BBD #42 – Pita pockets

Palmira from Come conmigo is hosting Bread Baking Day #42. She invited us to make a bread to grab for a picnic.

For me the perfect bread for a picnic is Pita. You can fill it with all you like and thanks to its shape the filling stays where it belongs – in the bread and not on your favorite T-shirt. ;-) In addition it’s very fun to watch it puff in the oven, as you can see in the kochtopf TV – Episode 28.

Of course I did Pita bread before. For BBD #42 I made of course a different dough, based on the recipe of my current bread baking project.

Pita pockets
makes 6

BBD #42 - Pita pockets

75 g flour
50 g water
1 g fresh yeast
1 g salt

Final dough
175 g flour
95 g water
3 g fresh yeast
4 g salt
preferment from above

Preferment: Mix all ingredients together, knead and let rise for 2 hours at room temperature then put in fridge overnight (12 to 24 hours). Before using let preferment get back to room temperature.

Final dough: Place all ingredients in the mixing bowl and mix for 1 1/2 minutes*. Cover and let rise for 60 minutes, after 30 minutes fold dough.

Place baking tray upside down in the oven and preheat to 250 C.

Cut the dough into 6 pieces and on a lightly floured counter form into balls, let rest for 10 minutes.

BBD #42 - Pita pockets

With lightly floured hands, flatten each ball into a disk and roll each disk into a circle of approx. 1/2 cm thick.

BBD #42 - Pita pockets

Bake 3 disk at once for about 6 minutes. Remove with a spatula and immediately cover with a kitchen towel. Add additional pitas for baking.

* For small volumes like this I sometimes use the Braun Multiquick 5 K700 and not the big Bosch MUM 8. Anyway if you are using a kitchen machine with dough hook you knead the dough as usual about 10 minutes.

BBD #42 - Bread for a Picnic (last day of submission August 1st, 2011)

In addition this goes to Susan’s YeastSpotting, the weekly showcase of yeasted baked goods and dishes.

More recipes and entries in English.

5 Gedanken zu „BBD #42 – Pita pockets

  1. Wow this looks fun and nicely done! thanks for the video…. I wonder why my pita doesn’t puff up :-(
    Do you let the final dough rise to about double size, like you normally do with bread dough? thanks!

  2. REPLY:
    Das „alte“ Rezept geht schneller bei der Zubereitung. Wenn du nicht so experimentierfreudig bist bleib beim Alten. Geschmacklich müsste man beide nebeneinander probieren. Aber ich denke da ist kein grosser Unterschied.

  3. REPLY:
    It is important that you bake them on a hot baking tray or baking stone or you can even do it in a frying pan and that you let the ball rest for about 10 minutes before rolling out.

    Yes I let the final dough rise to about double size, then form the 6 balls let them rest for 10 minutes, roll out and bake immediately.

  4. What a great bread for a picnic. I have never made pita before but I will try during the holidays ;o)
    Thanks for letting me host BBD#42 !

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