My first sourdough bread – reloaded

On February 15, 2006 I baked my first bread with my own raised sourdough. I was excited to see and taste the bread. The crumb was quite compact, but I was very happy with the result.

Sourdough bread baked February 2006.

Meanwhile a baked a couple of other breads and I’m more experienced.

One of the main mistake of novice bakers is the use of too little liquid. Glop scares. Never fear, it’s easier you think!

For this contest – launched by A year in bread – I baked the bread again. This time I used more water and did some stretch & fold, a technique that helps to develop the gluten.

My first sourdough bread - reloaded
Sourdough bread baked August 2007.

It looks much better than the one I baked over a year ago, but I can still improve. It is a little bit too crumbly.

Bread baking is a never ending experiment, that’s why I’m addicted. ;-)

Sourdough bread
makes 1 loaf

My first sourdough bread - reloaded

60 g active sourdough
70 g flour
20 g water

Final dough
210 g flour
200 g spelt
30 g whole-rye flour
30 g whole-wheat-flour
30 g oatmeal
220 g water
7 g salt
5 g fresh yeast (optional)

Mix together all ingredients. Keep covered for 4 hours at room temperature until doubled in size then put in fridge overnight.

My first sourdough bread - reloaded
Starter just mixed.
My first sourdough bread - reloaded
Starter after 4 hours

Final dough:
Mixing: Add all the ingredients to the mixing bowl, including the starter, but not the salt. Mix for 4 minutes (position 1,5 Bosch MUM8). Cover bowl and let stand for 10 minutes. Sprinkle the salt over the surface of the dough, and finish mixing for 4 minutes (position 2 Bosch MUM 8). Correct the hydration if necessary.

Bulk fermentation: 2 1/2 – 4 hours (depending if you are using yeast or not)

Stretch & Fold: Fold the dough either once (after 1 1/4) hours) or twice (at 50-minute intervals), depending on dough strength.

Shaping: Shape round or oblong.

Final fermentation: Approximately 2 to 3 hours

Baking: With normal steam, 260 C after 2 minutes reduce heat to 230 C. Baking time: 20-25 minutes.

More recipes and entries in English.

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