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Announcing World Bread Day 2013 - 8th edition!

25. September 2013, 14:27pm

Veröffentlicht von Zorra

Submission is closed.

(Roundup should be online end of October.)

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Announcing World Bread Day 2013 - 8th edition!

October 16 is World Bread Day! Since 2006 every year hundreds of bloggers from all around the world bake bread for this special day.

So let's do it again:

Bake a loaf of bread and let the world know about it by blogging it on World Bread Day - October 16!

The idea of World Bread is to honor our daily bread and be grateful that we have sufficient food. Not all of us are this lucky.

No clue what to bake for this special day? Make your favorite loaf, a new creation or one you wanted to bake since a long time. Still no idea? Visit the World Bread Roundups. I am sure you will find some inspiration! Alone last year 343 blogger baked a loaf for this special day.

I have a special wish for this World Bread Day. Wouldn't it be great if we'd collectively bake 365 loaves this year? So we would have a recipe for every day until next WBD! If we reach this number or even more I will bake not all of the 365 loves, but every month I will pick and bake a bread from the roundup and blog about it. Promised!

I'm looking forward to see a huge basket filled with at least 365 breads from all over the world again!

How to participate:

Please read and follow carefully the instructions below. Fill in the form and link back to this post are mandatory, if one of them is missing your entry will not appear on the roundup. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Bake a bread, take pictures and blog about it on Wednesday, 16th October 2013. Not before and not after this date and just one entry per blog, please.
  • Your entry has to be a new post specifically for this event and the post cannot be entered in other food blog events.
  • A link to this announcement in your post is mandatory.
  • Fill in this form and your post will be listed in the roundup.
  • Submissions can only be accepted until October 17.
  • Your post can be written in any language, as long there is a possibility to translate (i.e. Google translate)

If you have any question or suggestion don't hesitate to contact me kochtopf(at)gmail.com.

Follow World Bread Day on Facebook and Pinterest WBD 2012 or WBD 2013. On Twitter please tag your World Bread Day tweets with #wbd.

World Bread Day 2013 - 8th edition! Bake loaf of bread on October 16 and blog about it! Please feel free to promote the event by sticking the logo on your blog.

Include the following code in your blog:

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sao33 13/10/2013

Este ano vou participar ,já fiz o pão e estou ansiosa pelo dia.
Bom domingo

Loladealmeria 13/10/2013

Este año voy a participar y ya m levo el logo lo que no se es donde os dejo el enlace ... estoy mayor jeeee

Loladealmeria 13/10/2013

Debe de ser que estoy torpe pero no encuentro el formulario para apuntarme l evento ...

Ramón Certad 14/10/2013

Haciendo los preparativos de la entrada de la receta para compartir el Día Mundial del Pan, favor indicar donde aparecera el formulario? gracias.

ornella 14/10/2013

Ci saremo!!!!

IDania 14/10/2013

My dearest Zorra, where's the submission form?

pieczarkamysia 14/10/2013


Smakowe Kubki 14/10/2013

Co z tym formularzem? Czy w końcu dziś będzie , czy jutro?

Kulinarne przygody Gatity 15/10/2013

Formularz miał być wczoraj i nadal nic...

Kulinarne przygody Gatity 15/10/2013

znalazłam... to chyba to ?

Isabel 15/10/2013

Good morning,

At the form you ask for the url links. So, but if we can post only on teh 16th October, we can only fill the form tomorrow, right ? Otherwise, how should I send the link ?



Sol Pâtisserie 15/10/2013

Este ano vou participar pela primeira vez !!!

Anne 15/10/2013

Hello Zorra, I do not see any form to fill ?

snowsparklegems 15/10/2013

I have different time zone, so should I post according to my time zone or have to be according to a certain time zone?

Cozinhar Sem Lactose 15/10/2013

My contribution to the World Bread Day:


It will be published tomorrow, as required!

Elvira 15/10/2013

Hello, sorry to bother you but i can´'t find on line the formular. I will like to fill in tomorrow and participate again this year. Danke viel mal.

Anna 15/10/2013

Ich kann die Form below nicht finden? Übersehe ich da etwas?

emajdak 15/10/2013

Hello Zorra :) I am sooo happy to join you again this year! I am just having the same problem - no form visible whenever I enter your website.
Please will you advise?

Elena 15/10/2013

Este año participamos también. El enlace es el siguiente

Italians Do Eat Better 16/10/2013

My contribution to the World Bread Day:


Anisja 16/10/2013

Hello, here's my contribution to the WBD
Thanks for the hospitality

elena 16/10/2013

Hallo... this is my recipe for WBD..it is a pleasure to here every year!!!
bye elena

Dora Costa 16/10/2013

A minha participação neste grande evento:
My participation in this great event:


Bonjour Alsace 16/10/2013

Nachdem das Federweisser-Brot soooo gut schmeckt, darf es in einer weiteren Variante bei dem WBD mitmachen:

Darkcook 16/10/2013

Pues esto ya está, acabo de publicar mi pan.
¡Feliz Worl Bread Day a todos! Nos vemos en el Roundup.

Julia 16/10/2013

Hier auch mein Beitrag zum World Bread Day!!!! :) Zorra ich find das super!!! Dank Micha bin ich dabei ich hätts sonst verschlafen ich Döspaddel!! :( Aber Gott sei Dank!

sandra 16/10/2013

this is my recipe for WBD 2013 http://lepadellefanfracasso.blogspot.it/2013/10/pane-al-miele-e-pecorino-per-il-world.html
thank you !!

Ingrid 16/10/2013

Liebe Zorra,
ich finde das so toll was Du hier in Deinem "Kochtopf" so alles machts. Leider klappt es bei mir nicht immer so zeitlich mit dem Dabeisein und den ganz tollen Events, aber heute und der "World Bread Day" dass hat gepasst und hier mein Beitrag:Dinkel-Hafer-Kruste. Ganz viele schöne Rezpte sollen zusammenkommen, ich freue mich schon auf die Zusammenfassung, ja eine Menge Arbeit bei Dir, aber viel Freude dann zum stöbern für uns.
Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Tag

Eva Melina 16/10/2013

I love World Bread Day :-) Thank you so much for organizing this. Here's my contribution, a sweet and fluffy zucchini walnut carrot bread with saffron:

anna 16/10/2013

Questo è il mio contributo per World Bread Day 2013

Bożena 16/10/2013

Święto chleba...i oto mój chlebek/

sabrina 16/10/2013


Che Foodzeit 16/10/2013

So jetzt aber noch mal ein Versuch mit meine Welltbrot Brot das ich gebacken habe.

Chiara 16/10/2013

Hi!!! Happy Word Bread Day.... All around the world!!!! This is my post for you: http://lunatenera.blogspot.it/2013/10/pan-brioche-con-lievito-madre.html

Elena Bruno 16/10/2013

Hello Zorra, thank you for your job :-)
this is my recipe for #WBD http://giardinociliegi.blogspot.it/2013/10/guinness-soda-bread-per-il-wbd-8th.html

Haim 16/10/2013

This is ma bread for a World Bread Day: http://mojadomowaswiatynia.blogspot.com/2013/10/chleb-z-prazonymi-patkami-owsianymi-na.html
Have a nice Day Zorra :-)

S-Küche 16/10/2013

Hallo Zorra, hab es gerade noch geschafft ein Brot fertig zu bekommen um diese tolle Idee zu unterstützen.
Liebe Grüße,

Nesrin 16/10/2013

Hallo, mein Rezept ist auch endlich da!

Elvira 16/10/2013

Here my recipe
I have already filled the formular in. Thank you and i wish you a fantastic WBD

Patrizia 16/10/2013


Receitinhas da belinha Gulosa 16/10/2013

Pão de aveia e farinha de trigo com cominhos-Bread with oats and wheat flour and cumin- World Bread day

Cris 17/10/2013

Mój pierwszy chleb kasztanowy jest wspaniały , godny : World Bread Day 2013 http://zakamarkimojejkuchni.blox.pl/2013/10/Chleb-kasztanowy.html

nike 17/10/2013

bei mir gibt´s ein saftiges apfelbrot

danke & gruß

Valentina 17/10/2013

Hallo! ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch so ich versuche in deine Sprache zu schreiben :) ich bin dabei zum ersten Mal danke einer Freundin, dass mir nur vorgestern gesagt hat aber es hat mir geschaffen und und das ist was nur fur dich gedanken habe http://www.impastandosimpara.it/2013/10/un-pane-da-condividere/
vielen Danke, ich bin so froh, das ist wirklich eine so schone Moglichkeit alle zusammen zu sein!

Martina 17/10/2013

Done! Posted yesterday evening!

Ylva 17/10/2013

Auch von mir noch eben der Link zum gestrigen Bierbrot.

Nenalinda 17/10/2013

Here my recipe
Thnak you Zorra.

Ago 17/10/2013

Hi Zorra! Have you received my bread?
However here it is: http://www.mypaneburroemarmellata.com/2013/10/pane-di-segale-alle-olive-lunga.html

Khmykina Olga 21/10/2013

The Life-Changing Bread - http://agro-al.livejournal.com/173190.html

Franz 23/10/2013

Weil mein Kartoffelbrot so einfach, hübsch, zartporig (was für ein Wort!), und lecker ist, poste ich es zum Welt-Brot-Tag, bitteschön: http://einfachköstlich.com/archives/1955