Here you find all World Bread Day 2016 entries from Italy (14), Japan (1), Malaysia (1), Norway (1), Poland (18), Portugal (25)

Italy (14)

Apple bread
from Anna Calabrese, La cucina di Anisja
A savory bread and fragrant fruit, easy to prepare, good alone, great with meats and cheeses

ciambella di pane al pomodoro per la giornata mondiale del pane
from paola, cioccolatoamaro

from speedy70, A TUTTA CUCINA
Una pane a “corona”, dal gusto delicato conferito dalla farina di riso e i semi di papavero, perfetto per festeggiare questo giorno

Friselle di orzo
from Alessandra Barbone, I sognatori di cucina e nuvole
Frisella is a typical Apulian bread and is topped with tomato, olive oil and salt after being soaked in cold water. You can even dress it with other ingredients you like always after soaking.

Kürbisbrot für den WBD 2016
from Kebo, kebo homing
Saftiges Kürbisbrot mit einer wunderbar knusprigen Krume, der Knaller!

Mini panini ai 7 cereali
from ornella, ammodomio
Black mini bread for buffet

Pane al pepe verde
from Elena Broglia, Zibaldone culinario
This bread is made with direct leavening, it is flavored with green pepper, and is recommended to pair it with cheese and salad

Pane alle albicocche e nocciole
from Donatella Bartolomei, L’ingrediente perduto
Bread with apricots and hazelnuts combined with excellent cheeses

Pane alle nocciole e semi di lino
from Sara Barberis, dallagavettaallapagnotta
My bread was made thinking of my grandmothers. I put the chopped hazelnuts and flax seed in their memory and added to the shape of roses because they both loved.

Pane incamiciato al cioccolato
from Valentina Venuti, NONDISOLOPANE
Double dough chocolate chips and cocoa bread

Multicereali sourdough bread, made with a mix of flour as the oatmeal, manitoba, type “0”, spelled, buckwheat, wheat khorasan (kamut), and whole wheat flour.

Panini all’olio
from Angela Sposito, Storie da mordere
Traditional Italian olive oil bread rolls

Sbirulini gusto-pizza
from Gaia Pedrolli, La Gaia Celiaca
Gluten free pizza flavour breadsticks. With tomato, oregano and olive oil.

Sicilian Brioche
from Cinzia, Cindystar
A typical Sicilian brioche: wherever in Sicily you will enjoy it with ice cream or coffee granita.

Japan (1)

Pane pugliese con licoli
from Anna, C’è di mezzo il mare
This is a tipical bread of Puglia, south Italy. it’s made by : Semolina flour, Sourdough, Water and Salt

Malaysia (1)

from Kirsty, My Little Space
This Ensaimada Bread is actually inspired by one of the famous magazine, Australia Gourmet Traveller. Its like the love at first sight.

Norway (1)

Panini integrali con semi di zucca
from Ornella, il giardino dei sapori e dei colori
Delicious squares of small bread made from sourdough and whole-wheat flour covered with pumpkin seeds

Poland (18)

Basic white sandwich loaf
from Ptasia (Joanna), Coś niecoś
Basic soft white sandwich loaf, based on Rose Levy Beranbaum’s recipe from The Bride Bible, with my adjustments and substitutions. Perfect for toast and Zwetschkenpofesen (bonus recipe)!

Chleb bezglutenowy z kaszą gryczaną (Gluten-free bread with buckwheat)
from Marzena, Zacise kuchenne
This year I decided to join the gluten-free bread with buckwheat. I know how hard it is to live without bread – I do not know how. My proposal, I hope, will help those who can not eat gluten.

from Anna, smaczne-zdrowe
Pyszny, pełnoziarnisty chleb z dodatkiem ziaren. Chleby na zakwasie nigdy się nie starzeją, one każdego dnia smakują tylko inaczej, w moim odczuciu czym starsze, tym smaczniejsze. Polecam :-)

Chleb pszenno-żytni z dynią (na zakwasie)
from abbra, moje kucharzenie
Wheat-rye pumpkin sourdough bread

Chleb tostowy z mascarpone
from Bożena, Moje domowe kucharzenie
Pyszny chlebek tostowy z dodatkiem serka mascarpone.

chleb z figami, orzechami włoskimi i anyżem
from Kamila, Ogrody Babilonu
Very aromatic and tasty bread. Very healthy and full, and thanks to cooking in cast iron pot is very moist and has a wonderful crunchy crust.

Chleb ziemniaczany
from a.grey, Spizarnia
Easy potato bread. Latwy chleb z ziemniakami, na Swiatowy Dzien Chleba 2016.

from Magda, Konwalie w kuchni
Jeffrey Hamelman’s Ciabatta with stiff biga.

Lawendowa brioszka/ Lavender Brioche
from Małgosia, Akacjowy Blog
Fluffy, light brioche with the additive of lavender. Perfect for breakfast with homemade jam or honey,

Najprostszy chleb pszenny z chrupiącą skórką
from Ewa, Arabeska
Quick and easy, crusty wheat bread.

Niemiecki chleb dyniowy – Kürbiskernbrot – German bread pumpkin
from Bernadeta, Bernika – mój kulinarny pamiętnik
On the occasion of World Bread Day I decided to bake very popular in Germany, pumpkin bread – Kürbiskernbrot. Simple, delicious bread with lots of pumpkin seeds.

Paluchy z musli / Müsli Stangen
from karto_flana, Z kartoflanego pola
Breadstickes with musli

Rye milky bread with walnuts
from Ela, W poszukiwaniu slow life
Rye bread with a small addition of spelt flour, milk and walnuts

Semolina bread on sourdough
from MarcinH, Grahamka, weka i kajzerka
Semolina bread on rye sourdough

Spelt multigrain bread
from kabamaiga, Sto kolorow kuchni
Quick, yeast multigrain bread. Ready in less than 2 hours

wheat bread yeast with pumpkin and spinach
from Iza Kulińska, Smaczna Pyza
Kolorowy, jesienny chlebek z mąki pszennej na drożdżach z dodatkiem pieczonej dyni i szpinaku

Wholemeal bread with plum
from Anna, Kuchennymi drzwiami
Sourdough bread with rye flour and spelled wholemeal. The autumn prune. Leavened with a rye flour.

Portugal (25)

Bolo do Caco com manteiga de alho & ervas aromáticas
from Margarida Costa, Sabores da minha cozinha
Shard cake is a typical bread Madeira region can be found on the island of Madeira and in Porto Santo. The story goes that the Caco cake was baked on top of a basalt shard and so acquired this design

bread with chocolate chips
from sandrine ginja, As várias faces da Ginja
A sweet and fluffy bread with chocolate chips

Brioche Feuilletée
from São Ribeiro, Rapa TACHOS
a beautiful and very tasty Briche

Cornbread with Sunflower Seeds
from Célio Cruz, Sweet Gula
It is a Cornbread with Sunflower Seeds, in a very simple and perfect confection for everyday meals. Its yellowish color seduces by the look and the consistency leaves no one indifferent.

Fogaça da Feira
from Bárbara Clara Brito, Receitas e Truques da Clarinha
This is a traditional portuguese sweet bread. Beautiful and good tasty. It´s not easy to do but the results worth the work you have.

Pan de Muerto/ Dead’s day bread
from Helena, Sabores de Canela
Pan de Muerto is a traditional Mexican sweet bread, usually eaten on the Dead’s day

Pão da TiTa versão alfarroba
from Elisabete Mandeiro, betisses com doçura
It’s a bread, fast to bake, very tasty, baked with carob flour and white flour.

Pão de beterraba, kamut e chocolate / Beetroot, kamut and chocolate bread
from Carla Ramalho, Guloso qb
A beetroot bread with kamut flour and chocolate chips that melt and make the perfect bread for a snack with a cup of tea or coffee.

Pão de cerveja preta
from Paula Fonseca, Sr. Avental
Bread black beer with honey, sunflower seeds and flax seeds

Pão de Figos e Nozes
from Manuela, Tertúlia de Sabores
Fig and Walnut bread. Is good for breakfast but also to serve with cheese or just with a cup of coffee

Pão de forma de trigo e Centeio e Pão Alentejano
from Isabel Salvador, Receitinhas da Belinha Gulosa
And arrived on 16 October, where we celebrate the World Bread Day 2016 , at the invitation of Zorra here I leave the suggestion to this day. How not decided which should be decided then share 2 rec

Pão de Legumes Assados
from Tânia Tiago, Bimby & Sabores da Vida
Pão fofo e saboroso. Os legumes dão-lhe um toque diferente e húmido.

Pão de Linhaça e Sarraceno (Gluten Free – Low Carb)
from Carla Costa, Cromas da Cozinha
Pão de Linhaça e Sarraceno (Gluten Free – Low Carb) é um pão especial para quem tem intolerâncias ao gluten e à lactose como para quem simplesmente procura uma alimentação diferente como a paleo

Pão de Tomate na Cocotte
from Carla Costa, Cromas da Cozinha
Pão de Tomate na Cocotte, lindo, crocante, saboroso … colorido … muito bom,

Pão estaladiço de centeio
from Carla, De cozinha em cozinha passando pela minha
Um pão simples, básico, sem amassar e cheio de sabor

Pão pita de alho e cebolinho
from Ana Pinheiro, Receitas fáceis rápidas e saborosas
Pão pita com sabor a alho e cebolinho

Pão rápido
from Conceicção, eu e os tachos
My favorite bread simple and quick .

Pão rústico
from Lúcia Costa, O Barriguinhas
Bread can not miss on the table! So, for another WBD – World Bread Day 2016, I made a very simple tasty bread with rye flour. To a part I inserted sausage and oregano. You can imagine!

Pão rústico de cenoura | carrot no-kneap bread
from Célia Baptista, Sweet Life
Delicious bread, that brings back the memories of my grandparents. This bread is simple to make and the touch of carrot makes this bread wonderful and delicious.

Pão Sourdough de Trigo e Espelta
from Renato Parreira, Pão, Bolos e Cia.
Wheat and whole spelt sourdough bread. Lovely crust, very aromatic and nutty taste.

Pizza Light no pão sírio
from Helena Rodrigues Pires Costa, Belle Hélène
The pita bread or pita bread is one of the traditional recipes of Arabic cuisine prepared in countries like Syria, Turkey and Libya.

Pumpkin bread
from Cláudia Vasconcelos, Dona Biscoito
A pumpkin tasty and comfortable bread, for Automn days.

Pumpkin Brioche with Chocolate
from Paula Guerreiro, Sugar Bites
This is my delicious Brioche to celebrate World Bread Day 2016 Pumpkin and chocolate are a fabulous combination.

Pumpkin-Cranberry Swirl Bread
from Marta Dionísio, Intrusa na Cozinha
A delicious and autumnal pumpkin bread.

Walnut Raisin Bread
from Tiago and Catarina, Mapas & Papas
Rustic walnut and raisin bread, prepared by and for our family and baked in the old wood fired bread oven. Just perfect for a rainy Autumn afternoon.