World Bread Day 2021 – Roundup

Banner World Bread Day 2021 - Roundup

I am proud to present the World Bread Day Roundup 2021. This year you can browse through

Banner World Bread Day 2021 - Roundup

89 bread recipes from 15 countries

The most active participants came from Germany followed by Spain. On third place is Italy.

The Covid-bread baking-effect has gone – meaning less people participated in this years World Bread Day. I still find the number of participants quite impressive.

I’m sure everyone will find a recipe to their liking in this roundup. I did! I have read all the entries and I will definitely bake some of the recipes. Big thanks to the loyal and also new participants. You make sure that this important food holiday is happening! Hope to see you next year again!

I have divided the roundup into 2 parts. You’ve got some pretty amazing bread recipes coming your way! Have fun discovering the huge basket filled with wonderful breads. Every single one is made with love! If you bake a bread from the roundup, do not forget to let us know by leaving a comment or tagging on Social Media. Thank you!

World Bread Day 2021 – Roundup

World Bread Day 2021 – Roundup – Part I
entries from Algeria (1), Brazil (6), Canada (1), Colombia (1), France (1) and Germany (35)

World Bread Day 2021 – Roundup – Part II
entries from Hong Kong (1), Italy (9), Japan (1), Poland (8), Portugal (5), Spain (13), Switzerland (3), USA (2) and Venezuela (1)

Some housekeeping for the participants: If you don’t find your entry on the roundup, it could be you did not fill in the submission form as requested or/and you forgot to link back in the body of your post or I just somehow missed your submission. Also, for technical reasons, I can’t include Instagram or Facebook entries in this roundup. If you feel your entry should be on the roundup, please send me an email at kochtopf(@)

World Bread Day 2021 - Roundup
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Don’t forget to follow the WBD – World Bread Day Facebook-Page and check the roundups of all the past World Bread Days!

See you all again on October 16, 2022

I can’t wait for next year! You too? I suggest you mark October 16, 2022 with a big fat pen in your calendar, so you don’t miss World Bread Day 2022!

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  1. I would like to thank you Zorra for the perfect organization and a lot of emotions related to the joint celebration of the World Bread Day and breads inspirations.

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