World Bread Day 2016 – Roundup – Part 3

Here you find all World Bread Day 2016 entries from Spain (27), Switzerland (6), UK (3), Ukraine (1), USA (4), Venezuela (1)

Romania (3)

Bread allover the world
from Lucian Gavrila, Food and beyond…
A brief photo description of breads made on five continents, from French baguette and Greek pita, to Indian naan and Mexican tortilla.

Gogosi bio cu maia/Sourdough organic donuts
from Daiana Boc, Simplu si bun
Sourdough organic romanian donuts, my very own way! (simple&good)

Paine traditionala
from Croitor Camelia, Din dragoste pentru bucatarie
A traditional recipe for 200 years ago. Ingredients simple and easy method of preparation. A fluffy bread, delicious, thin and crispy shell and a core fluffy like a dream.

Spain (27)

Butternut Cinnamon Buns
from zorra, 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf
Autumnal Butternut Cinnamon Buns with a thick dollop of cream cheese icing.

from Begoña, Las recetas de Marichu y las mías
A delicious and tasty bread, perfect for an appetizer, for sandwiches, …

Double breakfast: Muesli Bread – Desayuno doble: pan de muesli
from Eulalia W. Petit de Gabriel, Un pedazo de pan
A soft tin bread penty of fruit and fiber, thanks to a 30% muesli. A differential character is imparted by soaking the muesli for several hours with scalding milk, honey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Glutenfree brioche à tete
from Teba, La chica de las recetas
My recipe is a gluten free version of brioche à tete made with a poolish and long cold fermentation

from Mara Campos, Más dulce que salado
Grissini are of Italian origin, are stretched by hand and have irregular areas with fine parts that become crispy after baking, and thicker areas that remain somewhat soft.

Hogazón de aceitunas kalamata, aceitunas verdes y albahaca fresca
from Cristina Rodríguez, A masa y mantel
Big loaf of white and whole wheat flour with kalamata olives, green olives and fresh basil

from Palmira, Come Conmigo El Blog de Palmira
A super fast soda bread made with hot chocolate. Perfect for a quick bread on Sunday mornings. Or everytime you want to enjoy a sweet bread in less than 30 minutes.

Wholegrain bread of wheat and corn flours with sesame seeds spiral. / Pan integral de trigo y maíz con espiral de Sésamo
from Ana Melm, Migas en la mesa
Pan integral al 80%, de trigo y maíz con masa madre de centeno al 75% de hidratación, con semillas de sésamo. Bread made of wheat and corn flours with rye 75% sourdough, 80% wholegrain flours, with

Integral bread
from Bego Gonzalez, Al Carlor del horno
Today I bring a homespun bread, bread to make frequently, simplicity, and because of its versatility, it serves just to make toast for breakfast which to prepare fabulous sandwich.

from Inés, La Cocina Diminuta
Naan – Traditional Indian flatbread! No oven needed!

pan con aceitunas
from Chelo Garcia, Cogollos de Agua
Great bread with olives, ideal for a good extra virgin olive oil and tomato, or good sausages

Pan con diferentes almidones sin gluten
from Famalap, Cocina fácil sin gluten
A diferent glutenfree bread with diferent starchmixed

Pan de leche. Video receta
from Ana Prieto, Las Recetas de Mamá
Este pan de leche es un pan tierno y esponjoso, con un toque dulzón y perfecto para desayunos o meriendas de los peques de la casa. Esta es mi manera de celebrar el Día Mundial del Pan (World Bread Da

Pan de Magüestu (espelta, castañas y sidra dulce)
from Marta Roldán López, Industrias Alimentarias F.P
Magüestu Bread is a loaf made with typical ingredients from autumn in Asturias (Spain). It is a dough made with whole espelt flour, cider apple juice sourdough, baked chesnuts and cider apple jucice.

Pan de maíz y telf
from Emilia Santiago Blanco, Cousas de Milia
Gluten-free bread, with cornmeal and telf

Pan de payés sin gluten (Gluten free)
from Glutoniana, Las Recetas de Glutoniana
Bread gluten free, mixture flours gluten free.

Pan de Pesto y Parmesano Paso a paso con y sin Thermomix.
from Nenalinda, Siguiendo a Nenalinda
This is one of the richest savory breads that I miss so far, if you like the pesto can not help but try this bread. If you do not like pesto you can replace it with a filling that you like at home.

Pan de sésamo y aceitunas negras (Sesame and black olives bread)
from Carmen, Un pellizco de canela
Bread with sesame seeds and black olives. A simple and really delicious bread with a great flavour.

from IDANIA, El Aroma de IDania
Un pan blanco, sencillo… el pan de siempre!!! A white and simple bread… the everyday bread!!!

from Chary Serrano, Mi cocina y otras cosas
This rye and wheat bread is very good flavor and leaves spongy. Ideal to accompany any meal and very special to take it roasted with olive oil extra virgin.

Pan integral
from Ylla 1878, Blog Ylla 1878
One year again we participate to World Bread Day, for this edition we want to share a recipe for the whole meal bread, because it’s a balanced bread, provides fiber and it’s healthy.

Pan negro de centeno, en panificadora
from Verónica, Cocinando para mis cachorritos
Black bread. Pan negro con harina de centeno.

Pan polar sin gluten
from Anaïs, mi madre no cocina
Gluten free polar bread and a smoked salmon sandwich :)

Pan sin gluten
from Lourdes, Pikerita’s way
Gluten-free bread and homage to the hungry

Pan sin gluten con harina de garbanzo y lenteja roja
from Cuidado con las migas, Cuidado con las migas
Gluten-free bread with chickpea and red lentil flour.

Swiss Bürli
from Liliana Fuchs, Albahaca y Canela
Traditional swiss small breads baked in pairs. Dark and crispy crust, moist and aromatic in the inside. Delicious with sausages, cheese or butter and jam in the morning!

from Eva Cancio, Venamicocina
This Victorian milk bread is a spongy bread, perfect for sandwiches and toast

Switzerland (6)

Caraway Bread – Kümmelbrot
from Tamara, Cakes, Cookies and more
Crispy caraway bread made of first clear flour, concentrated pear juice and caraway. – Knuspriges Kümmelbrot mit Ruchmehl, Birnendicksaft und Kümmel.

from Caro & Tobi,
Wir mögen unser Früchtebrot mit etwas Butter oder einem guten Stück Käse. Der Duft beim backen lässt uns das Wasser im Mund zusammenlaufen. Wir freuen uns dann immer wie kleine Kinder.

glutenfreies Fladenbrot
from Manuela, famflü glutenfrei!
Glutenfreies Fladenbrot aus dem Ofen.

Healthy wholewheat „S“weet rolls (made with Sekowa Baking Ferment)
from Ckay, Sweet and that’s it
Dough enriched with hazelnuts, honey, quark and butter. Because it makes fun to bake with the Sekowa Special Baking Ferments!

Joghurt Brot
from Marlene, Marlene’s sweet things
This ist a easy peasy bread. the with youghurt and honey. The dough consists of white flour and spelled flour, it is refined with yoghurt and honey…

Pan de Nueces y Uvas Pasas
from Elvira Navas, Los Cerezos en Flor
A delicious and easy recipe of bread with nuts and raisins. Perfect macht with cheese and wine.

UK (3)

Chocolate Babka
from Cecile, English Patis
A sweet bread originally from Eastern Europe. Chocolate is rolled in it for variation in this recipe. So nice to have warmed up with a hot cup of tea.

from Ana Natálio, soulfullflavours
A very tasty bread. The kids love it loaded with honey or Nutella the adults with a some cream cheese and celery. This brad is very rich and is equally delicious on is own at breakfast or tea time.

Pumpkin „no knead“ bread with crispy Bacon and Sage leaves for the World Bread Day.
from Lia, Lemon & Vanilla
A pumpkin „no knead“ bread with a fabulous crusty outside and a chewy inside. Filled with crispy crunchy bacon and sage leaves and full of flavour.

Ukraine (1)

Potato Rosemary Bread
from Katerina Denisova, Baking hours
Potato Rosemary Bread with garlic, themed on Peter Reinhart recipe.

USA (4)

Moskovskiy Kalach
from Nelly Zhaleyko, KITCHEN(N)ELLY
Authentic Russian Bread recipe, was one of the first types of Russian street food. Middle of the bread was cut, filled with stuffing and eaten while handle wasn’t.

Spicy Cotija Black Olive Sourdough
from Sally Newton, Bewitching Kitchen
a rustic sourdough bread made with Cotija cheese, black olives and a touch of Sriracha sauce

from Karin Anderson, Brot & Bread
A cluster of delicious savory rolls from Swabia, made with a LAMINATED RYE DOUGH, and filled with prosciutto and cheese, my first bake from Stanley Ginsberg’s new book, „The Rye Baker“.

Twisted Garlic and Herb Bread
from Hannah Kaminsky, BitterSweet
A rich blend of savory herbs mingle with roasted garlic in an aromatic filling woven through every layer of this tender, twisted bread.

Venzuela (1)

from Ramón Certad, Hola panadería
This is a bread thick shell, little honeycombed compact crumb, pleasant flavor with a texture moisture .The malt enriched bread with vitamins and minerals so it obscures similar the black bread, also

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