World Bread Day ’07 – The roundup – part 2 (G-I)

Here you find all entries from Germany (18), Greece (3), India (1), Indonesia (1), Ireland (1), Israel, (1) and Italy (29)

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Barbara from Barbaras Spielwiese
Do you smell the garlic and sage? Delicious!

City/Region: Bavaria

Deutsches Landbrot
Petra from Brot und Rosen
A typical German bread.


Karla from Chaosküche
Bake this bread in a skillet.

City/Region: near Heidelberg

Sourdough Wheat Bread with Seeds
Miriam from Chaosqueen’s Kitchen
An aromatic bread perfect for sweet and lusty fillings.

City/Region: Lübeck

Sourdough Bread with Hulled Hemp
Petra aka Cascabel from Chili und Ciabatta
Don’t worry you will not be stoned.

City/Region: Geiersthal

Quince Bread
Sus from CorumBlog
Any quince paste left? Just add it to your dough.

City/Region: Griesheim, Hessen

Gabi from Crockyblog
A husband who works in a mill. You have direct access to all the flour you wish. A dream comes true!

City/Region: Westphalia

Roggenmischbrot mit Sesam
Sivie from Die Küchengeister
Everybody has a favorite bread. This one could be yours too.

City/Region: Schleswig-Holstein

Sefa from Food is Love
These buns are more delicious than the one you can buy from the supermarket nearby.

City/Region: Bremerhaven

Chapati – Indisches Fladenbrot
Jan from Jans Küchenleben
The recipe is part of a travel along Jules Vernes „Around the World in Eighty Days“.

City/Region: Stuttgart

Italienisches Tomatenbrot
Kaffeebohne aka Katja from Kaffeebohne
A great bread to serve as or with antipasti.

City/Region: Nauheim

Light Silesian Rye – Chleba
Ulrike from Küchenlatein
A very light and delicious bread, the whole family likes.

City/Region: Northern Germany

lavaterra from Lavaterra
A little bit of math?

City/Region: Munich

Mein Sauerteig-Hausbrot
Ilka from RezkonvSuite
If you like a real airy bread, this one is for you.

City/Region: Near Stuttgart

Schwäbische Seelen / Svabian Souls
Jutta from Schnuppschnuess ihr Manzfred
Nice name for something made only from water, yeast, flour and salt to dough and finally to bread.

City/Region: Woellstadt near Frankfurt/Main

Marion from Tomaten Quiche
Perhaps not the right shape, but the right taste.

City/Region: Munich

Buttermilk Bread
Nils from Ye olde bread blogge
A mild everyday loaf with a moist compact crumb and makes a sublime work-/school-/takeaway-sandwich.

City/Region: North-Rhine-Westphalia

Dinkel-Körnerbrot und Mailänder Brötchen/ Michette
Alex und Marina from Cuoche dell’altro mondo
A German bread and Italian panini, one baked in Germany the other in New Zealand. That’s the spirit of WBD.



Blending rye – ??µ? s??a???
Katerina from Hungry for Live
A healthy and delicious bread.

City/Region: Athens

Easy made bread with beer and olives
Kiki from Hungry for Live
An easy made bread, not only for people who likes beer.

City/Region: Zakinthos

G???? ??µ? µe µa??? ???a?? ?a? ?a???a – Sweet bread with dark sugar and cinnamon
Archontia from ?????t?a
If you love cinnamon, give’em a try.

City/Region: Athens


no knead bread
Nags from For The Cook In Me
Thanks to a very nice blogger, she could bake her first loaf of bread in her life.

City/Region: Hyderabad


Sugarless Banana Bread & Gambang Bread
Riana from For the Love of Baking
You think your life is miserable without sugar? Well, after baking this, think again!

City/Region: Jakarta


Tea Brack
The Fruity Cook from The Fruity Cook
Tea Brack is traditionally eaten in Ireland at Halloween.

City/Region: Dublin


Harvest Festival Sheaf Bread
Chanit from My Mom’s Recipes and more
Look at this stunning bread. A real masterpiece!



No Knead White Bread
Marla from Bella Baita View
Different step by step descriptions included, that will help even the beginner to feel confident of success.

City/Region: Piedmont

Pane nero con noci e fichi
Loste from Colica d’Acqua
A stunning bread!

City/Region: Sassoferrato, Marche

Pane, pane, pane!!
Viviana from Cosa ti preparo per cena?
Your first love you‘ will never forget.

City/Region: Verona

cuocapercaso from Cuoca per caso
Make your preferred sandwich with this panini.

City/Region: Turin

Pita Bread / Pane pita
Consy from Di tutto di più
Another great recipe from the Simili sisters.

City/Region: Anguillara Sabazia – Rome

pane rustico alle cipolle
Sara from fiordivola
A bread you can do without a problem in your bread maker.

City/Region: provincia di torino, piemonte

Pane senza glutine con fiocchi di Latte-Kesobröd
Jelly from Fragole & Cioccolato
Fine rolls, obviously gluten free

City/Region: Milan

La coppia Ferrarese
Monia from Gata da plar
Ferrara is a very nice city, where you find typical pane ferrarese in every bakery.

City/Region: Fabriano, Ancona

Belgian sultana bread (cramique)
Sigrid from Il Cavoletto de Bruxelles
Cramique is a huge and typically Belgian comfort food.

City/Region: Rome

Baguette e pane rustico
Marika from Il Marikaretto
An irresistible aroma fills the kitchen.

City/Region: Grottaferrata, Roma

Pane alle mele secche
Petula from La cuoca petulante
A bread with a moist crumb you can store for a while, when it’s not eaten immediately.

City/Region: Milan

Fruit Bread
Simona aka Staximo from Lo spazio di Staximo
A recipe from the famous Simili sisters.

City/Region: Bologna

Duchesse, Cranberry and Almond Bread, Pan de Horiadaki
ela from My Best Food
All 3 breads looks fantastic! Have a look at them.

City/Region: Firenze, Tuscany

Dzjivas from Osteria de Buonumore
Nice panini some filled with pancetta.

City/Region: Rescaldina (MI)/Lombardia

Durum wheat semolina bread
Piero from OvoSodo
With durum wheat you can do more than Spaghetti.

City/Region: Veneto

Pane casereccio
Simona from Panificazione: assistenza tecnica,docenza e formazione pratico-teorica,corsi, consulenza
Simona is a professional baker. She baked this loaves for WBD. If you would like to have the recipe just let her know.

City/Region: Varese

Chef Vellino from passione-culinaria
A nice basket filled with delicious breads.

City/Region: Treviso;Veneto

Pizza Secca ai Cereali
Rowena from Rubber Slippers in Italy
Thick or thin, this makes a wholesome contrast to any filling.

City/Region: Lombardia

Il panbrioche di CoCo
CoCo from Sale e Pepe quanto basta
A nice brioche but not a sweet one.

City/Region: Terranova da Sibari, Cosenza

pane nero ai 7 cerali
Elisa from semplicemente…
Birthday and World Bread Day together. Tanti auguri!

City/Region: Muro leccese

Pane alla Zucca
Isabilla from Slow food, slow blog
A lovely Pumpkin Bread.


Pane rustico integrale
Gaia from Sogni&pensieri
A healthy wholemeal loaf.

City/Region: Milan

Treccia coi semi di papavero
Stella from stella di sale
A braid made with „pasta madre“.

City/Region: Bergamo

Fabrizio e Maricler from The Chef is on the Table
One dough different buns.

City/Region: Milan

Sumac Focaccia Bread
Sara from The Kitchen Pantry
Focaccia doesn’t need to be classic.

City/Region: Milan

Gianna from Trashfood
An ode to the bread.

City/Region: Ancona

Aiuolik & Uncle Pigor from Trattoria MuVarA

City/Region: Capoterra

Olive bread o mini panini alle olive
Sandra from Un tocco di zenzero
Wonderful buns for your brunch.

City/Region: Turin

Pane di mais all’erba cipollina
Orchidea from Viaggi & Sapori
This bread has a nice chives flavor and it goes perfectly well with smoked salmon.


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  1. Two thumbs up Zorra! I couldn’t imagine you did the round up for 183 entries. What a great job you’ve done as the host.

    I’m so glad that you let me join this wonderful event. Hope I can participate next year.

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