I must confess, at first I wanted to skip this challenge. Too complicated and what the heck should I do with a recipe that uses 15 eggs!!! Neither we are The Waltons nor do I run a restaurant! Fortunately Audax adapted the recipe into more reasonably-sized portions.

I just made the mandatory items, which were the marquise and the meringue.

Daring Bakers - Chocolate Marquise on Meringue

I have to admit it was easier to make than it thought. I don’t like Tequila, so I use Hazelnut liqueur instead and as I don’t have a blowtorch, I used the grill function of the Steamwave for the torched meringue.

Daring Bakers - Chocolate Marquise on Meringue

I love the marquise, it’s a kind of frozen chocolate mousse. The meringue however doesn’t meet my taste. It was too chewy and also a little bit runny. Perhaps because I used the grill and not a blowtorch?

For the recipe please head over to the Daring Kitchen Headquarter. There you will also find all the Marquise on Meringue my fellow Daring Bakers made.

The May 2011 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Emma of CookCraftGrow and Jenny of Purple House Dirt. They chose to challenge everyone to make a Chocolate Marquise. The inspiration for this recipe comes from a dessert they prepared at a restaurant in Seattle.

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