World Bread Day 2010 – Apricot and Oat Buns

Today we celebrate World Bread Day 2010, already the 5th edition!

Last year I made a Swiss specialty of the Valais – Valais Rye bread. This year I had no clue what bread to bake for this special day. Until the day before yesterday when I thumbing through the German edition of Richard Bertinet’s book Dough (in German called Brot für Geniesser) the following recipe grabbed my attention.

World Bread Day 2010 - Apricot and Oat Buns

He writes, he loves this bread for breakfast as it is a kind of Müesli in the shape of bread. The apricots give the loaf a sweet touch and the oats make it crunchy. And the very best it’s versatile – it goes toasted or with cheese as well.

I have to say I love this bread too, in my case buns.

I made just the half of the recipe, replace the wheat wholemeal flour with freshly grounded spelt and instead of one or two small loaves I made as already mentioned buns.

Apricot and Oat Buns
makes 6 buns

World Bread Day 2010 - Apricot and Oat Buns

150 g spelt wholemeal flour
100 g wheat flour
7 g fresh yeast
5 g salt
160 g water
100 g apricots (roughly chopped)
about 30 g oats

Mix the flours together. Rub fresh yeast into the flour – like you would butter in pastry. Add the salt, and mix through. Then add the water, and knead on low speed for 6 minutes, add chopped apricots to the dough and keep kneading to spread them evenly throughout the dough for about 3 minutes. Form the dough into a ball cover the bowl and let rest for about an hour – until the dough has doubled in size.

Once the dough has doubled in size, turn it out and divide it into 6. Form each piece into a ball.

Spray the top and sides of the buns with water, spread the oats out on a plate, and roll the buns in the oats until they are covered.

World Bread Day 2010 - Apricot and Oat Buns

Make one cut across each bun with a sharp knife, cover and leave to rise for another hour.

Preheat oven to 240 C.

Put buns in the oven and immediately turn the temperature down to 220 degrees, and bake for 15 minutes.
Take the buns out of the oven – check they are cooked by tapping the bottom of the loaf with your fingers – they should sound hollow – if not, put them back for another 5 minutes or so. Let them cool on a wire rack.

World Bread Day 2010 - Apricot and Oat Buns

Now I will spread some butter on top and enjoy this delicious bun! Happy World Bread Day!

World Bread Day 2010 (submission date October 16)

More entries and recipes in English.

17 Gedanken zu „World Bread Day 2010 – Apricot and Oat Buns

  1. Die sehen lecker aus. Die Aprikosen gefallen mir gut, die sind sicherlich eine gute Alternative zu Rosinen, die ich nicht so mag
    Happy WBD!

  2. Die Mischung aus Aprikose und Hafer ist wirklich lecker, ich hatte es allerdings als Brot gebacken. Die Brötchen-Idee gefällt mir aber noch besser.

  3. Happy World Bread Day and thanks for hosting. Lovely lovely flavorful buns you have made. I love the sweet/tart apricots in these wonderful rolls.

  4. Ciao Zorra ! These buns are fantastic I especially love the picture that shows all the goodies aprocots ! Thank you so much for all your work WBD is wonderful ! I cannot wait to see all the posts !

  5. These look fabulous Zorra. I made a different type of apricot buns, though I wasn’t as well pleased with mine. Thanks for hosting this event again!

  6. Your buns look so delicious! True bread beauty :) I should try them too.
    Thanks a lot for uniting us home bakers to celebrate the Day of Bread!
    Greetings from Ukraine!

  7. Really beautiful Buns! I’ll prepare them very soon :)
    Sorry that I could’n join this year… Next time, I hope.

    Greatings from CH :)

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