BBD #40 – Bread with Curd – Roundup

Time flies! May is already over and it is time for Bread Baking Day #40 roundup.

I was the hostess and picked bread with curd as theme. I choose this theme because I love the softness that curd gives to the dough, and the lightly pleasant sour taste. I hope you liked it, too.

You were free to use curd, cottage cheese, ricotta or paneer and even invited to make your own curd. Connie was and Heather were the only brave ones who made curd herthemselves. Well done Connie ladies! Independent of each other 4 bloggers baked loaves with dill and cottage cheese. This is a sign! We also have to bake this combination. ;-)

BBD #40 - Bread with Curd - Roundup

Now I let you discover all the delicious bread the participants baked for BBD #40.

Cinnamon-Sugar Pull-Apart Ricotta Bread
from Heather, girlichef
Heather made Cinnamon-Sugar toast’s big sister. To die for!

Costas de Requeijão – Curd Sweet Breads
from Manuela, Cravo e Canela – Uma Cozinha no Brasil
Manuela made some typical sweet bread from Alentejo. A recipe from her country Portugal.

Cottage cheese dill rolls
from Lien, Notitie van Lien
These rolls make your kitchen smell like heaven! Lien recommend them highly.

Dill Bread
from Judy, Judy’s Gross Eats
Judy used Cottage Cheese for her wonderful moist Dill Bread.

Dill Cottage Cheese Batter Bread
from Erin, A Tale of One Foodie’s Culinary Adventures
Cottage cheese and dill also was the choice of Erin.

Dilly Bread
from Melanie, mel’s home baking adventures
And here comes another dilly loaf from Melanie. I think this is a sign for baking a dilly bread, too. ;-)

Goat Cheese Bread
from Connie, my discovery of Bread
Brave Connie made her own goat cheese! Chapeau! And of course her loaf is a masterpiece!

Orangen Topfenbrot
from Lisa, Lisa´s Kochfieber
Lisa did not only use Topfen (curd) in your bread but also fresh orange juice. That makes it the prefect loaf for breakfast.

Pan de molde con queso crema
from Tartasacher, Mil Postres
Tartasacher made a lovely sweet loaf topped with almonds.

from Stefanie, Hefe und mehr
Stefanie’s soft and moist „Wecken“ are perfect for Sunday mornings.

Ricotta Cookies
from cinzia, cindystar
To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of her Thermomix Cinzia made delicious Ricotta cookies.

Ricotta Monkey Bread
from Treat and Trick, Treat and Trick
Treak and Treat adapted a Ricotta Bread from The Bakers Guide into a very yummy Monkey Bread. Her children couldn’t resist and nibbled while still warm.

Rustic Cinnamon & Curd Rolls
from zorra, 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf
The rolls didn’t came out how I imagined, but still the dough is amazingly yummy.

Thank you all and I hope to see you – and many more – again for BBD #41, by the way a special edition. We celebrate BBD’s 4th anniversary. Connie from My discovery of Bread is the hostess and will announce the theme on June 6. Stay tuned!

6 Gedanken zu „BBD #40 – Bread with Curd – Roundup

  1. Thanks for making this mouthwatering round-up Zorra!! How funny to see that Dill is appearently a good partner for curd-bread.
    There are some screaming to be printed and baked!!

  2. Every single entry looks so incredibly tempting…I want a slice or a piece of each one =) I actually made my own curd (ricotta), too. Since I make it so often, I just didn’t „say“ that I made it, but there was a link in my ingredient list if you click ricotta. Either way…using homemade or store-bought curd…I would try each and every one! Thanks for the great theme this month!

  3. great recap, zo, thank you so much!
    it seems like we’ll all have to try dill & curd combo! :-)
    can’t wait to read what next theme will be!
    happy BBD for ever!

  4. Ein sehr schöner Roundup! Die vielen Dill-Brote sprechen ja eindeutig für sich, ich muss das unbedingt auch mal probieren.
    Vielen Dank für das tolle Thema!

  5. I am amazed by the breads!!! They all look just great. I had no idea about baking with curd but I will try now! Next month, theme sounds easier for me so I’ll be there!

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