World Bread Day 2015 – Roundup – Part 2

Here you find all World Bread Day 2015 entries from India (1), Ireland (1), Israel (1), Italy (9), Poland (28), Portugal (21)

India (1)

Robert May’s French Bread
von Priya Elias, The Smokey Chimney
A simple, yet wonderfully good recipe straight from the seventeenth century.

Ireland (1)

Celtic Brioche
von Ade, I dolci piaceri di Ade
The bread that I add to the basket of Zorra is a brioche, a traditional French sweet bread, very nice to see and also to make, cause the recipe is not too complicated and is also perfect for extra stuffing with dried fruit or chocolate chips.

Israel (1)

Pain De Mie aux graines „Cucube“
von Roza, Curious Pinocchio
Soft Toast Bread in French Style with sourdough or Pate fermente containing grains and seeds

Italy (9)

Chestnut bread with beer
von Elena Broglia, Zibaldone culinario
This bread made with chestnut flour and beer tastes delicious and is very fragrant. It’s excellent with pate or blue cheese.

Gli strecci
von Anisja, La cucina di Anisja
Delicious seasoned bread sticks

von Alessandra Barbone, I sognatori di cucina e nuvole
Maritozzi are a kind of sweet bread with a sugar crust.

No-knead bread semintegrale
von AngelaS, Storie da mordere
wholemeal no-knead bread

Pizza di scarole – Escarole Pizza
von Cinzia, Cindystar
typical Neapolitan stuffed focaccia, but they call it pizza anyway

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls
von Virginia, Zucchero e zenzero
Cinnamon rolls with pumpkin in the dough, a sweet treat perfect for autumn

Pumpkin Raisin Spiced Pull Apart Bread
von Isabel C., La Cucina Teorica – Theoretical Kitchen
Mouthwatering pull apart bread with pumpkin, spices and sultanas

Zucche di Pane #WBD2015
von Carla, Le Delizie della Mia Cucina
Pumpkin bread in Pumpkin Shaped

Poland (28)

Apple-sesame sourdough bread
von Tosia, Smakowity chleb
Classic sourdough bread with autumn apples, tahini and sesame.

Beer bread with thyme and mustard
von ewe.wojtasik, Lubię to… gotowanie!
Very easy yeast bread with beer, thyme & mustard. Perfect for beginners.

Bułki na hot dogi
von Marzena, Zacisze kuchenne
I propose a very simple and delicious rolls, which are perfect for hot dogs. Of course, they can also eat without these additives. They are delicious.

Chleb orkiszowo-pszenny na drożdżach
von Bożena Mdk, Moje domowe kucharzenie
Prosty i pyszny chlebek.

Chleb pszenny na drożdżach i maślance, z marchewką i kminkiem
von Izabella , Smaczna Pyza
buttermilk wheat bread with carrot and caraway

Chleb pszenny na zakwasie
von Ewa, Arabeska
Wheat sourdough bread.

Chleb wieloziarnisty z kawą – Coffee rye bread
von Gucio, Kuchnia Gucia
Rye bread with seeds and espresso taste

Chleb z żurawinami i pestkami dyni.
von Kasia, Lejdi of the house
Super easy, no knead cranberry and pumpkin seeds

Crispy potato bread
von Magda, Konwalie w kuchni
Very simple potato bread with fluffy inside and crispy crust.

Hazelnut and Plum Bread with Fennel Seeds and Rosemary
von Ula, Foodnotes
Hazelnut and Plum Bread with Fennel Seeds and Rosemary

immigrants bread
von Agnieszka , Polska Zupa
The wheat bread, you do not need a lot of experience to make it but you will need time.I recommend it to all those who have never dared to bake their own bread, try it!

Pierogi szwedzkie/Swedish dumplings
von Atina, Tak sobie pichce
Swedish dumplings, is nothing but a roll with mushroom-onion stuffing.

Sourdough pumpkin quick bread
von Bernadetta, Prawo do gotowania z pasją
No knead sourdough pumpkin bread with pumpkin seeds

Spelt-wheat buns, made on pâte fermente
von Marcin, Grahamka, weka i kajzerka
Just spelt-wheat buns, made on pâte fermente

The life-changing loaf of bread
von Domi, Domi w kuchni
Wholegrain bread without yeast and flour. Perfect for celiacs and for allergic to yeast.

Wheat bread with buckwheat groats
von Mirabelka,
Easy to made, yeast bread with buckwheat groats.

Wholemeal challah (Chałka razowa)
von Joanna (Ptasia), Coś niecoś
Challah made with wholemeal flour (32%) and vegetable oil (no milk or butter)

Portugal (21)

Apple and Nuts Bread
von Ana MAtos, Dona Delicia – Atelier de Sabores
this is a sweet bread with the taste of apple and spices that contrasts with the croncante nuts

Apple Bread
von Marta Dionísio, Intrusa na Cozinha
A sweet bread shaped apple

von Paula Casimiro, Mesa Corrida
Bagels are a breakfast favorite and are not very diffciult to make at home. With this recipe you can have a homemade bagel for breakfast every morning.

Baguette integral
von Vera Ferraz, Hoje para jantar
A crunchy baguette with all the nutrients of the wholemeal flour

Flores de Pão
von Mary Soliani, O Meu refúgio Culinário
Cute , simple and delicious bread

Kamut bread with spices and red cranberries
von Marisa Valadas, Sweet my Kitchen
Sweet bread made with kamut flour, spices, honey and red cranberries

Pão ao estilo asiático
von Carla, De Cozinha em Cozinha passando pela minha
An aromatic and delicious bread to make our meals happier

Pão com sementes em vaso
von Sandrine Ginja, As Várias Faces da Ginja
A bread with seeds with a traditional flavor to be cooked in a clay pot .

Pão de abóbora
von Bárbara Clara Brito, Receitas e Truques da Clarinha
A different bread, healthy and made ​​from a vegetable, the pumpkin.

Pão de Alfarroba e Gengibre/Carob Bread and Ginger
von Paula Guerreiro, Sugar Bites
This Gingerbread is very tasty and aromatic. Try it !!!;)

Pão de Centeio com Alcaravia
von Helena Gonçalves, Tentações sobre a Mesa
a delicious rye bread, with sourdough starter

Pão de chocolate e centeio
von São Ribeiro, Rapa Tachos
A soft, delicious bread

Pão de espelta com sementes
von Margarida Costa, Sabores da minha cozinha
I made this bread with spelled flour and seeds.

Pão de sultanas e canela saudável
von Susana Margarida Coelho, Tertúlia da Susy
Health bread

Pão Doce-Arrufadinhas de Canela
von Maria Lobo, O blog da Ratolinha
cinnamon breads delicious

Pão integral com mel
von Sónia, As Receitas da Patanisca
Delicious and aromatic all grain with honey

Pão Sírio
von Manuela Cruz, Tertúlia de Sabores
It can be made from different types of grains may have different fermentation processes and many different shapes or forms of baking. It is an important food for all the people around the world and is present in all cultures since ancient times. Basic food for some, unfortunately a luxury for many, bread is one of the foods with the greatest symbolism for all mankind.

Purple Sweet Potato Bread
von Célio Cruz, Sweet Gula
A diferent but delicious bread with a stunning color. The purple sweet potato makes the diference on this bread. You really have to try it.

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