Here you find all World Bread Day 2018 entries from Italy (26), Japan (1), Norway (1), Poland (8), Portugal (13)

Italy (26)

“Pan gialt”o ” Pane giallo”
Elisabetta Riva, VIVAILPANE…non solo pane
This is poor bread of the rural tradition of Brianza, whit a damp and dark crumb and a high and hard crust.

Baguette fatta in casa a lievitazione ridotta
Cristina, Bluaragosta
Slow fermented homemade Baguette

Coppia Ferrarese a modo Mio
Agostino, CuocoGoloso
The Coppia Ferrarese is a bread of peasant origin, it is said that similar forms are already present on the tables of ordinary people since 1287.

Elotes – pan dulce mexicano
Valentina , Nondisolopane
A type of sweet bread in a form of a corn from mexican Panaderia

Focaccia con peperoni cruschi
Lucia, Quella lucina nella cucina
This bread / focaccia is made with simple ingredients, durum wheat flour and dried sweet peppers powder, sweet paprika.It is an Italian recipe from Basilicata.

Girelle di pane
Elisa Baker , cuocicucidici
Easy appetizer bread with extra virgin olive oil and garlic

Parisi, Grazia in cucina
I have prepared the American puff pastry bread, I think it is suitable for an energetic breakfast and a whole housewife. A sweet-tasting bread that will win you over fora.

La ciopa vicentina
Daniela Boscariolo, Timo e lenticchie
The real bread is made only of water, flour, yeast and salt as it once was, like traditional breads. The traditional bread that I love the most because it was also my mother and my grandmother is the

Lo Pan Ner pane delle Alpi
Maria Rosaria De Luca, Cucina Casareccia
The Pan Ner of the Alps is a rye bread of the Valdostan tradition and is prepared only by late autumn.

Michetta: il pane soffiato di Milano
Tiziana, Profumo di Broccoli
A traditional and ancient bread of Milan, made all over Lombardy Region in North of Italy. It is particular cause it is called “The blown bread”

Panbauletto con water roux, farina integrale e di riso in crosta di sesamo nero
Consuelo, I biscotti della zia
Panbauletto con water roux, farina integrale e di riso in crosta di sesamo nero

Pani Cunzatu
calogero rifici, Peperoncini & Dintorni e non solo
In the 70s, when I was still in my region of origin, Sicily, I helped my mother, Serafina to make this bread.

Pane ai 5 cereali per il World Bread Day – Giornata Mondiale del Pane 2018
Sabrina Pignataro , Delizie & Confidenze
“Bread with 5 Cereals”, very good (and a lot of fibre!) Made with a mix of flour : wheat, oats, barley, spelt and rice. Seeds in addition that enrich the flavor and nutritional qualities of this bread

speedy70, A TUTTA CUCINA
Un buon pane casereccio con farina di farro e il profumo dell’origano, una delizia!!!!

Pane alla zucca
Micaela Ferri, Le ricette di Michi
Il pane alla zucca è un pane molto antico, di umili origini, preparato con pochi e semplici ingredienti. Farina, zucca e lievito e basta.

Pane Barbarià
Donatella Bartolomei, Ingrediente Perduto
Barbarian bread rye flour bread and sourdough wheat Piedmont region Italy

Pane biove delle sorelle Simili
Anna, La cucina di Anisja
From the tradition of Italian bakery a good and simple bread

Pane contadino con LM e pomodori secchi
Ornella, ammodomio
Più che una ricetta vi racconto la storia di un pane il frutto dell’amore, dell’esperienza e della sapienza di 4 generazioni di donne

Pane di Mais Portoghese
Daniela, La Boulangerie Patisserie
Corn bread is part of the Portuguese culinary tradition. It is a bread with a crispy crust and a compact but soft crumb and parrticular perfume

Pane Montanaro
Barbara , Pane&Rose
Il pane montanaro è un pane tipico dell’appennino tosco-emiliano realizzato in particolare a Monghidoro (Bo) e zone limitrofe. Si tratta di un pane semplice realizzato con le farine del territorio.

Pane nero di Castelvetrano per il World Bread Day 2018
Alice, La Lenticchia
Sourdough black bread prepared with ancient Sicilian stone-ground grains, native of a small village in Sicily. The colour of its crust and the intense toasted aroma are conferred by the flour tumminia

Pucce alle olive
Alessandra Barbone, I sognatori di cucina e nuvole
This is a typical bread of Salento, the southern part of Puglia. It is a semolina bread with olives, crunchy outside and soft inside.

Wheat and Rye Bread with Chestnut Honey
Michela , il Macina Caffè
This sourdough bread with a crispy dark crust is a blend of wheat flour, rye and chestnut honey scent

Japan (1)

Focaccia ripiena pugliese per WBD 2018
Anna, C’è di mezzo il mare
Tipical stuffed focaccia of Puglia (south Italy) with sourdough

Norway (1)

Pane con farina di grano duro di Limnos
Ornella, il giardino dei sapori e dei colori
A bread with few ingredients but that gathers the taste of the earth I love: Greece. A tribute to my mother-in-law who taught me to love genuine, simple and traditional Greek cuisine.

Poland (8)

Beet sourdough / Chleb z burakiem na zakwasie
Ptasia, Coś niecoś
Beet sourdough made w/ rye starter and a 1:1 ratio of rye and wheat flour in the final dough.

chleb dyniowy na zakwasie
Kamila , Ogrody Babilonu
Pumpkin sourdough bread, is tasty, very healthy, has a beautiful color, moist interior and a wonderful crunchy crust, fits sweet and dry additives.

Chleb naan
Marzena, Zacisze kuchenne
Naan breads roasted in a dry pan taste delicious. And there is virtually no work on them. They can be a solo recipe or be an addition to your favorite dip or sauce.

Chleb pszenny na zakwasie
Magda, Konwalie w kuchni
Simple Wheat Sourdough Bread

Chleb żytni z kminkiem
Gucio, Kuchnia Gucia
Prosty w wykonaniu i bardzo aromatyczny chleb. Może być w postaci bochenka, bułek lub bagietek.

Chlebek turecki / turkish bread
Małgosia, Akacjowy Blog
Wheat bread on yeast with raisins and malt

Pumpkin sourdough bread
Agnieszka, Every Cake You Bake
Pumpkin sourdough bread, wheat-rye with pumpkin puree – it’s beautifully pale yellow inside and crunchy skin outside.

sourdough mixed bread with beetroot
Anna, Kuchennymi drzwiami
Sourdough mixed bread with raw beetroot. I used wheat flour and rye flour bio. And active rye sourdough. The addition is raw beetroot. The bread is very tasty and moist inside.

Portugal (13)

Carla, De Cozinha em Cozinha passando pela minha
Um pão doce para o lanche

Brioche de maçã e canela
Carla Ramalho, Guloso qb
This is one of the loaves I do most at this time of year, a sweet bread that is characterized by the humidity of the apple and the warm touch of spices. Hot or cold, you always taste good.

Cinamon Pull Apart Bread
Paula Guerreiro, Sugar Bites
Making bread is one of the things I love to do! The warm aroma of the freshly baked bread … hum! This time I made a Pull Apart Bread! A sweet bread, very cuddly and moist , super aromatic!

Renato, Pão, Bolos e Cia.
Traditional cinnamon buns. When hot they are irresistible and never get cold;) The house smells beautifully. You soon want to eat one with a cup of coffee and forget about everything else.

Helena, Sabores de Canela
An Armenian flat bread, which can be eaten plain, with dips or as a side dish

Pães Fofinhos de Leite
Tânia, Foodmácia
The perfect sweet bread for an afternoon snack or kids party. Enjoy it!

Pãezinhos com cerveja
Belinha, Receitinhas da Belinha Gulosa
This bread is made with beer and is a real delight.

Pão de alho e salsa
São, Rapa Tachos
a perfect bread for the snack, better to eat hot.

Pão de Deus
Margarida, Sabores da minha cozinha
Pão de Deus are small breads with a mixture of coconut and sugar on top, typical of Portuguese gastronomy

Pão de mistura
Susana Coelho, Tertúlia da Susy
Simple things are sometimes the things that make us happier.I love to eat a slice of bread, just done and the smell that leaves the house.This was soft and very tasty,ideal for the snacks of the week.

Pão pizza de Beterraba
Barbara , Receitas e Truques da Clarinha
This bread looks very different and with a beautiful color. In order to be more nutritious and served in a main meal, I stuffed it into an appetizing pizza loaf.

Trança Doce com Chila
Maria Lobo, O Blog da Ratolinha
A wonderful sweet loaf of bread. Perfect for a snack.

Water Bread
Mariana, Receitas para a Felicidade!
A very simple loaf of bread to make, fluffy and delicious, use it simple or stuffed, with chorizo ​​and mozarella.