World Bread Day 2015 – Roundup – Part 3

Here you find all World Bread Day 2015 entries from from Russia (2), Spain (19), Switzerland (3), Thailand (1), Turkey (1), UK (2), USA (5), Venezuela (1)

Russia (2)

Holiday Wreath Bread
von Marina, Piece of cake
Baguette as a wreath of spikelets.

Spain (19)

Bara Brith Galesa
von Nieves, Dulce y Salado
My recipe it’s called Bara brith. It’s from Wales and it is traditionally made with raisins and orange peel. In my opinion it is the perfect bread for the tea hour, dessert or breakfast.

Bollitos de pan para cocktail
von Luz, Cocinando… un abril encantado
My mini-buns are a version of a Lorraine Pascals´s recipe. They´re perfects for special occasions, family sunday lunches and cocktails… for dipping, making sandwiches and eat all alone. Very easy to make and really good bread.

Chapati Pan Indio {Paso a paso}….
von Nenalinda, Siguiendo a Nenalinda
Type of Indian bread that does not contain yeast and accompanying spicy dishes.

Gluten free Quinoa Victorian Milk Bread
von Anais, mimadrenococina
gluten free version of victorian milk bread

Grisines o colines de aceite de oliva y queso
von Carmen, Rezetas de Carmen
Grissini are breadsticks ready to dip with everything, specially this one with cheese flavour.

Pan Candeal
von Begoña, Las recetas de Marichu y las mias
It is a typical Spanish bread, with a blackish and white crumb

Pan de ajo y queso
von Lidia de la O Mancilla, Atrapada en mi coina
A loaf of white bread stuffed with a delicious garlic butter and parsley and cheese.

Pan de leche / Milk Bread
von Yolanda Menes Leira, D’Larpeir@s
A tender and delicious bread for all of the meals throughout the day.

Pan de molde con quinoa
von cuidadoconlasmigas, ¡Cuidado con las migas!
Sandwich bread with quinoa

Pan de sandwich integral con leche de almendras
von Ana Melm, Migas en la mesa
Whole wheat sandwich bread, made with almonds drink instead of water. Sweet and soft.

Pan de trigo y centeno con masa madre sólida – Stiff sourdough rye bread
von Liliana (Akane), Albahaca y Canela
Tribute bread to our hostess, based on one of her favourites bread recipes. Made with a stiff sourdough, easy and delicious!

von Chary Serrano, Mi cocina y otras cosas
Bread with flour of wheat and rye, with seeds of poppy, of linen and piupoas peeled of gourd

Pan fácil de cerveza
von Inés, La Cocina Diminuta
You only need 3 ingredients to make this beer bread!

Pan integral sin gluten
von Lourdes, Pikerita’s Way
Gluten free brown bread

Panecillos con poolish de yogur
von Verónica, Cocinando para mis cachorritos
Unos deliciosos panecillos de ración hechos con poolish de yogur

Panecillos exprés de compota de manzana
von Palmira, Come Conmigo El Blog de Palmira
A super easy no knead bread ready in 25 minutes with apple sauce

The most simplest bread…
von IDania, El Aroma de IDania
As simple as 1, 2, 3… water, flour, yiest!

Walnuss-Focaccia mit Sauerteig / Walnut Focaccia with Sourdough
von zorra, 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf
Focaccia with walnuts like I enjoyed last year in California.

Switzerland (3)

von Alice, Eigebroetli’s Allerlei
Nutty harvest bread with chestnut and hazelnuts.

Pan de Cebolla y Queso
von Elvira Navas, Los Cerezos en Flor
Easy and delicious Cheese and Onion Bread

Thailand (1)

French countryside bread filled with soup
von Connie, My Discovery of Bread
French countryside bread filled with broccoli soup

Turkey (1)

UK (2)

Barm Brack
von Cecile, English Patis
An Irish fruited bread that is traditionally served in Halloween.

Brioche with Cranberries and Brie.
von Lia, Lemon & Vanilla.
Sweet brioche filled with a tangy cranberry sauce and sweet and creamy Brie cheese.

Ukraine (2)

bread „Starobelsky“
von Angela, bread and pastry samples
starter, three kinds of flour,honey and maslo.A importantly – dispersed grains

USA (5)

Cheddar Jalapeno Bread
von Judy, Judy’s Gross Eats
Cheesy, spicy bread.

Dabrownman’s Schwäbisches Kartoffelbrot
von Karin Anderson, Brot & Meer
A hearty wheat rye sourdough with 85% extraction whole grain flours. The extracted mineral rich bits help activating and enhancing the starter.

Fairy Swirl Bread
von Hannah Kaminsky, BitterSweet
A magical loaf with fairy dust swirled within! Taste the rainbow in every bite of Fairy Swirl Bread.

Sourdough Buckwheat Boule
von Eric Pallant, Sourdoughs and Scobys
Using a sourdough starter made in 1992 from local wild yeasts, organic white flour, organic whole wheat, and buckwheat flour.

WBD – Sprouted Westphalian Sourdough Pumpernickel
von Deane Brownfield, Dabrownman’s Bread Blog
5 day starter to Pumpernickel with: baked scald, walnuts,. figs, aromatic and sunflower seeds.

Venezuela (1)

von Ramón Certad, Hola panadería

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