World Bread Day ’07 – The roundup & After Hours Party

World Bread Day '07 - The roundup
You don’t need to wait any longer. Finally I’ve finished the long expected World Bread Day ’07 roundup.

People from all over the world – both old and new bread baking addicts – have chimed in to take part in World Bread Day ’07.

At last year’s World Bread Day roundup we could see about 113 entries.

This year tops all my expectations: I have the honor to present – tataaaa –

184 entries with more than 200 recipes.

So you know why the roundup took me so much time. ;-) I have read every one of your great posts and tried to leave a comment.

Thank you all so much for participating!

And now I let you discover the huge basket filled with breads, all made with love:

The entries are sorted by country, then alphabetically by blog name. The roundup is splitted up into 4 parts.

you find all entries from Argentina (4), Australia (4), Austria (1), Brazil (2), Canada (8), China (1), Czech Republic (1 with 21 recipes) and France (23)

you find all entries from Germany (18), Greece (3), India (1), Indonesia (1), Ireland (1), Israel, (1) and Italy (29)

you find all entries from Japan (1), Netherlands (2), New Zealand (2), Peru (1), Poland (3), Portugal (2), Saudia Arabia (2), Singapore (2), Spain (21), Sweden (1) and Switzerland (2)

you find all entries from UK (8) and USA (39)

See you all again next year on October 16!
If you can’t wait till then, you are cordially invited to join BreadBakingDay, a monthly event, currently hosted by Baking History.


If you don’t find your entry on the roundup, it could be

– I overlook your email (sorry)
– you did not send me an email as requested or/and you
– forgot to link back

So, if you feel your entry should be on the roundup, please send me an email at kochtopf(at)gmail(dot)com mentioning your name, blog name, blog URL, name of the recipe and entry URL, region and country, and I will add it to the list.


World Bread Day ’07 – After Hours Party

World Bread Day '07 - After Hours Party
If you decide to bake one of the listed bread, and I’m sure you will – please let us know about the result. Just leave a comment here – mentioning the link to your post – and a comment at the blog from where you have taken the recipe.

If there will be more then 10 entries I will do a separate roundup as last year.


49 Gedanken zu „World Bread Day ’07 – The roundup & After Hours Party

  1. Oh my God, Zorra!! A big fat hug to you! Thank you (and all the participants from all over the world) for this wonderful event, the time you spent on it (and hopefully will spend in the future) and the extremly informative roundup. What a good idea, to start an ‚after hours party‘. I’m crazy about trying some new recipes.

  2. Wow! Such a lot of breads…

    Thanks to everybody for such a lot of good entries. It is a wonderful experience to see how people bake bread in other countries and what they think about it.
    Zorra, thanks a lot for spending such a lot of time on organizing this event, for all your comments, and for this wonderful roundup.


  3. Wow, wow, wow! This is the largest list of entries I have seen. Stunning! I can’t wait to go through them all. By the looks of it, it will take me until 10/16 next year to read all the posts! That’s very exciting.

    Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  4. OOOH! You have put up my failed buns among all those wonderfully yummy breads! I still keep them; they have become stone hardand so I could use them as paperweights or maybe as weapons…

    For the record, you have filed me under France, however I’m from Madrid, Spain – Anyway, I guess France is fine, since my blog is about old French cuisine and fashions.

    Lastly, congratulations on such a successful blog event, and thank you very much!

  5. this is just amazing. Thanks for all the works you must have had on this… so many entries!! It’s just so much fun to have people from around the globe baking bread and sharing… I love it!
    The breads, rolls etc. all look so very good!
    I spent half my afternoon trying to select a few (hard to choose) and printing recipes!! So I’ll be joining you at the after party!!! (is there a deadline for that?)

  6. Ouff, jetzt kannst Du Dich mit ruhigem Gewissen zurücklehnen, den Champagner aufmachen und 3 x durchatmen…..

    Gehe mal davon aus, dass Du jetzt erstmal die Mailbox nicht anrührst…

  7. Zorra…thanks for the roundup. Great job! I cannot believe how many people have decided to participate. It must be the event of the year!

  8. Mi ENHORABUENA!! por el excelente trabajo y por la gran participación en el evento… 183 recetas de pan fantásticas que habrá que leer con detenimiento y algunas poenrlas en práctica… yo desde luego, SIN GLUTEN o GLUTEN-FREE, actividad algo complicada…pero no imposible…

  9. Hi Zorra,
    What a spectacular roundup!
    I have enjoyed participating in this event and look forward to the After Hour Party as well as the next WBD in 2008.
    Thank you so much for organizing the event and all the hard work that you have put into it.

  10. Zorra, you’ve done a lovely job of hosting World Bread Day these last two years! I can’t wait to try many of these breads, they look so good!

  11. Zorra – Unglaublich! You did a superb job with so many entries! Thank you again for such a dedicated effort.

    On a technical note, I didn’t see a code to put the WBD Round-up icon (as it was provided for the original WBD icon) so I hope you don’t mind if I just copied the one from your site to include in my blog re: the Round-up. Please let me know if this is okay, if not, I’ll take it off right away.
    Aloha. Manju

  12. C’est incroyable Zorra! Quel succes! Merci pour l’initiative, le travail (enorme), le petit mot pour chacun,… c’est geant!

  13. I want to thank you and every Food Blogger, who took part in this even .
    It’s like a treasure to find out every Bread post, all around the world.It’s The Best Bread Cookbook .
    I’ll visit everyone ,and hope to bake all these Breads ! :-)

  14. Danke Zorra, you’ve done a wonderful job!
    Es maravilloso leer los distintos post y comprobar como en todo el mundo se repiten gestos antiguos. La levadura y el fuego, las harinas y el agua nos unen a todos en una cadena casi mágica. Gracias por ponerla al descubierto.

  15. Thanks for the great roud-up! I’m ever so happy to see that so many people participated!

    I will participate to the „Afterhours Party“…



  16. Zorra, es una fiesta ver la recopilación de este fantástico evento del pan/07, creo que deberías editar un libro con las casi 200 recetas que participaron, sería un éxito!!!
    Gracias por tu trabajo y por estimular a estos eventos tan „ricos“, cariños desde Argentina. Mar

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