World Bread Day 2021 – Roundup – Part II

Here you find all World Bread Day 2021 entries from Hong Kong (1), Italy (9), Japan (1), Poland (8), Portugal (5), Spain (13), Switzerland (3), USA (2) and Venezuela (1)

1 Bread recipe from Hong Kong

Leinsamenbrot – Flaxseed Bread for the World Bread Day 2021
Wilma, Pane-Bistecca
The Swiss are spoiled for choices in the case of bread! I am living in Asia and need to bake them myself. This time I used flaxseeds to enhance the bread, it was delicious!

9 Bread recipes from Italy

Flavia Galasso, Cuocicucidici
This is a typical italian bread from Ferrara, Emilia Romagna region, and their name is because of their cross shape.

il cafoncello
Anna, La cucina di Anisja
A very hydrated bread, with a marked alveolation, soft inside and crunchy on the outside, that lends itself well to accompanying cheeses and cured meat and goes wonderfully with dips and sauces.

Pane alla curcuma e semi con licoli
Zia Consu, I biscotti della zia
Pane a lievitazione naturale con gelatinizzazione a caldo della curcuma e impasto con semi tostati. Un pane profumato ed irresistibile!

Pane alle noci e semi di cumino
Sabrina, Delizie & Confidenze
Bread with walnut and kumin seeds is a fragrant bread, with a golden and crunchy crust and white crumb, compact and very soft. The walnuts and kumin makes flavor and aroma to this bread.

Pane di San Francesco
Antonella, Le mie avventure in cucina e non
Simple and rich medieval bread of St. Francis from Assisi. Its mild sweetness comes from honey and raisins.

Pane integrale
Nadia, Lievitati e altro di Nadia
Whole wheat bread with flour of mill

Alessandra Barbone, I sognatori di cucina e nuvole
The steamed buns filled with red onion jam are very delicate and soft and are very well suited to being served with aged cheeses.

Schiacciata di pane ripiena di verdure
Rossella, Rossella lacucinatifabella!
Schiacciata: it is not a pizza, it is not a focaccia, it is not a bread, but it is all this put together.

Tiròt di Felonica
Cinzia, Cindystarblog
A typical onion focaccia of the Mantua region along the big river Po, featuring a specific variety of blonde onion of this territory.

1 Bread recipe from Japan

8 Bread recipes from Poland

Chleb chrupki, bezglutenowy
Małgosia, Akacjowy Blog
Chleb ze Szwecji, zrobiony z ziaren i mąki kukurydzianej

Chleb litewski świąteczny, Chleb z dynią i serami, Jewish Sour Rye
Gucio, Kuchnia Gucia
This year I celebrated World Bread Day 2021 richly: Lithuanian Christmas bread with prunes and apricots – 100% rye, Hokkaido pumpkin bread with cheese – wheat, Jewish Sour Rye – light rye bread 60%

Chleb pszenno – żytni z suszonymi jabłkami
Kamila, Ogrody Babilonu
Wheat and rye bread with dried apples is tasty, very healthy, has a beautiful color, moist interior and a wonderful crispy crust, it goes well with sweet and savory additions.

chleb pszenny na zakwasie, z żeliwnego gara
Anka, Smaczne-zdrowe
Delicious, fluffy bread with a super crispy crust

Overnight Spelt Rye Bread Rolls
Magda, Konwalie w kuchni
Quick and easy no-knead rolls, perfect for weekend breakfast.

Paluszki chlebowe/Breadsticks
Agnieszka, Polska zupa
Breadsticks witch parmezan and spices. They taste a bit like pizza.

Anna, Kuchennymi drzwiami
It is a white flat bread from Iraq, baked in a brick oven heated with wood. Traditionally, the shape resembles a kayak or a diamond. Usually, samoon is served with hummus, skewers and shawarma.

Wegańska chałka czekoladowa na Yudan (Vegan Chocolate Challah on Yudan)
Beata, Rodzinnie Roślinnie
Challah – sweet Vegan bread with melted dark chocolate and homemade plum jam. Delicate, soft and fragrant, prepared for Yudan leaven. The perfect bread for an autumn afternoon tea!

5 Bread recipes from Portugal

São, Cogumelo Vegetariano
A bread that is a mixture of croissant and muffin. They are very easy to make and are a delight.

Garlic bread rolls
Margarida, Sabores da minha cozinha
A simple recipe, an easy to bake bread, filled with butter, garlic and parsley. It is delicious

Pão da avó rústico
Isabel Salvador, Receitinhas da Belinha Gulosa
And another year has come to this day of World Bread Day, I present to you a very homemade bread kneaded by hand at the little school where I work, once again I showed you how to knead bread as it was

Pão de Trigo, Azeitona preta e Tomate seco!
Elsa, Flor de Rosmaninho!
Minha mãe amassa as flores, As que no campo se dão- E há mil cheiros, mil sabores Numa fatia de pão.

Pão Doce – Arrufadas de Chocolate com Pepitas de Chocolate
Maria Lobo, Receitas da Ratolinha
A chocolaty fluffy sweet bread with chocolate chips. Who doesn’t like to take a nice bite out of something fluffy and delicious? These chocolatey little ruffles are perfect! Super yummy

13 Bread recipes from Spain

Adjaran Khachapouri
Mon, April’s Kitch
Tipical bread made in Georgia. This kind of bread with the egg it’s from Adjara, area near Black Sea. It was a important place that built boats, like Khachapouri shape.

I´m going to participate with a typical recipe of the transhumant shepherds of Aragon; olive oil flatbread or glen. It is a very old dough that shepherds used as early as the Middle Ages to provide…

Carmen, Un pellizco de canela
Challah is a rich celebration bread in Jewish tradition which is served on Sabbath and other holidays. It is a very beautiful loaf of braided bread with a deep golden crust.

Coca de patata
Margarita, La Tahona Serrana
Extra soft and delicate potatoe buns.

Silvia, Chup Chup Chup
the Fougasse. It is a type of typical bread associated with French Provence. The variations are many, depending on the tradition of the region.

Medialunas – argentinische Hörnchen
zorra, 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf
Fluffy medialunas all cuddled together, that’s how the Argentines love their croissants. Simple recipe suitable for beginners. / Fluffige Medialunas alle aneinander gekuschelt, so lieben die Argentinier.

Mini Bundt Cakes de lavanda y aceite de oliva
Mara Campos, Más dulce que salado
Panecillos de aceite de oliva y lavanda horneados en un molde de mini bundt cakes.

Pan Chapata Sin gluten
Ricardo, celiacoalostreinta
Gluten-free ciabatta bread with lentil flour

Pan con harina de centeno, yogur y semillas
Emilia, Cousas de Milia
A simple, tender, tasty and very easy to make bread

Pan con masa madre de Vermont (Vermont sourdough bread)
Ana, Migas en la mesa
Pan según la receta del pan con masa madre de Vermont, de Jeffrey Hamelman (a partir de una mm de centeno) / Bread made with directions given by Jeffrey Hamelman for his Vermont sourdough bread

Pan de calabaza y pasas
Eva, Venamicocina
Este Pan de calabaza y pasas es muy aromático, con una miga muy esponjosa. La canela, el cardamomo y la nuez moscada le aportan aroma y sabor que lo hacen delicioso para comer a cualquier hora del día

Pan semiintegral de masa madre con trigo, espelta, centeno y harina malteada
Liliana, Albahaca y Canela
Just an improvised sourdough bread made with leftover flours that I needed to use up: strong white wheat, wholemeal spelt, wholemeal rye and malted brown granary flour.

Pane alle bacche di goji e feta
Aiuolik, Trattoria MuVarA
This special bread combines the sweet / bitter taste of goji berries and berry jam with the salad of Feta. Its single-portion form it’s perfect for an aperitif or an informal dinner.

3 Bread recipes from Switzerland

Haferflocken Brötchen mit Joghurt
Marlene, Marlene’s sweet things
Bread with Oats and Yoghourt. its very easy to bake without kneading and rise, then i made it with baking powder

Herbstliches Marroni-Brot (glutenfrei) mit Sauerteig
Joschika, Seelefuetter
Glutenfreies Seelefuetter: Marronibrot mit Sauerteig – lecker, gesund und ratzfatz weggeputzt!

St.Galler Bürli, unübertroffene Beilage zu einer gegrillten Kalbsbratwurst. / These are the traditional «buns» from St.Gallen/Switzerland, eaten with a grilled «Bratwurst» (veal sausage).

2 Bread recipes from USA

Japanese Chocolate Milk Bread
Judy, Judy’s Gross Eats
Fluffy chocolate sandwich-style bread using the tangzhong method.

Sunflower Seed Molasses Bread
Hannah, BitterSweet
Rise and shine with this cheerful loaf of Sunflower Seed Molasses Bread! Simple and soft, tender and toothsome, it’s perfect for any topping or filling, sweet or savory.

1 Bread recipe from Venezuela

Ramón certad, Hola Panadería
This is a special bread for the elaboration of hamburgers of great consumption all over the world.

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