SHF #32 – Chocolate Foam Kisses Ice Cream

Jennifer the founder of Sugar High Friday herself is hosting this month’s event. The theme she has chosen is craved dessert.

If you are an expat – like me – you miss perhaps typical food from your home country. Not at the beginning, then you have a lot of new things to discover. But after a while you would give a million (just a little bit exaggerated) for i.e. some good bread. That’s by the way the reason why I began to bake bread. Thanks to the globalization we can buy more and more international products everywhere. So I was quite happy when a saw in a German discounter (with branches in whole of Spain) Chocolate Foam Kisses, a thing I missed a lot.

SHF #32 - Chocolate Foam Kisses

Of course I could do Chocolate Foam Kisses by myself, I even have a recipe, but it is quite complicated, and I assume it would not be the same result.

Ice cream is another thing I never would like to miss. So I decided to do a Chocolate Foam Kiss Ice Cream for SHF. It’s a very quick and easy recipe, and you don’t even need an Ice Cream Maker.

Chocolate Foam Kisses Ice Cream
makes 2 1/2

SHF #32 - Chocolate Foam Kisses Ice Cream

4 Chocolate Foam Kisses
1/2 ts Cointreau
150 ml whipped cream

Remove the biscuits from the Chocolate Foam Kisses. Mash the Chocolate Foam Kisses with a fork.

SHF #32 - Chocolate Foam Kisses Ice Cream

Add Cointreau and whipped cream. Mix carefully. Fill into 3 small bowls and refrigerate for 4 hours. From time to time I stirred up the batter, in order it remains smooth. I just stirred it up once, the ice cream was very creamy anyway, as you can see.

SHF #32 - Chocolate Foam Kisses Ice Cream

Its taste reminds me of Stracciatella ice cream.

More recipes and entries in English.

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  1. Mjammi….wenn das nicht was leckeres ist….
    Mohrenköpfe sind sonst nicht so meine Lieblingspender für Glückshormone, aber so als Eis verarbeitet…*wird ausprobiert*

    Greeetz tris

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