World Bread Day 2013 – Roundup – Part 4 (Q-Z)

Here you find all World Bread Day 2013 entries from Russia (2), Singapore (1), Spain (56), Sweden (1), Switzerland (9) Thailand (1), UK (6), Ukraine (1), USA (8), Venezuela (1)


The Life-Changing Bread
Olga Khmykina from agro-al

This bread contains only wholesome ingredients.

Московские калачи. Moscow-style kalach.
Mary from lunetta-mama

Traditional old-fashioned Russian bread of wheat flour


Honey Oat Quick Bread
Emily Neo from My Khimology Life

My Honey Oat Quick Bread has a mild pleasant flavor and divinely moist, tender texture. It is really an easy and quick bake! Hope you can try baking it today too!


Ajarian Khachapuri
VelSid from Gastronomía & Cía

Khachapuri (Georgian: ხაჭაპური – Khač’ap’uri or „cheese bread“) is a traditional Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread

Burgonyàs kenyèr, el pan húngaro de patata
Carlos Dube from Mercado Calabajío

Hungarian Potato Bread step by step, very aromatic bread and fluffy exepcional

Empanada casera
Ana from Las Recetas de Mamá

Empanada casera!! elaborada con una masa de pan

Fladenbrot mit Kräuter-Olivenöl
Margit Kunzke from Kochbuch für Max und Moritz

Flat bread finished with olive oil aromatized with herbs

For dummies: Gluten free bread
Nuria from Sin gluten

For dummies: Gluten free bread

Fougasse de ajo
Verónica. Cocinando para mis cachorritos. from Cocinando para mis cachorritos

Garlic french easy bread.

Fougasse provenzal
Pilar from Per sucar-hi pa

Flat bread, aromatic, with crisp crust and tender crumb.

Irish soda bread
Rezetas de Carmen from Rezetas de Carmen

Classic recipe of the irish soda bread served in a tipical spanish way

Julia from {Суп из букв по-каталонски}

Molletes is tradicional spanish white bread typical in Andalusia

Organic Sourdough Breads
Un pedazo de pan from Un pedazo de pan

Two smalls loaves comparing dark and light Shipton Mill organic Rye Bread, sourdough leavened.

Pa de canyella i mel
Rosa Maria from El plat del dia

Sweet bread perfect for breakfast and lunch

Pa normal
surfzone from Catacuina

Regular bread in roll form

Palitos de sésamo sin gluten
Ro Castillo from galletanas

bread gluten free

Manuel from Dark Cook

This is a simple bread, no more claims to show for good bread does not need complications.

Pan 80% integral de espelta y centeno con cardamomo y ciruelas pasas
Ana Melm from Migas en la mesa

Wholegrain bread, with spelt and rye, cardamom and prunes

Pan Blanco
Ruth Acosta from El Pollo en la Olla

A classical white loaf full of smells and flavours.

Pan campesino de Carmela Ríos
Margarida Vilaró from Elmondelacuina

Delicious bread made for old recipe from Carmela Ríos peasant

IDania from El Aroma de IDania

Bread made with „old“ polish. Great taste and texture

Pan de bocadillo integral sin gluten y sin premezclas comerciales
teresavet from Etología familiar

Gluten free bread, crispy outside, soft inside

Pan de Centeno
Loladealmeria from Ajoblanco

Rye bread with poolish

Pan de cúrcuma y nueces de macadamia
Cristina from A masa y mantel

Turmeric and macadamia nut bread

Pan de Fiesta relleno de queso fundido
Mayra Fernández Joglar from La Cuchara Caprichosa

Delicious whole wheat bread, perfect for parties (birthdays or informal meetings) filled with cheese, bacon…

Pan de manzanas [sin amasar]
Bego de Al Calor del horno from Al Calor del Horno

No-Knead Bread and baked apples in casserole

Pan de nueces y miel
Amalia from Cuadernos de cocina

A very easy sweet bread with walnuts and honey

Pan de pimentón dulce y chile
Milia from cousas de milia

Good bread with unusual indredients

Chary Serrano from Mi cocina y otras cosas

Bread with wheat bran and 6 seeds

Pan de semillas World Bread Day 2013
María José Macías Sotillo from Cocinando con Las Chachas

Easy and delicious bread with whole grain and seeds

Pan de soda irlandés (Irish Soda Bread)
La cocinera diminuta from La cocina diminuta

Really simple no-knead and no-yeast bread for busy bread-lovers

Pan de trigo y centeno con masa madre
Carmen from Un pellizco de canela

Pan de trigo y centeno con masa madre (Wheat and rye sourdough bread).

Pan dulce „Tosca“
Begoña Fdez. de Villarán Rezola from Las recetas de Marichu y las mias

A sweet, bread simple and easy to do. With a delicious flavor!!

Pan multicereales con masa madre
Liliana Fuchs (Akane) from Albahaca y Canela

Multigrain sourdough bread with soaker

Pan Multicereales con Semillas ….
Nenalinda from Siguiendo a Nenalinda

For the edition of this year I have wanted to go just beyond and to produce an awkward honoring to the rustic, dense breads and of intense flavor.

Pan relleno y pan corazón „Glutenfree“
famalap from Cocina fácil „sin gluten“

Glutenfree bread without comercial mix flour

Pan rústico WBD 2013
Marisa González from THERMOFAN

A funny shape and a delicious bread. Easy to be made.

Palmira from Come Conmigo El Blog de Palmira

An ultra fast bread that tastes like autumn: it combines the sweetness of pumpkin puree to the one of chestnut flour

Potato Bread
zorra from 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf

A very tasty loaf with a crispy crust and a mellow crumb.

Rollos de calabaza con pecanas y cacao (Pumpkin pecan and cocoa rolls)
Paula from En mi enredadera

Pumpkin buns with cocoa and pecan filling, served with chocolate and nutmeg sauce

Rosca de pan rellena
Luz Hernando Rubio from Cocinando… un abril encantado

This „bagel bread“ is great for make sandwiches and for enjoy with family and friends in a informal party.

Rosca de pan sin gluten
Lourdes from La cocina de Pikerita

Gluten-free bread as traditional

Rye bread with raisins and alcovea
Abril from April’s Kitch

Rye bread by Richard Bertinet Book

Spelt and Buckwheat with figs and nuts
Salomé from Bloc de recetas

Spelt and Buckwheat with figs and nuts

Sun-dried tomato and basil sour-dough
David Peck from David Peck

Sun-dried tomato and basil sour-dough bread. 30% sourdough rye; 60% semi whole dinkel; 12 sun-dried tomatoes; 30 fresh Japanese basil leaves. Let rise for 6 hours then bake at 180C for an hour and ten minutes.

Trenza alemana
Ivana Rosario from My Little Things

shaped sweet bread braid, great to eat alone or with both sweet and salty things

Arasia from Un segundo mas tarde

Swiss Braid

Auiolik from Trattoria MuVarA

Zopf or Züpfe is a type of Swiss bread made from white flour, milk, eggs, butter and yeast.


EXTREME Country Sourdough
Barbara Elisi from Bread & Companatico

This is my latest interpretation of a basic country sourdough. The post describes it details how to obtain an extremely well alveolated crumb and a super crunchy crust. The recipe is both in English and in Italian.


Breadcrumbs Grissini
Lou from rise of the sourdough preacher

Grissini with crunchy toasted breadcrumbs

Dinkelbrot / Spelt bread
Himbeeri from Cakes, Cookies and more

Spelt bread with popped amaranth

Honey white bread
Catarina Sá from A Cozinha da Kinhas

Soft and aromatic bread, perfect for breakfast

My new everyday, delicious, no-knead, seeded sourdough Bread.
eMajdak from Around the kitchen table

Many thanks for another exciting World Bread Day Zorra! It’s been a great pleasure to join you and hope you will like my recipe :)

Pain Pai Mu Tan – Organic White Tea Bread
Bernd Haberhauer from bernd’s bakery

bread made from Pai Mu Tan (white tea) yeast water

Pan de Calabaza nach Maggie Glezer
Cooketteria from Cooketteria

Sephardic Pumpkin Challah with Pumpkin Pie Spice

Plenty Skookum Grain Bread
Daniel Strachan from Joy Of Gluten

Plenty Skookum Grain Bread, is based on an overnight grain-soaker. A generous addition of freshly roasted sunflower seeds adds a pronounced nutty aroma to the loaf.


Pain de Campagne
Connie from My Discovery of Bread

Pain de Campagne, a simple bread that speaks for itself.


Black olives&orange Bread
Rebecca Eboria from London Fridge

A sourdough loaf, made with greek black olives, oranges and orange liquor

Ham, bacon, spicy chorizo, cheese and rosemary couronne bread
Lia from Salsa Verde

A delicious and stunning filled bread that can be a meal on itself or accompanied with a crispy green salad. It is fab, warm or at room temperature.

Oat & honey loaf
Chris Ellis from Flour generation

A lovely wholesome loaf with a moist crumb and a hint of honey.

Quick crusty loaf with caraway and paprika
FoodWriterUK from FoodWriterUK

A variation of Dan Lepards Flash loaf. Made in under 2 hours it contains a blend of wholemeal and white flour with potato added for moisture. With the extra depth of caraway and parika this is an easy bread for the beginning baker.

Tuscany Bread / Chleb toskanski
D.Rozanska from UgotujmyTo.Pl

Tuscany Bread, large but delicate and tasty…


Rye Sourdough Wheat Bread
Anna Kitaeva from I & My Bread Machine

A wheat bread made with rye sourdough. All rye flour in the dough is fermented. The bread tastes mild, not too acid, and the crumb is quite firm.


Braided Pumpkin Brioche
Cathy (breadexperience) from Bread Experience

Braided Pumpkin Brioche bathed in egg wash and sprinkled with raw sugar and topped with pumpkin seeds

Bread of Elysium
Dorette Snover from Planting Cabbages

A Loaf for Elysium, made of sprouted wheat flour from Lindley Mill, NC

Easy Pumpkin Bread
Kettlesmith from Chasing Rainbows

A tasty pumpkin quick bread with a few unique touches.

Jamaican Coco Bread
Kelster from Passion Kneaded

A soft buttery bread loved in Jamaica.

Leah Hadad from Mixin‘ Traditions

Kubanah is a traditional Yemenite Jewish Sabbath bread baked overnight in the oven.

Orange Cranberry Holiday Bread
Joy McElroy from Yesterfood

This Cranberry Orange Holiday Bread has layers of sweet filling woven throughout tender, orange-scented bread.

Root Beer Rye Bread
Hannah Kaminsky from BitterSweet

A sweet, savory, woodsy, and complex loaf, perfect for everything from humble toast to fancy canapes.

Soft Pretzels
Judy from Judy’s Gross Eats

Soft Pretzels


Flor de Sémola y Sésamo
Ramón Certad from Hola Panadería

The flower of sesame meal and presents its beauty, its characteristic tan contribution of semolina, opening this bread and perceive its yellowish cream crumb, fluffy texture with aromas of toasted sesame which ultimately is a special bread for celebrate the world Day of Bread

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