World Bread Day 2017 – Roundup – Part 3

Here you find all World Bread Day 2017 entries from Portugal (21), Spain (20), Switzerland (3), Thailand (1), UK (1), USA (3), Venezuela (2)

Portugal (20)

Helena Pereira, Cooking
A Bialy is small, round bread with a depressed middle, not a hole, and typically filled with cooked onions and poppy seeds. A good Bialy should have a springy soft crumb and a chewy and floury crust.

Caracois doces de alfarroba com frangipana, maçã e passas
carla, De cozinha em cozinha passando pela minha
Uma receita de sempre com um ingrediente novo e uma lembrança a férias

Naan Bread
Sofia Arcangelo, As coisas da Mãe Sofia
A delicious homemade Indian flatbread with melted butter.

Pães de Batata Doce
Marta Cunha, O Cantinho da Marta
Uns pãezinhos diferentes, mas muito especiais.

Pãezinhos de Sementes com Chèvre {Chèvre Seed Rolls}
Marta Dionísio, Intrusa na Cozinha
Delicious Seed Rolls stuffed with Chèvre

Pão de Abóbora Assada com Canela e Gengibre
Sara Loureiro, Happy Life In The Kitchen
I love bread! So I chose to gather bread and roasted pumpkin with cinnamon and ginger today, with a scent of the tradicional sweet bread of my homeland – Terceira Island…A dream at our table!

Pão de castanha
Susana Margarida Coelho, Tertúlia da Susy
Tasty bread with chestnut-flour.

Pão de Cereais
Cláudia Ralha, O Prazer da Cozinha
Grain Bread made with wheat flour, oatmeal, buckwheat and seeds.

Pão de Leite com Speculaas Kruiden
Manuela Cruz, Tertúlia de Sabores
Milk Bread with Speculaas Kruiden, perfect for breakfast with coffee

Pão de leite doce
Angela Mourão, Na Cozinha da té
This is a very light and sweet bread, ideal to eat in the middle of the afternoon on a cold winter day by the fireplace. Serve with a delicious jam and a cup of tea.

Pão de Soda com Sultanas e Sementes
Paula Guerreiro, Sugar Bites
A delicious bread, full of seeds and crispy for this special day!

Pão doce
Conceição, eu e os tachos
This bread is simple and quick to make. It tastes good with coffee.

Pão Doce- Regueifa Doce com cacau
Maria Lobo, Ratolinha
Sweet bread in the shape of a sweet crown with cacao flavored with very sweet orange. Great for a coffee or tea

Pão Entrançado com pesto e queijo
Bárbara Clara Brito, Receitas e Truques da Clarinha
My bread is very different and typical of the recipes.
This is made with a mixture of wheat flour and carob and stuffed with pesto sauce and parmesan cheese, mozarella and emmental. Its tasty.

PãoRustico de Espelta
São Ribeiro, Rapa Tachos
A simple and delicious bread

Pita bread
Margarida, Sabores da minha cozinha
Homemade pita bread, basic and very simple to prepare.
Of Arab origin, this bread has a round and flat shape, usually served with a delicious and very varied filling.

Quinoa chia bread
This bread is gluten free, egg free and sugar free so it is perfect for anyone with a food allergy or intolerance. It’s really delicious.

Ana Pinheiro, Receitas fáceis rápidas e saborosas
Delicious small and light, biscuitlike quick bread

Helena , Sabores de Canela
Simit, a Turkish bread with sesame seeds.

water no-knead-bread
Patrícia Cheio, foodwithameaning
A rustic and delicious no-knead- water bread

Whey bread
Cláudia Maria Faustino da Rocha e Vasconcelos, Dona Biscoito
I offer you comfort in a dense but light bread with such a pleasant and addictive taste. Let’s make this day a day of love, food, family and thanksgiving.

Spain (20)

Bollitos de trigo y centeno con semillas
Cristina Rodríguez, A masa y mantel
Easy recipe of wheat and rye flour rolls with toasted seeds

Chelsea buns
Carmen, Un pellizco de canela
The classic english buns for teatime, loaded with currants and cinnamon.

Liliana Fuchs, Albahaca y Canela
Traditional sweet saffron bread from the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. Light, soft, fluffy and deliciously fragant!

Dutch Oven Sourdough Bread
zorra, 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf
Autumnal Sourdough Bread with dried Figs and Walnuts baked in a Dutch Oven.

Etxeko ogia wbd2017
Etxeko ogia wbd2017, Egaña Banatzailea
We baked 2 loaves of bread, with 1878 flour and organic wheat flour grinded to stone. The kneading with 4 or 5 sheets every 20 minutes and 12 hours cold, have been baked in dutch oven.

cristina ylla, Ylla 1878 blog
Italian bread focaccia

Gluten Free Pita Bread – Pan de Pita Sin Gluten
Ricardo, Celiaco a los Treinta
Very easy recipe for gluten-free pita bread

Gluten-free Soda Bread
Lourdes, Pikerita’s way
Gluten-free soda bread very easy to make and very rich result. It allows us to celebrate the International Bread Day for all.

Hamburger buns with gluten free oatmeal
Cuidado con las migas, Cuidado con las migas
Hamburger buns with gluten free oatmeal

Yolanda Lavado, Deseos Sin Gluten
It’s a celebration day! Today, on the World Bread Day, we can enjoy a good gluten-free bread made with dough, a desire very difficult to find in the daily market. Hands down to the dough!

Pa de pagès
Mai Esteve Rubio, Il colore della curcuma
The pa de pages is a simple bread, with a fat content lower than other loaves. Its round shape with a crisp and crisp crust helps make the interior soft for many days!

Pan de Manzana y Pasas
BEGOÑA FERNANDEZ DE VILLARAN REZOLA, Las recetas de Marichu y las mías
A delicious fruit bread, apples and raisins, perfect for breakfast or snack.

Pan de molde básico (sin gluten y sin lactosa)
Las Recetas de Glutoniana, Señora
Gluten-free and lactose-free bread. Very tender.

Pan de tomate y albahaca
Carmen, Rezetas de Carmen
Bollitos de pan, elaborados con tomate natural.

Pan integral de espelta con moras / Spelt wholegrain sandwich bread with blackberries
Ana Melm, Migas en la mesa
Wholegrain sandwich bread, with spelt flour and blackberries juice. Rye sourdough.

Pan rápido en Bolsa de asar
Idania, El Aroma de Idania
Quick yeasted bread baked in an oven bag

Pan sin gluten
Emilia Santiago Blanco, Cousas de Milia
Gluten-free bread with dough and two flours

Sourdough Whole Wheat and Oats Wafles
Eulalia W. Petit de Gabriel, Un pedazo de pan
Sourdough fermentation -not only good for bread!- makes these wafles ultra healthy and mega satisfying: minerals from whole wheat are bioavailable and Glycemix index is lowered thank to oats.

Trenza de jamón y queso
Ana, Las Recetas de Mamá
Brioche en forma de trenza que va rellena de jamón y queso

Tuneando FARMOLAP #singluten
Marisa Famalap, Cocina fácil sin gluten
A gluten free bread with natural ingredients, nutritive florus and starch

Switzerland (3)

Klassische Schweizer Butterweggli wie vom Bäcker
Caro & Tobi,
Wir haben für euch heute ein Rezept eines klassischen Butterwegglis das vermutlich alle Schweizer aus Kindertagen kennen.

No Knead Spelled bread with linseeds – Dinkelbrot mit Leinsamen
Tamara, Cakes, Cookies and more
The No Knead Spelled Bread with linseeds and whole grain flakes is a tasty and healthy bread. The recipe is simple, successful and also suitable for inexperienced bakers.

Süsse Frühstücksbrötchen
Marlene, Marlene’s sweet things
Süsse Frühstückbrötchen passen perfekt zum Sonntagsfrühstück, mit frischer Himbeermarmelade und Butter ein Traumstart in den Tag.

Thailand (1)

Baguette | Parisette | French Bread
Felix Häfliger, FEL!X
French Bread – you’ll find many recipes!
This is my favourite one, I bake it for many years.
Rezepte für Baguettes gibt es viele!
Dies ist mein bevorzugtes, ich backe es schon seit Jahren.

UK (1)

No-Knead Cranberry and Pecan Bread.
Lia, Lemon & Vanilla
Fabulous and delicious no-knead bread that is allowed time to rise and turns out super crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside.

USA (3)

Hannah Kaminsky, BitterSweet
Easy, delicious homemade bagels that can rival those found at your local bakery.

Polnisches Kartoffelbrot
Karin Anderson, Brot & Meer
When I was testing recipes for Stanley Ginsberg’s „Inside the Jewish Bakery“, I fell in love with this wonderfully moist Potato Bread.

Tartine Basic Country Bread Recipe
Nelya Zhaleyko, Kitchen(N)elly
One of my favorites recipes of the Tartine Country Bread from Chad Robertson „Tartine Bread“.

Venezuela (2)

Braided Passion Fruit Bread
Maru Aveledo, El gato goloso
An extraordinary braided sweet bread filled with cream cheese and passion fruit curd. Delicious!

Ramón Certad, Hola panadería
Appreciation: This is a bread of very soft texture, light, tender and compact crumb for breakfasts and snacks.

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