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Easy Peasy White Batter Rolls
Marie from A Year From Oak Cottage
You can have a lovely, tasty and fluffy white bread roll on the table in a little over an hour, easy peasy lemon squeezy!

City/Region: Kent

Breakfast Swirls
Nicisme from Cherrapeno
These sweet rolls are perfect for breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee.

City/Region: Kent

Green Olive Focaccia Bread
Margot from Coffee & Vanilla
This bring Italy on your table.

City/Region: London

Bolillos, Baguettes, Pain au Levain, Sonnenblumenbrot, Foccaccia
tatter from The Bread Chronicle
Something small, something difficult, something new, something with sourdough, and something for dinner tonight…


Hazelnut sourdough bread
Johanna from thepassionatecook
This bread just tastes absolutely amazing AND is a healthy option using wholemeal flour…

City/Region: London

Baguettes viennoises aux pepites de chocolat
Muriel from Time 4 tea ?
Looking for the perfect bread for breakfast? You have found it.

City/Region: Mitcham

Orange-olive-onion rolls
DaviMack from Wish I were Baking
They won’t last very long

City/Region: Glasgow, Scotland

Spicy Ginger Banana Bread
TadMack from Wish I were Baking
A scary bread, but tender, slightly crumbly, and with a nice crumb.

City/Region: Glasgow, Scotland


Italian Bread
Amber from Amber’s Delectable Delights
Mission accomplished! No falling center.

City/Region: Indiana

Small Orange Honey Bread
Anali from Anali’s First Amendment
It must not be always big, also a small loaf can give satisfaction.

City/Region: Quincy, Massachusetts

Cinnamon Oatmeal Bread
Andrea from Andrea’s Recipes
Another recipe for cinnamon-addicts with a very nice, soft yet substantial texture.

City/Region: Virginia

Chleb zdrowia & Chlebek z maslem orzechowym
Evenka from Arabeska-blog pachnacy wanilia
Unfortunately I can’t read a word, but the breads look delicious!

City/Region: Florida

Herb Swirl Bread
Asha from Aroma
If you like Garlic Bread, you will love this one, too.

City/Region: North Carolina

Parker House Rolls
Manuela from Baking History
Buttery, slightly sweet, crusty on the outside and fluffy inside, small and dainty.

City/Region: Massachusetts

Hannah from BitterSweet
Soft, delightfully chewy around the edges, and hinting of caramel undertones.


Oatmeal Dinner Rolls
Michele from Chef Michele’s Adventures
Fabulous rolls, dough kneaded by a bread machine.

City/Region: Arizona

Ten Grain, Whole Wheat Bread
Christine from Christine Cooks
This bread, made with all organic ingredients including ten-grain cereal, is dense, thick and chewy with lots of protein and fiber.

City/Region: northern coast of California

Pane al germe di grano-Heart of wheat bread,
ElenaC from ComidaDeMama
An opulent bread that stays fresh during some days.


Baguette au levain a l’orange et aux graines de pavot & Pain au levain au romarin, noix de pecan et cranberries
Vanessa from Confiture Maison
Two delicious breads made with Levain and love.

City/Region: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Almond Milk Bread
Dhivya Karthik from Culinary Bazaar
Not really a bread but delicious.

City/Region: California

Brioche with Muscavado Swirl
Anita from Dessert First
This brioche is like eating honey-spun,sunshine-dipped clouds.

City/Region: San Francisco, California

Filled Savory Italian Loaf
Maryann from Finding La Dolce Vita
This bread brings a taste of Italy to your table.

City/Region: New York

Jalapeño and Bacon Cornbread
Joel and Amy from foodmonkeys
What do you prefer a crusty, chewy, warm, fresh bread or a 5 line automated failover script with node replication?

City/Region: Omaha, Nebraska

Italian Tomato and Herb Bread
Mansi Desai from Fun and Food
Parmesan cheese and red-pepper flakes give it a unique aroma, and don’t event think of skipping rosemary.

City/Region: California

Raisin/Cinnamon/Oatmeal bread
Ghost from Ghost works
Mom’s World Famous Bread is lucky if it lasts a day.

City/Region: Tennessee

Cardamom and Cinnamon Braids
Maddy from Honey Pot
A basic challah recipe, add cardamom to the dough, and roll the ropes of dough in cinnamon before braiding to create these fragrant, slightly sweet loaves.

City/Region: California

Brown Bread
Rajitha from Hunger Pangs
A great bread…not too grainy

City/Region: Michigan

basic bread recipe
Jackie from jikiann knits
High-rise loaves.

City/Region: northern california

Wicked Whole Wheat Pizza Crust
Bee and Jai from Jugalbandi
A whole batch of delicious pizza.

City/Region: Northwestern

Pumpkin Loaf
Sig from Live To Eat
Another “bread baking greenhorn”, also with a fantastic first loaf.

City/Region: Seattle, WA

Pane con Patate/Potato Bread
Chris from Mele Cotte
Just one word: mouthwatering!

City/Region: Outside Atlanta, GA

Corn Bread
Tanna from My Kitchen In Half Cups
Get yourself an ear of corn and in about 8 hours you could be slicing into this lovely loaf.

City/Region: Dallas, Texas

Beer Bread
NerdMom from Nerd Family Food
A nerd-proven bread.

City/Region: California

Egg Custard Buns
Eliza from Notes from My Food Diary
Egg custard buns, as the name implied, are sweet steamed buns.

City/Region: Oregon

Pizza Dough Spirals
Nupur from One hot stove
Baking bread in the kitchen is so therapeutic at the end of a long day

City/Region: St. Louis, Missouri

Bread sticks and French Bread
Hima from SnackORama
Can’t come to a decision? Just bake both of them!

City/Region: San Antonio, Texas

Beer Bread (Gluten & Casein free)
Brendon from Something in Season
Glutenfree bread doesn’t need to be tasteless, flat and crumbly.

City/Region: Davis, California

updated 23/10/07
Brown Sugar Raisin Bread
Michelle from Sugar & Spice
This bread has a wonderful flavor and is quite addicting!

City/Region: Ohio

Apricot Couronne
Helen from Tartelette
This soft and sweet “couronne” is worthy of a queen, at least!

City/Region: South Carolina

Potato Rosemary Bread
Deborah from Taste and Tell
Perhaps not good for your hips, but it’s sure good for your taste buds!

City/Region: Utah

Paz from The cooking adventures of chef Paz
It smells delicious and leaves a feeling of comfort in the air.

City/Region: New York

Chocolate and Michigan Cherry Quick Bread
Breadchick from The Sour Dough
This quick bread goes great as a late afternoon “pick me up” with coffee or hot cocoa on a cold winter day.

City/Region: Connecticut

Double Mango Bread
Manju from ThreeTastes
The hardest part of the whole operation will be: waiting for the bread to cool before slicing.

City/Region: island of O’ahu in Hawaii

Hi-Rise’s Cornbread
Sher from What Did you Eat?
Lighter than traditional cornbread it makes great toast and sandwiches.

City/Region: Davis, California

Petite brioche à tête…
Vanessa from What geeks eat…
This bread takes time, and then surprise…it bakes up super quick.

City/Region: Wisconsin

Sweet potato sourdough with pumpkin seeds
Susan from Wild Yeast
Slice the bread to discover the lovely and unusually golden crumb.

City/Region: California

Lecker-Schmecker Pumpkin Bread
West Side Girl from Yard Sale Philosophies
No time to bake a bread? Why not use a bread mix.


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