World Bread Day 2018 - Roundup

Who is ready for some bread? Another World Bread Day, and with it comes another epic roundup of all the amazing bread people baked from around the world.

132 loaves of bread from 14 countries

130 loaves of bread from 14 countries were baked for World Bread Day 2018! Less then the years before but still impressive, eh? Seriously, where else are you going to get so many delicious and creative bread recipes all in one place?

The most active participants came from Germany, followed by Italy and on third place Spain. I am a bit disappointed in Switzerland and France, both with 0 participants. Come on, you can do better!

I am so happy and thankful for each and everyone who participated this year. You and your posts are amazing, thank you!

I have divided this year’s roundup into three parts again. To avoid major bread overload, I decided not to publish all at once, so you’ve got some pretty amazing bread and bun recipes coming your way over the next three days.

Before you head to the roundup some housekeeping and then have fun discovering the huge basket filled with wonderful breads. Every single one is made with love!

If you don’t find your entry on the roundup, it could be you did not fill in the submission form as requested or/and you forgot to link back in the body of your post or I just somehow missed your submission. If you feel your entry should be on the roundup, please send me an email at kochtopf(at)gmail(dot)com mentioning your name, blog name, blog URL, name of the recipe and entry URL and country, and I will add it to the list.

The entries are sorted by country, then alphabetically by recipe.

World Bread Day 2018 – Roundup

World Bread Day 2018 - Roundup
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Want to see all bread at a glance? Just visit my Pinterest World Bread Day board or #worldbreadday2018 on Instagram, ignore the packaged bread there.

I can’t wait for next year! You too? I suggest you mark October 16, 2019 with a big fat pen in your calendar, so you don’t miss World Bread Day 2019!