoule from Chez Inoule
Say cheese!


pain crocodile à la farine d’épeautre
Samania from Couverts & découvertes
No fear, this crocodile is harmless.

City/Region: Créteil, Région parisienne

Mon pain quotidien au levain fermentescible biologique
Emilie from Divines Gourmandises
A healthy “everyday” bread.

City/Region: Franche-Comté

Pain de campagne au levain
Fidji from Fidji Passion Boulange
A classic bread shaped in a different way.

City/Region: Bas-Rhin

Multi-grain Whey Bread
Riana from Garlic breath
Bread and cheese-making, great hobbies, no?


Le sarment
babyloup from grigno’thé
Made by the bakery around the corner.

City/Region: Aquitaine

le pain à la cardamome et à la banane
Agnès from la cuisine de la quérancia
This bread goes well with goat cheese.

City/Region: région Bordelaise

Pain maison
Monique from La cuisine de Monique
Enjoy this bread with homemade jam.

City/Region: Toulouse, Midi Pyrénées

paave (ou baanh bao)
Murielle from La Table Monde
A delicious specialty from Vietnam and China.

City/Region: Créteil, Région parisienne

Pain aux Ecorces et Noix
Lety from La tête dans le four!
A bread containing a bunch of good things, good for breakfast and easy to make.

City/Region: 78

updated – 26/10/07
Real Levy’s Rye Bread
Sandra from Le Pétrin
At the moment Sandra has no time to blog, but the recipe will follow.
Recipe is online.


pain multi céréales aux fruits d’automne
sab from le plaisir de gourmandise
Greetings from autumn.

City/Region: Rhone Alpes

Petits pains personnalisés au fromage blanc
Valérie from Les notes bleues d’une gourmande
Just bake your personalized bread.

City/Region: Paris

un pain rustique sans gluten
Natacha from Ma cuisine sans gluten
This gluten free bread contains also some chestnut flour.


Pain aux graines de lin et sésame
Marie-Laure from Ô Délices
A tasty bread with grains and sesame.

City/Region: Antony

Mediterranean bread
Anne from Papilles & Pupilles
This bread brings summer-feelings on your table.

City/Region: Bordeaux

Baguette au levain et graines de lin
Lolie from Petite Lolie
An enriched classic baguette.

City/Region: Haute-savoie

Walnut – Maple Bread
Aurélie from Popotte (between) Potes
This bread goes especially well with blue cheese. Add a dollop of honey and enjoy!

City/Region: Strasbourg

pains aux herbes de provence
Hanane from Recettes Hanane
A typical bread from the South of France.


petits pains “kamut” apéritifs figue/noix et anchois/thym
Tiuscha from Saveur Passion
Nice buns best serve for aperitif.

City/Region: Provence, little town of Piolenc

Petites boules de pain aux cacahuètes
Sophie from Wonder Sophie
A quick recipe for nice buns.

City/Region: Paris

Baguette et petits pains tout
Nine from
Typical French breads.

City/Region: Normandie

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